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Weekend-y Things + Wednesday & Thursday

The afternoon came on day three of the nasty of all nasty that I have ever experienced in my life. I was confident to say that we were on the up-swing after the insanity that was Monday night and ran all of us ragged through Wednesday morning.

There is no way my kids have EVER eaten enough to produce the amount of vomit and diapers we went through over that three day period. Between the growing pile of laundry and fever we eventually opted to forgo regular clothes all together.

Then realized we needed to save face of the carpets of our house.   
Pants it is.     
We were all dying to get out of the house.  We needed a few random things that could have waited, be we decided that it was worth the trip to actually warrant decent clothing and brushing teeth.

Costco never fails. 
The empty aisles on a Wednesday made great runways for these little birds and the energy they were dying to expend. 
 Those faces.  I missed that happiness.  We were so caught up in the idea of leaving the house that we walked out without diapers.  or wipes.  With an empty diaper bag in tow it was by the grace of God that we weren't in a desperate situation.
Costco sells in bulk.  So there was that option.  But, thankfully we didn't have to take advantage of it. 
hairbows / two little bees boutique // shorts / odarling handmade // moccasins / freshly picked 
The rest of Wednesday was good, Thursday was okay outside of the diapers that could clear the state of Texas (Sorry, Bree).  Dinner appetites were weird, so I thought, milk couldn't hurt?  We haven't had milk in nearly a week in attempt to cut the dairy with the tummy bug.  


So because I thought it was over, it wasn't.  Doesn't it always work out that way?  Jordan was at the fire station on Thursday night (shocker) and Jolie woke at 11:08pm throwing up (milk.. or what was left of it from the previous 4 hours).  The Pack and Play remained for the 4th night in a row and so did the clingy babe through the rest of the night.  Friday morning came quick and Jordan played daddy duty while I headed off to the dentist (the dentist is stealing all of my money this month..)
Parker and Jolie snoozed through the rest of the morning and into the afternoon - ate a huge lunch - most likely as much as they've eaten this entire week combined, so it seemed appropriate to let them out to play for an hour or so while their daddy washed the cars.
 baby in a bucket - o- suds.
headwrap / shelby chic boutique // swim suit / babyGap (similar)
 Tips welcome, ya'll
 Saturday we were on the full mend.  Leaving the house didn't seem so scary, so when the Cabrera's invited us over to swim we obliged without a second thought!  Watermelon is alway better poolside.
These kiddos.  ZERO fear.  We opted out of the swim lessons for another year, but I am second guessing this decision.  They absolutely love the water and have no problem just diving right in to whomever is standing below to catch them.  I have looked for floaties, but these littles are too small at the moment to fit into any that I've seen.  Open to suggestions, mommas!

 Daddy dunk.  Not always resulting in laughter, but hey, you got a 50-50 chance over crying.
 bathing booties.  If you follow me on IG (@masseya), you saw this SPAM all up in that 2x2 space.
After lunch on the patio and about 47 pounds of watermelon we piled into the couches of the Cabrera living room to watch Columbia take the win in the World Cup. 
Diana is from Columbia and even baby Jacob was wearing his mini-jersey in support.  
I can't believe I didn't snap a pic.  Parker and Jolie played perfect babysitters for sweet little Juliette. I'm loving that they are so sweet to other babies. 
headwrap / shelby chic boutique // baseball tee / the wild feathers band
 After swim and fun with friends we decided there wasn't anything in the house worth eating (nothing at a lllllll) so we stopped at Blue Goose for some Mexican food before heading home.  
We walked into (and inadvertently crashed) BB & Papa's double date with friends.  
How about a couple babies to share those fajitas with?  
Sorry.  You don't get that choice.
Hayyyy Parks.  Look over at Momma.  
As we walked out of the restaurant the 'splash pad' area was swarming with kids. We had Parker & Jolie's suits in the car and I just so happened to throw 8 swim diapers in the pool bag for fear of going through every single one of them while we were at the pool..

How about wear them out before bed?  Dooooo it.  We had been meaning to take them to a splash pad of sorts, and what perfect timing!
It didn't take too long before they figured out that the water came shooting out without warning.  
Don't let that face fool you.  She was totally digging it.

Just needed a little swig of that water..
or a gulp.
 One of my best girls friends and I have a running joke about those kids (boys) that go and sit/stand over that shooting water.  We can't help but laugh.. and then my child (Parker) goes and sits on it.

Of course she did.  And then she paid for it.  We laughed.  really hard.  
she was finnnnnneee.  
Jordan was back to work on Sunday, leaving me and the girls to the weekly grocery trip and errands before starting over with Monday.

We always start the trip in the produce section of the grocery store.. and so that means we always start with 1 (or threeee) bananas each.  Most often I buy two bundles of bananas before the hour long trip is over.  I hand over the peels at check out and usually don't have to explain due to the monkeys hanging from my cart.  
Getting through the store takes bananas (as above).. and snacks.  Lots and lots of snacks.  I dread the day they won't fit in the front of the cart.  I had a clerk attempt to give me the grocery cart version of a Greyhound bus.  I politely declined.

Give me one time with that thing and I'll bulldoze 7 aisle stands and all food hanging out on the corners when I turn..

headbands / jameson monroe // chambray top / cherokee for Target (size 6 month dress) // shorts / babyGap // moccasins / freshly picked
By the time we get to check out, it is always a circus.  If looks could kill the woman behind me would have shot me dead.  11 times over. She watched (judging the entire way through) Parker pull off every candy bar from the shelf and secretly proceed to offer them to the grocery checker while I unloaded my cart onto the belt.

Wonder what was going through her mind when I pulled out my camera to take a picture?
 Thankfully that trip ended without a meltdown.  We passed out in our car seats before I even got out of the parking lot (typical).  Usually it is not problem to come right home and transfer them right to their cribs and then I'm baby-free to put away groceries and eat something for lunch.


Since waking up sick (from both ends) multiple times over this last week, Jolie had associated her crib/nap/bed time with the negative experience of being sick.


Sleep was tough to come by on Saturday night (she was up not just crying, screaming) from 11pm-3am.  There was not soothing her but to hold her.  I offered water, milk, we sat up and shared our 4th banana and a couple goldfish crackers.. then she woke Parker.

It was a rough night.  Parker napped from 9:30am (after waking at 5:30am!) into 2pm..and Jolie refused.  The 14 minutes of sleep in the car was enough.


Lots of crying on Sunday afternoon.  Refused lunch.  Refused milk.  Refused snacks.  I filled the baby pool and water table - cried through that.  We tried popsicles for the first time - not having it at all.  
(NOTE: I've actually decided that I won't be counting that as our first time with popsicles.   We will be re-doing this 'baby first' later this week)
ANYway.  After lathering them up with sunscreen, only to come back inside without even stepping a teeny toe into the pool I prompted a bath.  Everyone feels better after a bath, right?  So I hoped.  I was desperate to make the evening more successful than the afternoon.   
Bath and jammies (and letting puppy and wubi come out early) worked like a charm.  We cuddled, played puzzles, cooked a little in the imaginary kitchen.. It was a fun evening.

After the week we had last week, I'm really for a new week.  Slate scraped clean.

..and then there is the holiday.  Already working towards a win.



All About | Parker Jane | Mid-Year Review

Baby B.  
She will always be my Baby B, but from the moment I found out I was pregnant with two little girls, We thought long and hard about Jolie's name.  But this girl, she was my Parker Jane.  

There couldn't not have been a more perfect name for her.
These last 6 months flew, and here are some of my favorite moments with my Parker girl.

Christmas 2013 {HERE}
  13 months {HERE}
14 Months {HERE}
Austin Roadtrip {HERE}
Sitting on a 30 year old horse (the only toy I have from my childhood)
15 Months {HERE}
Easter 2014 {HERE}
One of my favorite lunch dates.
17 Months {HERE}
Summer first fill of the backyard pool  {HERE}
More Summer Fun
The Dallas Zoo {HERE}
Memorial Day Weekend 2014 {HERE}
18 Months {HERE}
Double Baby Swoon {HERE}

"She is SO you."
I hear this on a daily basis.  
Her passive aggressive pout gets me every time. She knows what she wants, and will let you know if you aren't understanding her correctly. "yes" and "no" - she nailed those first. 
Chooses milk, 19 snacks, and Smarties (candy) over water, 3 square meals, and chocolate.  
Prefers to snuggle in your lap more than independently play, listen to music over movies, and leans in for a kiss 436 times a day.

totally me. 
..and proud of it.

January-June.  6 months.  
Its gone in lightening speed and doing my twin momma best to keep up.


All About | Jolie Grace | Mid-Year Review

Update on the plague that settle on our house this week; it is still lingering.  I was confident up until yesterday afternoon that Parker's bout of tummy troubles at 6:30am was the last of it.  Nope.  We just decided to combo the puke with diarrhea and fever.

oh my gross.
gross. gross. gross.
There aren't enough Bath and Body Works candles in this world to cover up the rank smell coming from my house at the moment.  We aren't accepting visitors.. so if you happen to ring the doorbell and no one answers, you are welcome. 

We tried snacks instead of real meals, and after the majority of the day without throwing up we tried applesauce, dry toast, and banana for dinner.  They ate more than they had over the last 24 hours, but it wasn't 3 minutes after Jolie came out of her bib was she throwing up all over the entry way.

We saved Puppy from this one.  Pedialyte diet it is, then.

I'm convinced we contracted this stomach bug from the church nursery and I pray the worst has passed and we make it through this day with happy and healthy babies!

It had been awhile since I've looked through pictures from 6 months ago - let alone a year ago.. and then I downloaded the "TimeHop" app.  I'm obsessed and eagerly excited when I am notified that my 'time-hop for today' is ready.  One thing I realize every morning.  Every single morning, ya'll.

HOW much Parker and Jolie have changed.  
A. Lot.  Like A LOT a lot. 
My twin mom friends and I were chatting about our kiddos over the weekend, and I was having a hard time remembering what it was like to have two crawling babies.  OR, even further, two immobile babies.  Even though that was just a few short months ago, time flies and I feel like I miss the leaps and bounds these two little girls cover on a daily basis.

SO- Even though I update life with P&J on a monthly basis (and really, for my own sake.  Feeling pretty nostalgic at the moment..and how many times can I share my birth story {HERE} before you guys stop reading?) here are a few of my favorites from the last 6 months or so.

Because she is older, she goes first.  And by 'she' I mean my sweetest baby A:
Jo Grace.

 New Year's Day 2014 HERE
 Twinstagram Playdate II {HERE}
Sprinkled with Love Style Shoot {HERE}
Jolie | 14 Months {HERE}
 The first official pony courtesy of her daddy.
Jolie | 15 months {HERE}
Sweet girls doesn't know how beautiful she is.. makes a momma proud.

Alice In Wonderland Style Shoot {HERE}

Tutus and Baby Bellies | 16 months {HERE}
The volume of those goldie locks.. gimme gimme gimme
The Color Run 2014 {HERE}
 Jesus Saves, Bro {HERE & HERE}
Texas Bluebonnets {HERE}
17 months {HERE}
The moment I realized I was raising not just one, but two divas.
Mother's Day 2014 {HERE}
Jolie | 18 Months {HERE}

..and just like that- 6 months gone.

Laughter at all the right (and wrong) times.  and by wrong, I mean, when she is splattering milk everywhere, feeding the dog her food, pinching my nose as if to pull it off my face, pouring bathwater by the cupfuls all over the bathroom floor, dragging the dog by her whiskers..

Humor is her greatest trait.  She repeats (or attempts, anyway) every word we say - gaining several new words every week.  It won't be long before she's talking sentences to me in her tiny voice.  Just in the last 6 months she's gone from baby to toddler and recently - little girl.  Her face is longer, her hair is wavy & full (and blonde), and most of all, her little legs have become measurable against her sister who has always been the 'bigger' of the two.

God hung the moon with you, Jo, and I still after 18 months can't believe you are mine.

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