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Christmas 2008

Another Christmas come and gone, but it was so wonderful! Friends and family made it a memorable year and I am so thankful that all worked out the way it did. Jordan, Britt and I spent the night at the Massey's and opened presents Christmas morning. After a yummy breakfast of French Toast and Strawberry Mimosas, Jordan and I cleaned up and hit the road to Austin to be with my family. My mom outdid herself with all the food and desserts and will the boys played football, Sam and I decorated Gingerbread houses. The next morning we went to breakfast as a family and then it off to Belton for one last Christmas. More food and family and so much fun. We got home yesterday and let me tell you I am so thankful to relax! It has been sooo busy, but a good time, for sure!

Christmas Eve at Northpark

Eating at Maggiano's

Christmas Morning @ the Massey's

Scratching our Lotto Tickets from winners

Making breakfast

Me and Jenna being so very silly. There were several other pictures, but not worth the embarrassment.
Our family of 3

Brittany being such a good dog!

Merry Christmas to Brittany!! She got a snazzy new bed!

She was thirsty on our road trip!

Christmas @ The Huey's
Opening presents

Me and John
Sam and I


The First Fire of the Season

I absolutley love that we have a fire place in our sweet home and this past week Jordan surprised me with a warm fire and Sinatra playing when I got home from work. I have been begging for weeks to build one, and finally!! I had to take some pictures. Britt was excited by it, too! She stayed there the rest of the evening :)


Tapas and Sparkling Sangria

Last week, Stephanie's sister, Jasmine came from New York with her husband to visit for Christmas. I have heard so much about her, and it was great to finally meet her. Once again, Steph and Shelley took me to expand my 'foodie horizons' and we ate at Sangria in Uptown. This is an authentic Spanish Tapas bar with Sparkling Sangria by the pitcher. We stuck with Sparkling Sangria by the glass, a good thing because after just half of one, Stephanie and I were already getting the giggles. :) I ate things like lamb and duck and really LOVED their pork with whipped cinnamon apple potatoes. Yum!! (You can say that, again!)
Steph, Amber, and Shell

Us, again :) Deeku, Amby Ben, Shallu
Jammu and Deeku
Being silly thanks to our Sangria sipping..."Jordan, I LOVE you!!"
Just one more at the end of the night. Love these girls!


Fort Christmas..Christmas #1

Last Sunday was the start of our many Christmas'..and it was a great one! Once a year Jordan's mom's side of the family get together for a 'mini-reunion'. The Fort Christmas was such an enjoyable time! Jordan's Aunt Jenny came in town from Seattle, and there were several people that attended that had not been in several years. Once again, there were sooooo many here are a few of my favorites :)

Little Rayn being cute as a button!

The Fort Sisters
Jordan and Precious Jackson!

Cheesin' hard with my hubby

JBree and Adam

Jordan and his Momma
The Additions to the family

Jenna, Ashley, BreAnn, Rayn, and Amber

Sweet Sisters

The Massey's



Holiday Sushi

A couple of nights ago, some of the girls from work and I decided to go get sushi at a fabulous little place called Blue Fish in Dallas. Let me just tell you..I thought I liked sushi, but after having it here, I found that I LOVE sushi!!!! We did it family style and tried so many yummy things, thanks to Shell and Steph..the experienced ones in sushi ordering ;) I am so thankful for the girls that I work with. We have such a great time together and I love them to pieces! We missed you Rachee!!!
The Rock'n'Roll..probably my favorite!
Me, Shelley, and Mary Katherine

As Stephanie put it.."Hot Girls in Cold Weather" Love that girl!

MKat, Steph, Amber, and Shelley with the long arms ;)



Photoshoot 2008

The past couple of years, Jordan and I have made it a tradition that we take pictures the week before Thanksgiving for our Christmas Card. This year were were fortunate enough the be able to take pictures with the talented photographer, Jennifer Jennings. She is seeking to develop her portfolio, and so it worked out for the both of us..she expanded her portfolio and we got some phenominal pictures, not only for our Christmas cards..but for the house as well. We needed some updates!She took hundreds, and so, I've chosen some of my favorites to share with you :) Enjoy!!

I LOVE this time of year..and can't wait to send out my Christmas cards :) They are one their way as we speak :) :) :)
We start our Christmas this weekend with both sides of Jordan's family. It will be super busy, and I'll love every minute of it!
Merry Christmas... One week from today!

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