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Memorial Day Business

Last weekend Jordan and I kicked off a super fun-filled Memorial Day weekend with a Tailgate at the Ballpark. The Dunaway's and the Massey's decided (semi) last minute to head out on Friday night to watch our favorite baseball team win it big.

I say 'semi last minute' because, well, Ash and I are slightly obsessed with our Texas team.  Hence the necessity of a new t-shirt every time we attend a game.  Our hubbies don't buy into our case on most occasions- but I came home to this shirt laying on the bed and Jordan telling me that I 'will wear it and I'll like it!' 
Jordan slightly resembling a goofball in this picture.  Not sure what he was going for in this picture.. but our boys were twinkies in blue.

Jarrett- manning the 'grill'.  There were some serious hamburgers on that little thing.  Thank goodness there was a fireman there to switch the gas on and off.. tehe!

Ashley and Jarrett

My sweet husband..  No problem sharing his beverage in the first picture.. but decided to hide it in this one :)

Game time.. It was a SOLD OUT game- making for a fun outing at the ballpark.  

I do believe this was moments before I witnessed my very first grand slam!  SWEET!

And Hamilton did not disapoint- his home run hit was about 5.7 seconds after I took this picture.

Looking a bit sweltered.  It wasn't miserably hot, the sun went down and a cool breeze kept the 90 degree evening bearable.   
Love my girl.

Who goes to the ball park and resists this chilly temptation?  
I ate the entire thing.  

The Rangers pulled out a big win 14-1.  We stayed and watched a bit of the Fireworks show at the end- even with our hubbies complaining to go.. Ashley and I were determined.

Rangers game to kick off the weekend- Saturday was spent out at the Collins' with some other fireman friends for a Crawfish Boil.  Sadly there were no pictures to prove.. my attention was on the crawfish, 'sucking my first crawfish head' like a true 'hillbilly' (as I was told..) and the 13 innings and 2 run walk-off courtesy of none other than Hamilton.

Sunday we spent the entire day laying by the pool at the Tapella's with the Cabrera's and Dunaway's- I know Jacqueline did good about taking pictures, but me and my float were too comfortable to make any moves to snap a few.

Monday both Jordan and I were home from work- our day consisted a lot of laying around, Friends, Saved by the Bell, and napping an hour or two at a time.  The Massey's came for dinner and ended our great three day weekend.

When's my next mini-vaca?  I didn't get enough time in my PJs..


High Five For Friday

Yes- I totally missed last week.  Laziness had become me, and well- I forgot.  Even CB, my love and adoration has fallen by the wayside last week ( well, yeaa.. and this week!)

But never fear- I'm back on track.  I have plenty of time today to make some progress on recipe analysis and posting.  Back to my High Five..

1.  Last weekend Jordan and I spent the day by the pool with our sweet friends, the Williams.  No pictures, I'm afraid. Boo for me.  After our day in the sun we headed out to the Feild's house for their annual Wet'N'Wildwood party (Wildwood is the name of their street!)  So much fun!  We had a blast with them, and the rest of our community group.  Pictures to come!

2.  This week I convinced my husband to follow my lead through Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and any other craft/hobby store you can think of.  I was determined to complete my first ever Pinterest project, and he was going to help me :)  We ended up making at stop at Lowe's, too.  So he didn't mind, too terribly much.  I was a lot of fun working on this project with him- He actually really enjoyed it, so I was glad for that.  I'll post our 'project' soooooon! 

3.  How much do I love getting my hair done.. Like A LOT.  I typically start looking forward to my time with Deb over a week in advance.  I know- I'm serious.  Driving from Fort Worth to Coppell every 6 weeks it worth it.  My hair is gooood and pretty on this Friday.

4.  Not too sure how you'll see my number 4 as a 'high', but it was.

On my way home from getting my hair done in Coppell I was driving about 76mph on George Bush and nearly flipped.  Nearly.  My tire blew.  and when I say blew- it wasn't a little flat- their was a 12 inch HOLE in my tire.  What the heck? So how is this a high?  Well.. my tire blew, I stopped on the side of the toll road (thank goodness for the oversized shoulder!) about 40 feet from the exit to 183 in Irving.  This exit happens to be about 2 miles from the station where Jordan works.  AND.. he just happened to be working that day!  So.. lights and sirens they came- and changed my tire.  What could have potentially been a disaster ended up being a blessing- ripped/shredded tires and all! 

5.  This afternoon and into the evening Jordan and I will be spending it's entirety cheering the Rangers on with our favorites- the Dunaway's.  So excited!  Another plus?  Fireworks show at the end!  Ashley and I are such suckers for the 'little kid' excitement.  A ZOO trip is in order soon, I think.  I hear there is a new baby orangutan.  Yes.. it is a must. 

So ready for this weekend!  It is a long one with the holiday on Monday, and I need a break!  Jordan and I have some fun things planned- I'll keep you posted next week!


Rangers Game Day with My Favorites

About a month or so back, the Supper Club Crew decided it was time for an outing to the ballpark. Chris and some of his super fun co-workers put together a tailgate.. well, more like an event for the morning before the game at noon on Saturday.  Upon our arrival, Jordan and I were relieved to see the Cabrera's huddled under a big tent because.. it was raining!  But that didn't stop these people. The Breakfast Tailgating Event was on full blast- eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, and sweet cakes.  Just as breakfast was ready- seriously- the rain passed, and all was right in the world again when I had a tortilla on my plate, ok- two tortillas on my plate, mounded with all the savory goodness called breakfast.  You know me?  You know I LOVE, adore, live for breakfast food.   Sadly I failed at my usual picture taking abilities.  FAIL.  But- Ash got some really cute ones

Me and Jordan cozied with Ashley before the game- doesn't she look preshhh in her Rangers hat?  Love it! I was jelly I didn't have a hat to wear- the weather was just not cooperating with the hair.   
 My sweet- can't get enough of him!
I heart the DWay's- and I also adore the 'best Rangers shirt ever created.'   
 My best friends- minus one :(  Jacqueline-We missed you and Trav! 
 The view from up top.  We were pretty high up- but I loved our seats- I could see everything! 
 What a great day with friends- can't wait for a repeat (with the Tapella's, of course!)


Life Maps

Totally late on this posting- but I have a good enough excuse- lack of time.. okay, and effort.  I played around with these pictures last week and got tired and left them alone until now.  A couple weekends back Jordan and I headed out to Lake Kiowa for a mini getaway (really..more of an overnight away) with our sweet community group family.  Our group is newly formed, so we saw it fit to do what is called Life Maps to give one another a real look inside our lives as an individual and as a couple.  And what better way to bond than to shack up in a house, on a lake, jet skis, yummy food, and perfect patio weather. 

Brian is a golf pro and has many of buddies that are so gracious- look at this place! Each couple had their own bedroom.. and big comfy bed!   

The Girls at attempt number one.. (and this continued for another 10 minutes- multiple pictures later.  Thats what we get for handing the cameras over to our boys)
 Finally- all of us lookig at the camera- and no windblown hair 'horns' :)

Right to left: Lisa (Brian), Me, Stephanie (Luke), Amy (Dan), Taylor (Jeff)
My sweet Stephanie!  Her and Luke live right around the corner (literally) from our old home in Coppell- sad day to find this out after the fact! 
Jeff opted to test his fishing skills- so off to the dock he went.

There he stayed until he caught a wee little fishy.  He is too much fun. I mean- everything that comes out of his mouth provokes a chuckle. 
I don't see how Taylor makes it through the day without crying off her makeup from laughing so much.  Mine was done for after about 45 minutes.    
 Dinner time!  Each couple was responsible for a meal- On Saturday night, each person brought their meat of choice, and Jordan and I provided the sides to go along with: The Massey House Salad, Roasted Asparagus, Creamy Golden Potatoes, and The World's Greatest Grilled Bread (YES- it is the world's greatest). 
 "Meat and Potatoes, Brian." 
 Luke took charge of the steaks.. and me and Taylor's salmon :)  Jeff traveled to NOLA for work and brought each of us an apron- handing them out and requiring that if we were cooking we were wearing them.  Fine by me!
After dinner we gathered on the porch seating for sharing our Life Maps
So comfy- what a great place.  The weather was perfect, too!
Saturday night was the Super Moon- and this picture does no justice.  It was GORG!
Sunday morning- breakfast time!  Yummy Banana Pancakes, Fresh Fruit, BACON, and Scrambled Eggs- a full feast!
 Time for the jet skis!  Luke and Jordan doing illegal things

Luke's goal was to throw Jordan off that raft at all costs. 

After a rolling summersault across the lake, Jordan was done- back to dry land for him.
Time for those girls- I do believe those sunglasses made a place at the bottom of the lake that day. 
 Bocce Ball!  Best of seven?  Crazy boys. 

Ohh- yikes.  Sans makeup for Amber- not a good look.  

I was sad for the weekend to come to an end so quickly.  I love these girls
The required couples shot- I love each one together and indivudually- I can't wait to see what God has in store for this group- all good things! 

Until the next trip!  


High Five for Friday

1. My morning coffee.
Seems so normal and not worth adding to my top 5 for this week, but for whatever reason it made me so happy to have it.  I guess that fact that I don't have to take the 8 minutes (I don't often have) to get it all ready when I'm running flying out the door, makes me even more happy about it. Jordan is so sweet and so wonderful- he gets my coffee all ready for me before he leaves every morning- just requiring that I push the button to brew.  How amazing is he?  This is what I walk in to every morning before work.  Creamer measured out and all :)  Totally worth being a part of my top 5. 

2. Free hair product!

Among the slew of marketing emails I peruse through each morning as part of my to-do's first thing was an email from Beauty Brands.    The email this morning included a coupon for free hair product.  Hello.  Sign me up.  I'm always into trying something new on this crazy mop.  They must have known I was in need of more guts and had planned to make a trip this week, anyway- and now making my trip even more worthwhile with this coupon.  My free gift(s) included two travel sized items from the ABBA line of hair products; Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion, and Firm Hold Hairspray.  My devotion to Kenra has not changed as of late, so I think I'll leave the hairspray in my desk at work- but the lotion was a great find!  My hair was super sleek, and needed little flat iron support after my morning blow-dry, tease, and spray routine. One more thing.. Redken products were buy one, get one 50% off.  Suh-weet.  What a great day :)

3. Summer Colors.
While shopping for hair products, I can't ever seem to help myself from making a beeline straight for the huge selection of nail polish.  The variety of colors make me giddy.  Almost like that same feeling after getting a new toy when you're 12.  Nail polish does it for me.  That and lip gloss.  I almost love nail polish as much as I love/adore/can't live without/need desperately in my life lip gloss.  Currently I have a make-up bag in my purse housing 7 varietys. I'm a snob for the Victoria's Secret brand.  So- nail polish.  PINK is so very summery- and I love this one: Shorts Story.  I say my picture is true pinterest style.
4.  Kelly Day

Thursday was Jordan's normal day to work- but was off for the day with nothing to do, so I took a half day at work and spent it hanging out with my sweet.  At the fire department he gets what they call a 'Kelly Day'.. every ninth shift he gets a paid shift off, something to do with overtime.. yaddda, yadda.. all I know is that he is home- and so I should be, too!   We went to lunch and spent the entire afternoon together.  We had a great day :) Excuse the sleepy eyes- I had just gotten up from a 2 hour nap.  Nice and snuggley- Jordan was so sweet and let me nap.  When I finally woke I had decided I didn't have to eat- I was a happy duck in my bed :) Even though you can't nitice too well- my hair was soft and shiny- thank you Abba!

5.  We Got GAS.
Our loft-living got better this week with the installation of a gas grill!  These brand new apartments had a charcoal grill.  Just one.  What the heck is that?  I guess they finally took the opportunity and had the much more convenient gas put in- and J and I took advantage!  Dinner on Thursday was delish!  Grilled chicken was on the menu- well, actually a make shift Chicken Cordon Bleu, but without the stuffing on the inside, rather than it being on the outside!  Stay tuned for a recipe to follow at CB!

While we were doing our own grilling- we enjoyed the live music from this hot spot, here.  Apparently on Thursday nights this is the place to be in Fort Worth.  Pretty sure they 'out-smelled' our grilled chicken.  But thats fine- this place is amazing, anyway! 

Happy Friday to you!! What's your High Five?  Link up with Lauren From My Grey Desk!


High Five for Friday

After being reminded that I have been a blogging slacker, I've decided to link up with Lauren From My Grey Desk.  She hosts a High Five for Friday "link" party every Friday. All you do is look over your week and pick your top 5 things! 

That seems easy enough.. So, here's my five:

1. This has been a good week.  We've had a lot going on recently and I was beginning to feel slightly stressed and "spread too thin".  Last week was a nightmare of busy days, but finally it slowed a bit and Jordan and I have been able to spend some time together.. every night this week (aside from his shifts at the fire station) we have been able to sit at the table, enjoy dinner together, and then veg out- catching up on our favorite shows- well, some of them at least ! 

2. This week I spent an entire day in the Whole Foods kitchen participating in a workshop hosted by Field To Plate.   The workshop was titled: From Nutrition Prescription to the Individual Kitchen.  Let me just tell you- I learned so much- and with fellow RD's like myself to make it all the more fun. 

3.  I got a phone call this week from Simple and Delicous Magazine (Taste of Home) informing me of my 3rd place contest winnings!  The contest will be featured in their July-August issue, along with my Shimp & Golden Zucchini Pesto Bowtie Pasta. 

4.  I made this perfect summer purchase and I can't wait to wear it :)  Orange is all the rave right now, and this bold maxi makes my summer wardrobe that much brighter.

I do have the belt and the sandals.. also from Loft (best store EVER.)

I've come to discover the actual amount of orange clothing I have purchased in the past month.  I love it- screams summer!  Plus, it is everywhere!  I'm just drawn to it :)

5.  Tomorrow Jordan and I head out of town for a short over-nighter with some great friends we share community with.  Can't wait- pictures to come!! 

There's my High Five for this Friday.. How about yours? 
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