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Restaurant Week - Craft Dallas

Last week, I went with my very best girlfriends to Craft Dallas in the W Hotel for restaurant week. I haven't seen my Baylor girls since I left, so it was nice to catch up. My how I've missed them!! Craft was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The food, atmosphere, service..we loved it all!

Racheeee, MKat, Me, and Steph..Jenna and Ash came along to make our evening complete.

My Deeku..I miss her so much. Going from everyday to every couple weeks is so hard between visits!
My them
Beautiful friends..Golden Friends
Look at all this food! This was only the second course. We got 4!!
All dolled up and gorgeous!
Causing a scene..

Outside in these too cute wicker hanging chairs..I need one of these in my backyard :)

We had the best time! Can't wait to make the date for next year!


Chocolate Broccoli

So, I have finally done it! I have been contemplating putting together a 'foodie' blog for a very long time and so finally, with Jordan's support, I have launched it!! Chocolate Broccoli is my place for all things FOOD!

Please check me out..and follow me for some great recipes and tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying flavorful food.


August 13th 2009- 4 years

Another year has come, and Jordan and I have celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. We have been through so much together in these past years; from school, to work, from apartment to house, to internships..etc, etc! He continues to amaze me almost daily with his warmth and love. I am so very lucky to have landed a man like him.
This is a candid from our special will always be my favorite!
August 13th, 2005
We celebrated at one of our favorite restaurants, Maggiano's @ Northpark. It was so romantic and the food was delicious. We had our own 'anniversary' table and spent two hours taking our time and enjoying the atmosphere of the place. At the end, our waitress, Amanda, surprised us with a beautiful piece of Italian Creme Cake.

The moon-shaped cookies are my favorite! They are soft and lemon-y

Jordan surprised me with a new bag from Dooney & Burke. I needed one for my patient care notes and books for internship- and this one is PERFECT!
After dinner we finally went an saw The Proposal. SO CUTE! We highly recommend it :)
Time has flown since 2005- but I have loved every second of it..even the tough parts ;)

Love you Jordan Fort Massey!


Good Friends..Great Jeans..and Mexican Food

Jennifer's 25th birthday was this past weekend and we celebrated in the very best way. Her teacher friend from Rockwall came up with the cutest idea! She hosted Jenny's party at Apricot Lane Boutique. The boutique shut down early and out came the wine and snacks, just for the birthday girl and her closest girlfriends. There were about 6-8 employees waiting on us with clothes, shoes, name it, it was brought to us. So..a frenzy of outfit changing took place, and I walked out of there with damage to the checkbook..but, with amazing denim that did some great things for my rear ;)

The girls at the boutique
Love my family!!
JBree, Me, Mel, and Jenny
Somethings will never change..
we will always be a little bit of the 15 year old goofballs we once were.
Sisters (too!) Melanie and Jennifer
After we worked up an appetite from all the shopping, it was on to Gloria's for mexican food!! I filled up way too fast on the salsa and bean usual!
Happy 25th, Jenny!!

Such Sweet Words

I got an email today from a girl that I went to high school with that I haven't seen or spoken with much since. We keep in touch through the infamous FaceBook..but nothing more than that. Her email was so surprising to me, yet, inspiring as well. I just wanted to share:

"Hello pretty lady!!!!!

Sending this your way hoping all is well :] I just wanted to send ya a little something something. I got on facebook and saw ya know over to the right how it has updates about friends. well i saw it where it said "amber huey massey "married to" jordan massey. so of course I clicked on your page. . . and every now and then when I do.... I sit there for a bit of time looking at your new pics, and all. Everytime I always think what an incredible woman!!! So I think you should know that. (not trying to sound all stalker-ish) lol... but everyone deserves a compliment every now and then! I can honestly say I look up to you in so many ways. I feel like I have always looked up to you but this time its different! Back in the day ( ugghh feels like so long ago) I admired you , because you were "upperclassmen" and so pretty... I thought you were super cool , and felt super cool because I knew yall because of my brother, lol... haha its funny to look back ... but no now its just your the whole are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! you got the perfect marriage ... a great life, good faith in God, etc etc. I do adimire you, and even though I may not hang out with you, I love to check out your page, and even your blogspot... ( ok now i really do sound like a stalker!!!) I just got done reading your blog. But the admiration still carries on from highschool.... I joke with my dad all the time that I am going to marry a firefighter just like my daddy :] so I always tell him when they have interns who have to come or rookies to call me up! Even the brittany pups, I go hunting with my dad all the time, and have my very own brittany!! sooooo I just noticed that this is getting crazy long... I just want you to know that someday I hope to be half the amazing person you are, and ready to have my firefighter man of my dreams, and have an incredible life as it shows you do.. .. not saying my life isnt amazing because i am blessed, but you know what I mean:] . . . . So even though you may not know it, you touch peoples life's ... thanks for giving me a goal!!! Hope all is well with your internshipSorry this is so long, I start talking.. and i cant shut up! Just wanted you to know!!!!!!!! - ps Your family will be in my prayers :]"

It is quite easy to forget the good things about yourself, and so often I find myself sweatin' the small stuff. I don't have the perfect life sometimes is not-so-great, and my walk with God is occasionally swayed..but I am still very, very blessed. Never forget that God made each one of us a plan so very carefully; with His perfect touch. You may be inspiring someone without even knowing it. I had forgotten this until today.

Thanks girl. ;)


Day One

The first day at Presby was a success!!! Although it was pretty L-A-M-E (today and tomorrow is hospital orientation-boo!) I got a chance to get to know the other seven interns, and honestly, I really like them. ALL of them! It is such a blessing to be apart of this program. I am truly lucky and fortunate to have been selected.

Out of hundreds of applicants, I present to you:

Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Dietetic Interns 2009-2010
Steve, Anna, Amber, Jessica, Hannah, Ashley, Sandie, Ashlyn
Day Two..Here I come!


In the Heart of the Hill Country

Jordan and I just got back (literally!) from one of the most relaxing 'vacations'. We wanted to take a trip, but didn't want to fuss with other tourists..passports..planes..etc, etc. SOOO, we took a mini-roadtrip to Fredericksburg- in the heart of the hill country as they call it. We left on Monday and stayed until today (Friday) at a bed and breakfast there in downtown. We stayed during the week, so, we faught very little crowd and missed the hustle and bustle of the weekenders. It was nice! Here are some pics from the week of Jordan..and me..and me and Jordan :)

Our B&B: Lauren's Loft of Absolute Charm

Our OH-SO-Comfy bed!
Dinner- August E's
Tuesday was Thai it impolite to ask for a 'To-Go' box at a fine dining restaurant?
Maybe so..the waiter kind of gave us a 'Are you serious?' look..
Oh, but we did, and enjoyed each bite of the leftovers the next day!!!
On Main Street trying to walk off dinner..before homemade ice cream!
Main Street- shoppin' it up!
One of my favorite Tea Rooms- The Peach Tree
I love visiting here when we come through town
On the front porchDinner at Pasta Bella- awesome italian food- probably our favorite place we visited. GREAT Alfredo sauce
At Rather Sweet Bakery- this place has been written up in the greatest of culinary magazines and recognized numerous times for Rebecca Rather's many delicious creations. It was a treat for me to visit and pick up some of her confections for the road. They had just finished breakfast and were setting up for lunch..the case wasn't full yet of her yummy desserts. Before we left, they brought out the 'saucer-sized' cookies!! Talk about googley eyes!!
Just outside of town is the Circle E Candle factory. I LOVE THESE CANDLES. We had a good time smelling all of the flavors..and finally picking out some to bring home. I can't really find these many places..its hit or miss in Canton (Trade Days) and there are a few boutiques that have them, but not this many!!! ALL four walls were lined with the different kinds. I only burn these in my house (usually). What can I say, I'm a candle snob.

So, now we are home, after a great trip. We will be returning again..this time around Thanksgiving/Christmas to witness what the locals raved about for their holiday celebration. I would really reccommend taking the short trip down to the Hill Country- it is so beautiful! Now..time to relax before I start my internship on Monday!! EEK! ;)
(Really..I am so very excited!)


Station 6 Pool Party

Our first Station 6 pool party was on Saturday- and it was a BLAST! Sha and Allision Clayton opened up their beautiful home for us to come and party. The rain threatened earlier in the day, but it turned out for blue skies. Sha smoked some brisket..add some potato salad and baked beans..chips and dip..lots of yummy strawberry 'ritas and we were set!! We had a great time with our fire department family and I really look forward to the bond we will make with these friends that will last a lifetime.

One good lookin' couple if I do say so myself...

Chuck making his oh-so-delicious margaritas- I really had to watch it with these bad boys..I sucked down two before I knew it! The were so yummy!
The girls-minus one. We missed you Macy!
Christi, Allison, Lisa, Doty, Chasity, and myself The girls gathered around the 'rita master

The boys in an intense game of Bocce Ball
Station 6- Back Row: Jordan (ME), Sha (Allison), Chuck (Chasity) Front Row: Greg (Lisa), Wade (Christi), and the 'non-married' Heath..yes ladies, he is single! Poor Greg was sick at home with Macy :(

Chuck..Doty's hubby (not officially at Station 6, but we love them anyway!) Greg, Wade and Sha..misbehaving

Time for vollyball!
Waiting for the food to be ready! Enjoying a good time with friends and their adorable kiddosCan't wait to do it again!!! Why must summer be over already?! Jordan and I are traveling this week to the Hill Country for our little romantic vacation before I start internship...AHH- this time next week I will be in class! Can't wait!

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