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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bed rest has prevented me from doing a lot of things.  A lot of things I could most definitely list here, and with violins playing, you could feel sorry for me.  

I'll spare you.

One thing that was really getting me down was the fact that December is approaching and I have in no way the ability to decorate my house for Christmas.  Jordan LOVES this time of year, but literally scoffs at the idea of getting the house ready for celebration (demands nothing be displayed before Thanksgiving.)  Last year I gleefully decorated while Jordan was at the fire station and he came home to fall in love with our twinkling home.  I remember being particularly jolly in the holiday spirit while watching Toddlers and Tiaras and drinking hot chocolate.  Both pair well together, you know- but what occasion doesn't go with hot chocolate?  

This year, Bree and Roy came over Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving to help Jordan get our new house in the Christmas spirit.  I was SO excited!  Bree usually comes over to help me with garland decorating and leaves the tree up to me- but this year she did all of it.  How awesome is she?  We are both so SO thankful she is and has been eager and willing to help us through these past months with me on bed rest.  While Jordan and Roy scoured the roof tops with outside lighting, Bree and I enjoyed a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel and decorated the inside.  After the boys were finished we ordered pizza and hung out a little longer to enjoy the well-lit living room.  It was a great way to start the weekend.  

Jordan and I went with the tall and skinny this year.  I love our 9-footer.
Garland over the hutch in the kitchen 
I love my gold spaaaakly reindeer.  
The night effect 
One thing I could do while sitting down?  Fill my glass canisters with Christmas Cheer
After completing the tree and the garland decor, we ran out of 'supply' the do the mantle justice.  Plus,  pizza had arrived and we were all starved- so the mantle was at the back of my mind.  I was beside myself with thanks to Bree already and was completely fine with just a little garland and twinkle for the time being.

On Monday afternoon Jordan and I walked into the house to this gorgeous mantle.  Bree had come over unannounced while we were out and finished what she had started a few days before- adding way more- to make it just perfect. Surprise:)
A couple weeks back, Ashley did a post about her and her hubby's favorite ornaments on their tree and explanation of reason for each selection.  Most were super sentimental and sweet.  

When I was going through our ornaments it got me to thinking about which were my favorites, and although we don't have many that have any meaning at all here are a few that I feel extra proud when hanging them on our tree.
1.) A glass fire truck Jordan's mom gave us in our first year of marriage.  I don't know why I adore this ornament so much, but I do.  It is actually broken on the other side, but I have kept it over several Christmas' and hide the broken part from view every year.
2.) Growing up, my late grandmother would give my brothers and I a keepsake ornament every year- and when it was time to decorate, we would separate our ornaments out and take responsibility for hanging our own before putting the rest of the ornaments on the tree.  My mom got Jordan and I this keepsake ornament for our first Christmas together as a married couple.  It's the only keepsake I have, and I love it for what it means, and for the memories it brings back from my childhood.
3.) Just because it is pretty.  I have a set of four: glass, green, hot pink, and red glitter decorated balls that I loveeee.  They are completely off on color scheme from the rest of my tree's decor, and I don't care one bit.
4.)  A couple years ago, Bree gave this ornament to us to hang on our own tree: Jordan's First Christmas.  I've been searching and searching for the perfect ornaments for the girls and have yet to find anything I like well enough. 

My posted picture via Instagram (masseya) after Bree was finished.

I love this time of year- and all the festivities that come along with it.  I was so excited to hear Christmas music booming out of the stereo system in the garage on Friday afternoon while Jordan and his dad worked outside.  The hubby and I share a serious love for Christmas music.  An obsession with this holiday album  started last year with his appearance on the Michael Buble Christmas Special.. and will for sure continue into this year. 

I have yet to get Jordan to allow me to plug in my Bieber playlist while driving..  I'll let you know when that status changes.     


36 Weeks

 3/4 sleeve scoop neck / A Pea in the Pod (similar) *
denim bootcut jeans / Motherhood * hoodie sweater / TJMaxx  

How far along? 36 Weeks- can't believe I'm here!
Total weight gain: 34 pounds.. and the weight of this belly can be felt with every ache of my tired body.           
Maternity clothes?  Getting dressed has become a challenge.  I'm pretty much wearing the same thing over and over- or at least I feel like I am.  For a couple reasons: One; it fits.  And two..  the effort of figuring out something to wear wears me out more than the act of showering/blow-drying/makeup.  I have a doctor appointment on Monday?  I'm contemplating the attire on Friday Saturday.  In pregnancy defense- I was like this pre-babies.. but with a bigger selection to choose from.  I've worn the crap out of my maternity clothes.
Stretch marks? None.  My belly button is officially an outie.  I can really see it through every shirt I but on, where as before I could see it but not all the time.  It took 36 weeks and over 11 pounds of babies to push that sucker out. I won't expect that any singleton pregnancy in my future will provide the same result.            
Sleep: I'm in the "I can sleep all day, any day, anywhere" mode.  I experienced this in the first couple months of pregnancy- and it has, for sure, returned.  What kills it for me is that I am sick with exhaustion during the day, but when it is time to shut my eyes at night I'm beaming with energy.  The usual: Bedtime doesn't usually happen until at least 11:30p to midnight, and then I'm up about 4-ish, with 2 or 3 races roll-and-waddles to the bathroom because my bladder might explode.  Then, back in bed before 7am for a nap until mid morning, and then another 3+ hour nap mid afternoon.  I know that afternoon nap is what screws me up for real bedtime, but I've decided that I am going to sleep when I want/need to sleep and be awake when I'm awake.  Monday afternoon after we returned home from the doctor, I refused a nap- I felt horrible by 7pm, but I was determined to stay awake.  No reason, just determined.  I was asleep before 9:30p, and woke up about 5am (of course potty breaks in between) and back to sleep about 7am until 10am.   This could easily be the best moment of my week.                   
Best moment this week:  The perinatologist appointment on Monday went really well.  The growth check on Jolie was awesome- she gained 8 ounces in 7 days!  At this point in pregnancy she is supposed to be gaining about an ounce/day, so I was proud to hear that she had made some headway.  She is still pretty little at 4 lbs 11 ounces, but she is growing- which is such a relief.  My sweet Parker is at 5 lbs 8 ounces- she's gained 6 ounces since last check.  When Dr. Koster was measuring her leg bone you could see all the muscle/fat around it- she was laughing out loud at this girl's chunky legs.  Jordan was oozing with excitement because he wants so badly some chunky babies!  All in all, I was pleased with the results of what Dr. Koster found.. even though I couldn't tell a single thing we were looking at on the monitor.  They have gotten so big!  Thats a first!          
Miss Anything?  Wardrobe variety.                  
Movement:  At any given time I have a lopsided belly.  These girls move and move and move.  On Monday, Parker had flipped and was head down- yet again.  I have a feeling she will have issues with indecisiveness in her coming years- perhaps taking after her momma's problems with clothing selections?        
Food cravings:  None.  Although.. while we were out on Monday, Jordan asked me what I wanted for lunch.  I almost rhetorically spit out "Red Lobster".  When you lay in bed and watch 16+ hours of television- you see way too many commercials.           
Symptoms:  I am super congested, and while I've had this issue throughout my entire pregnancy, I halfway think it is a sinus infection.  I woke up on Saturday morning with a migraine that lasted until Sunday night (literally). Monday I was still reaping aftermath of the monster of a headache with head pressure and a constant feeling of 'blech'.  Feeling better now- but still congested.  Other symptoms to complain about?  Sore neck and back (oh. emm. geee.)          
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nada
Labor Signs:  Procardia twice daily is keeping me stable as far as preterm labor goes.  My cervix is still around a 2.1. Braxton Hicks contractions come and go- there was actually a day this weekend that I didn't remember having any at all.  Yesterday morning I had one that shot pain into my back.  Getting closer!    
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: This week I have been made aware of my short fuse with my sweet husband on one occasion.  It was that same day I was refusing to nap.  Goes to show I just need to take a nap when my body is telling me to.          
Looking forward to:  All of it.  Dr. Koster made mention on Monday's appointment that she would expect that next week (37 weeks) she would give the "go-ahead" to Walsh for delivery. I almost wiggled off the table with excitement! I have another sono/NST tomorrow morning with Walsh and  maybe she will tell me something then.  I'm okay with next week.. and I'm ok with the following week (12/12/12 is the date we have been tentatively working towards) either way I will (hopefully/prayerfully) be able to bring these sweet babies home with me/us.  I just cannot wait to meet these little girls.  The time is so close, and I am so ready.


What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner {Link Up}

The beautiful and hilarious Grace over at Camp Patton  kindly challenged her readers to share what they wore to Thanksgiving Dinner.. 

I was (creep-ish-ly) excited to learn her desire to see how my '4th trimester' bump would be dressed for this feast of a holiday.. 

Her super cute and true fall attire makes me swoon with jealousy.  Like, I'm seriously green.  It was 75 degrees here in the Lone Star State.  Seventy. Five.  Is it just me or does it feel like a crime when there isn't a crisp breeze in the air for the entirety of Thanksgiving?    

So, I've decided to share what I would have worn if the weather deemed appropriate.. and if I actually was going to lug this heavy belly out somewhere.       

We did actually get out for a bit yesterday morning.. scheduled first thing over at labor and delivery for the now twice weekly monitoring of these little bits.

So, I got dressed to some extent.  Nothing blogworthy.  (babies are perfect, and the NST showed true 'textbook' monitoring by the way)
Upon returning home..  Jordan's family was there busy cooking away and I quickly changed into my lounge pants for comfort.  There is no way I was staying in my skinnies for the Thanksgiving meal.  I'm all about the comfies

Thanksgiving Dinner Worthy:
Top: A Pea in the Pod (similar)
Vest: Loft (similar)
Scarf: Charming Charlie's
Skinnies: Loved by Heidi Klum
Boots: Steve Madden (similar)

What I Actually Wore:
Pants: Liz Lang Maternity via Target (similar)
Top: Motherhood

Check out the link up with other bloggers and their super cute Thanksgiving wardrobe.. unlike me, they most likely wore what they posted about.

If you haven't ever read Grace's blog, it is probably my favorite of all time.  I am usually in tears laughing so hard after reading her regular Simon Says posts and everyday antics of her precious kiddos.  Take a browse.. you'll be in love, too.  Promise.  

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Baby Shower | Ahoy, It's a BOY!

While Parker and Jolie seem to be on the brain for my sweet friends, we could not forget about the most special male addition to our group; Diana's little man, Jacob!  We decided way back at the beginning of our pregnancies that it would work out best to celebrate with both showers on the same weekend.

The following day after my Sugar and Spice shower, we switched gears from frills and bows to blues and boats for Diana's Ahoy! It's a Boy! shower.

Special thanks to Kelley Strout Photography for capturing these special moments. 
Diana and Chris decided on a nautical theme for Jacob's nursery, so it was a no brainer when we were deciding on decor. Chris' brother-in-law handmade these beautiful blocks for the shower- that could easily go in with his nursery after.
For Sweet Jacob
The party favor was foam soap from Bath and Body Works.  Who doesn't love foam soap?  And, may I mention.. those little tags were tied on each bottle neck by me.  Bed rest prevented me from shopping for decor and such, but I can tie a mean bow, thats for sure.
Sips AHOY!
The food spread.  Again- how much do I LOVE shower food? 
We opted for a brunch meal to serve our guests: tea sandwiches, assorted mini muffins, yogurt parfaits, quiche, and pastries.  All good things for the belly, you know. 
These were my favorite for presentation
Time to eat!
The dessert table.  We chose to do cup cakes rather than a large cake (I'm a fan of the cup cake!) 

Jacqueline happens to be an exceptional baker/decorator.  She made these precious cupcakes! I do believe hubby Travis did some helping, too.. They turned out so good!
The guests filled out Dear Jacob cards for Chris and Diana to read through..
Time for presents!  We requested that in leu of a card that the guests bring a book with their gift to start Jacob's library.  Look at all those prezzies!!  That girl was set after this shower:) 
There was a great turn-out that afternoon.  Guests absolutely adore Diana!!!  Who couldn't?  
She is one of my most favorite people in the whole world.
Diana's Hostesses
Ashley, Jenn, Diana, Me, Jacqueline, & Chris' sister, Alexis 
 I adore these girls:)  
Excuse my scarf.. doing weird things.
It was SUCH a fun, FUN weekend to celebrate our new additions.  Landon will have his hands full with all his new pals to play with!  It was so special planning this day for Diana's and I'm very thankful for these sweet girls.  The shower was a success and so super duper cute!!

Diana and I are both 35 (going on 36) weeks. Just a few more weeks before Jacob arrives!!  
Cannot wait to meet him!  


Thankful for..

This man.  
Jordan fills my heart with love/care/honor/respect/desire/joy/laughter on a daily basis.  
 These babies.  
How amazing it is to think about the miracles growing inside of me for the past 8 1/2 months.  I cannot believe the time is almost here to meet Parker and Jolie! 
Our new home.
We are so blessed to be able to raise our growing family in a place like this.
Our families.
Life is so sweet with these people in it. We are lucky to have them. 
Amazing friends.  
We cannot ask for better. 
I am most thankful for..
His Grace.
None of what I am thankful for would be given if it were not for the grace He provides on a daily basis for the sinner that is me.    

Happy Thanksgiving! 


35 Weeks

 short sleeve t-shirt / A Pea in the Pod *
denim skinny jeans / Heidi Klum Loved * jacket / Loft (last season) 

How far along? 35 Weeks! Woo!
Total weight gain: 33 pounds.  I haven't weighed in this week.. my perinatologists doesn't do a 'weigh in' and thats who we have seen so far this week. Last week I hadn't gained much of anything, but my nurse weighed me on a different scale than what she had been weighing me in on.  Anyway- moral of the story: I don't really know at this point.         
Maternity clothes?  Again this week I am wearing one of my favorite t-shirts.  I halfway wish I could wear them post-babies.. they are super comfortable.  I'm getting tired of trying to figure out what to wear and it has come down to whatever is most comfortable.  My belly (inappropriately) hangs out of the bottom of my lounge shirts half the time anyways.  I don't go out of the house looking like this.. but I will, however, answer the door this way. You've been warned.  
Stretch marks? None.  My (once never ending) belly button has officially been pushed as far out as it can be pushed.  I've been putting extra cream over it because it seems to be more tender than any other super stretched area.     
Sleep: What sleep?  As of this week, first trimester exhaustion has returned.  I find it really, really hard to make it through the day without getting in a couple cat naps.  I try not to sleep for longer than a half hour.. and then I shut off my alarm and sleep for 2 1/2 or 3 hours at a time.  This results in night owl-ish activity.  Repeat cycle.  Baby building is tough work.            
Best moment this week:  The perinatologist appointment on Monday went really well.  She didn't do a growth check on Jolie since she had done one just a few days before (accuracy would be off), but she did make the comment that Jolie looks bigger!  Was that an educated guess, doctor?  Who cares, I'll take it!  I finished the steroids she put me on last week (hence the puffy eyes/face), and I have been conducting pep-talks with Jolie- hopefully coaxing her into growing. I'm convinced a combination of  all these things has caused her to grow. Her cord doppler measurement was very healthy and her amniotic fluid levels were exceptionally high.  We caught her sticking her tongue out to suckle and doing her practice breathing- all good signs of a thriving baby!  Koster said "You are doing so awesome."  Thank you, thank you very much.
Miss Anything?  The babies arrival will be here in days to weeks.  How can I miss anything right this moment?                   
Movement:  The past couple days the girls have been SO active!  If they don't have the hiccups, they are moving/flipping/turning/bumping against my stomach.  Parker, just last Thursday, was head down, and by Monday she was officially breech again.  That is the third time she has been head down, and the third time she has returned to the breech position.  Right before we went into our appointment on Monday, Jordan and I sat in the car and watched my belly go insane.  Both girls were moving all over the place.  I decided that Parker made her flip from being head down just moments before walking in to see Dr. Koster.  It was such a special few minutes to spend with Jordan and these girls.      
Food cravings:  None.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving- seriously my favorite meal of the year.         
Symptoms:  I am super congested.. my lips are so chapped from breathing out of my mouth all the time (gross). Also, the fact that I can literally nap all day long.       
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Getting too full has made me super queasy this week. 
Labor Signs:  Procardia twice daily is keeping me stable as far as preterm labor goes.  My cervix is still around a 2.2.  Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and stronger- some even taking my breath away.  If I'm in the sitting position I can hardly stand the tightness, but laying down (which I do for 99% of the day) is not terrible.    
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Excitement is at an all time high!!  I reached my 'mini-goal' of 35 weeks!  I cannot believe the girls will be here in just short time. It can literally be any day now when they decide to come.  Last week was emotional and I cried a lot, but this week the tears have stayed away.  I sometimes just sit in the nursery rocker and look at all their things.. taking it all in.  Is that weird?  This morning I drank my coffee and read the kid's version of Jesus Calling that Jordan's mom got for the girls.  I can't wait to read to them!      
Looking forward to:  All of it.  Anything and everything that remotely relates to the babies- The thought that I get to hold them soon keeps me up at night with excitement:)


Baby Shower | Sugar & Spice

Last month my closest girlfriends hosted a baby shower in my honor to celebrate baby Parker and sweet baby Jolie.  It was the last of events in preparation for these girls to arrive, and I was thankful to be able to go!  Bed rest and hospital stays threatened to keep me from it- but in the end, everything worked out to our advantage.

Ashley, Diana, and Jacqueline did such an outstanding job- I was in awe of the details they thought of.. well, if you really know these girls- it doesn't come as a surprise (at all) how detail oriented and thought out everything was.  I am one lucky, LUCKY girl to say the least.

I was going to do photo collages and such- making for a shorter posting, but wanted to share all the pictures in full size for your viewing enjoyment.. and to truly give these girls credit for everything they did!  

The invitation was too cute for words.  When I got it in the mail it seriously made me smile for the week following! The party favor was OPI nail every shade of pink you can imagine.  

I was caught walking out the door with three in tow.  Hey.. one for me.. one for Jolie..and one for Parker, right? Justified.
 The guests were greeted with yummy Raspberry Lemonade

Some of the details.  The shower theme was super girly.. flowers, candles, and pink, pink, pink! 
 Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice! 
We played a few games, and the winners of the game received one of these homemade brown sugar scrubs.  These are awesome- I got one, too- and have used it already several times!   
My little bits will have such cute clothes!  The Sugar and Spice onesies have their names on them:)
The dessert table

And if you thought this shower needed just one more ounce of preciousness..

A headband making station.   Shut. Up.
My girlfriends know that these girls' heads will never be without.
My mom and Jenn making some bows..
Diana, Jacqueline, and Ash participating in the headband making, too!

Now for the food table.. and can we talk about how much I LOVE shower food?   
I could eat a bazillion tea sandwiches.  And hello.. shrimp cocktail?  I'm in.  

I didn't get to fully see the food table during the shower as I walked in and went straight to taking my place on the sofa- following the 'bed rest' rules as best I could, you know.
So many prezzies for my babies!!

Jordan's mom made these large frames for the girls' nursery, and I cannot wait to fill them with their sweet faces!
Jennifer's handmade sock bunnies:)  So cute!
A gift from my hostesses  
 Bedazzled Converse.  Yes, seriously.  LOVE!
and, of course.. there were plenty of tutus.  On days Jordan dresses them, we all know he'll be going for these first.

I am so in love with this man.  He sat right beside me the entire time to help with present opening. Although I know he loved every second of it all.
Some of my guests

Kara and Me
Jordan, Kara, and her hubby, Tim have been friends since high school/middle school.  I was SO excited when I learned she could come to the shower.  LOVE seeing her to catch up.
Beautiful Ashley and the Amazing Deb.  Deb was so sweet to open up her home to host the shower that afternoon. Love this woman as much as I love her daughter.  Not to mention her mad hair dressing skills.  
My bestest.  I have seriously gorgeous friends.
Ashley and Me

Diana and Me.  She and baby Jacob are too cute for words!  Sharing the pregnancy experience with her has been so fun.
The Jennifer's!  Jenn G. (left) has done an amazing job in covering for me while I've been off from work.  I couldn't imagine anyone else doing my job for me but her:)  Jenn C. (right) is my lifeline and rock- she and I have become so close over the past two years I've worked at EHP.  I absolutely adore this girl and cannot wait to be back to seeing her everyday!  So glad they both came! 
My Mom and Me
 The soon-to-be-grandmother's

My hostesses
These girls are the best anyone could ask for.  I love doing life with them.

Amazing, right?  Jordan and I are so lucky to be surrounded with such awesome people in our lives- that will love these girls as much as we do.  

Special thanks to Kelley Strout Photography for capturing these special moments
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