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Happy Halloween!

This has got to be the best Halloween costume EVER. Can't be topped..unless it is with mustard and onions! ;)


2009 City of Irving Firefighter's Ball

Friday night was the 2009 Irving Firefighter's Ball. It is a formal fundraising event held each year- raising money for scholarships benefitting children of firefighters. This year was so fun..I mean- who doesn't just love to get dolled up for an evening with great friends?

Jordan and I: pre-ball festivities. Jordan picked out that dress shirt and tie all by himself. I showed him my shoes and bag..and he went solo to pick something out! GEEZ..he is so handsome.

The new NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas- kinda looks like a fire station :)

Melanie and Brian: Cousins! On the charter bus headed to the Love Field Flight Museum for the Ball

On the Bus

Walking the Red Carpet into the Ball..I did feel very special!

Me and The Hubbs

Miss Christin Brown- GREAT friends

Grey Wreyford, Hugh Harris, Jordan, and James Skelton- Causeing nothing but trouble. I attempted to take this picture about 5 times, and Hugh, your eyes are still closed.

Erin Tull and myself

Massey's X 2

After cocktails and mingling it's time to get ready for dinner and awards
The talented Michael Israel painted these right in front of us and then they were sold at a live auction. The John Lennon one went for $15,000!Can you tell there was complimentary wine at dinner? haha- I loooooooooovvvee red wine. ;)

Lisa and Amber

After the ball- it was back to the NYLO for the after party!!

Jordan was kissed by the Mayor's Wife..uh-ohhhhh!

Station 6 Chicks! (As Captian Williams would say!)

Me, Christy, Lisa, and Allison

There was a 'butt' artist at the we had to let her draw our butts!! :)

The finished product. Is it wierd that I want to frame this? It looks just like us! Right down to Jordan's stance..

Jordan, Me, Mel, and Brian- Love my family

Mel, Jennifer, and Myself

It was a blast! I had gotten the flu shot on Thursday afternoon and had been running a fever off and on (between Tylenol doses!) and my arm was so sore I couldn't lift it well enough to even blow dry my hair! Through all that, I still was enjoying myself beyond expectation. I love our firefighter family!



SOOO much has been going on lately with my internship..and it has all been a blast! The past two weeks..and for one more, I have been in my major foodservice rotation. Working in purchasing, production and retail for Presbyterian hospital has been interesting. The Chef has really given me the opportunity to express myself and get the most out of this rotation. The only thing I'm clothes! We are required to wear all white scrubs during this rotation, and I have done just about eveything to brighten it up..I think I"m out of ideas.

The US Foods Food show
Interns at the Food Show

"Very Healthy and full of antioxidants!" says the man while drenching my fried sweet potato casserole with butter and honey. I think the word FRIED takes healthy out of any phrase.

My Fruit Plates for patients- GORGEOUS. Can I be a patient?
White Scrubs!! And my working gloves so I wouldn't get blisters when I was unloading the $30,000+ food order I had placed :)
Chef featured my personal recipe for a black bean burger on the menu in Cafe Presby! I made each one..over 100 of them, for lunch- and we sold every single one of them.
Time for grill marks!

Chef Bill flippin my 'burgers'

This is what you get when you wear WHITE scrubs and are a clumsy girl with your hot chocolate.

One more week in foodservice- Retail Rotation next week. It has been such a great experience with Chef and the rest of the kitchen staff..and as much as I miss fixing my hair and wearing regular clothes..I'll be sad to be done with it. My major administrative project was assigned to me this week, and I'll be working very closely with Chef it's not totally over :)


Weekend of Friends

Jordan has been out of town since last Sunday and it has been a long week without him, that's for sure! Although I missed him, it was a good chance for me to have some 'Amber-Time'. I cleaned, and cooked (a lot!), went shopping :), and did a lot homework without being asked 'When are you gonna be done, Sweet Pea?' every 5 minutes. I also made time to hang out with friends. I had dinner with Emily at a really neat place called the Fillmore Pub in Plano. They are known for their beer (of is a PUB!) and this Guinness-Cheddar Cheese Burger. So..I had that, and it was so good! Saturday I went with Jessica to a designer warehouse sale and shopped some great denim, and then we were off to brunch at Breadwinner's in Uptown.

Jessica looking cute as a button..and her HUGE plate of eggs :)
My 'OU/UT Weekend omlett with a biscuit and gravy on top..very interesting. I think I barely made it through the biscuit and gravy before I was full!

Sunday was Mimosas and Brunch for a surprise birthday celebration for Rachel at Kathleen's Sky Cafe in University Park.
The birthday girl and Stephanie

Such a beautiful friend

Love this girl, Racheeeeee
My breakfast...the Monte Cristo with roasted potatoes. Man, I ate GOOD.
Mkat, Deeks, Me, and Rachel
Mary Katherine and myself
I was a great week, but I am ready for him to be home!! He has been gone too long working with his Dad, but I am so thankful he is willing to work extra on the side of the department for us while I'm not working in this internship.
This week I'm in my Production rotation and working with the Chef at the hospital. I made my yummy black bean burger on Friday and chef had it served as the special in Cafe Presby for lunch. It was a hit, and yes, I had it for lunch and thought it was the best I had ever eaten ;) This week is a busy one, again..then, The Firefighter's Ball on Friday!!! I am so excited!! Pictures to come, for sure!


Weekend With The Longnecker's

This weekend was TOO short. Jordan and I made the 5 hour drive to Lubbock to see one of our favorite couples, Joe and Diane. We left Friday afternoon, after my clinicals, with plans of spending some quality time with our sweet friends and going to the Texas Tech game on Saturday evening.

Getting ready to leave for an early dinner before the Tech game. Both Joe and Diane are alumni of TTU, so they had plenty of apparel for us to borrow so we could be official. Jordan did, however, pack his KState t-shirt and threatened to wear it to the game..Such a GOOBER.

The Longnecker's at Gardski's before the game

Getting Hot Chocolate before the was quite chilly, but what is a football game without the chill?, VERY COLD. After about a half hour of sitting in the cold I decided I needed something else to cover up with. Jordan agreed. $92 later..we had ourselves two (very expensive) Texas Tech sweatshirts. So- longsleeved shirt+tshirt+sweatshirt+another sweatshirt+beanie= STILL freezing. So, Joe gave me his jacket. FYI- I'm not crazy about the cold. It was 44 degrees, with an 89% humidity and 20mph wind gusts. Then it started to rain. Just think about that for a second ;)

Sunday came way too quickly, and Jordan and I loaded up for the long drive home. Although it was a brief trip, I still got to see Diane, so it was well worth the drive and cold weather.
I did bring along all of my foodie magazine I got in the mail last week for the car ride- Every single one of them had a turkey on the cover. SOOOOOO excited to be diving into the holiday season!!
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