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Brittany Gets a Haircut

Brittany has been in desperate need of a haircut! A couple years ago, Jordan bought proffesional clippers so he could do it himself, instead of taking her every so often and paying a pretty penny when he can make her look just as good at home! Brittany was a furball and sheading her winter coat all over the house, the furniture, our clothes, the car, our bedroom..any room for that matter. We were swimming in Brittany hair. Anyway..she was cut and now she is a skinny little puppy! Thank goodness :)

The Pre cut FUR BALL!!

Aww Mom, stop with the pictures.

Jordan concentrating very hard on getting her cut just right!

Our pretty girl relaxing in the chilly grass after she was cut

I love to see her can't see them unless she is cut short
SO happy for no more HAIR!

Ready to go to dinner at Bree and Roy's house :)

Silly girl and her main squeeze. She LOVES her some too ;)


Christmas in January

Over the holiday, Jordan's grandmother, MeMe, was ill with pneumonia and was hosptialized for one week at 'Big' Baylor and then came across the street to see me at Baylor Specialty for Pulmonary Rehab for about 2 weeks. We were supposed to have the Massey Christmas on the Sunday before, but since she was sick, we postponed it until last weekend. We had our Christmas at MeMe and Grandad's house in Dallas where there was an amazing spread of food and presents for the kiddos. We had a great time and we were all glad to have it, even if it was almost a month late :)
Girl cousins
Roy and David being SO silly...
My favorites, Jennifer and Melanie
Sisters, Bailey and Lauren. These girls have grown so very much!
Jenna, Jennifer, Me and Mel



It's finally here!!!

Market Street in Coppell FINALLY opened!!!! WOO-HOO! For months I have been waiting and watching and waiting some more for this wonderful store to open its doors for me, and this week, the wait was over!! My sweet friend Diane and I went to lunch and then headed over the Market Street to check out the goods. Well, apparently, we were not the only ones excited to see this place open. There was not a single parking space to be found. The crazy masses of people made it a bit overwhelming, but still a fun experience. I ground my own honey roasted peanut butter and sampled some fresh sushi. It was GREAT! I am so pumped to have this place so close by...I was driving to Colleyville or Frisco to shop at this Whole Foods/Central Market style grocery store. Now it is within literally 5 minutes of my house. Ooo, this could be dangerous.Diane and I

We got lucky with parking in the first 10 rows of cars.

Me in front of Market Street


Jordan Graduates!!

This past Monday I took off work to go watch my wonderful husband graduate from Paramedic school. He has been working hard, studying and doing clinical rotations since the last week in June, and finally he is finished! He left us all surprised when they announced his name as Salutatorian of the whole class! I knew he was studying and doing well on all his assignments, but way to go, Jordan!! I am so proud of him :) He took his National Registry for skills yesterday and passed with flying colors and now he takes the written exam on Thursday. if all goes well, he will be totally finished for good, and will be awarded his Paramedic Patch. Wish him luck!

Jordan with the three other new paramedics, their Captain, and two Chiefs if IFD and Dr. LaMeca, the EMS director for Irving and Dallas Fire.

My super smart husband and myself :)

Chris and his wife Erin and Jordan and I..Yaay for our hubbies!!
Home after a yummy lunch at Joe T. Garcia's

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