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Jordan Graduates!!

This past Monday I took off work to go watch my wonderful husband graduate from Paramedic school. He has been working hard, studying and doing clinical rotations since the last week in June, and finally he is finished! He left us all surprised when they announced his name as Salutatorian of the whole class! I knew he was studying and doing well on all his assignments, but way to go, Jordan!! I am so proud of him :) He took his National Registry for skills yesterday and passed with flying colors and now he takes the written exam on Thursday. if all goes well, he will be totally finished for good, and will be awarded his Paramedic Patch. Wish him luck!

Jordan with the three other new paramedics, their Captain, and two Chiefs if IFD and Dr. LaMeca, the EMS director for Irving and Dallas Fire.

My super smart husband and myself :)

Chris and his wife Erin and Jordan and I..Yaay for our hubbies!!
Home after a yummy lunch at Joe T. Garcia's


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Breakfast With the Bennetts said...

I just found your blog and am loving catching up on your exciting life! My hubby is just about to graduate from Dallas police academy and we are expecting a little boy in January. So we have a little in common. Good luck with those girls!


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