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Newborn Photo Shoot

A few days after getting settled from our stay in the hospital, we invited Brittany of B Faith Photography into our home to work her magic with our girls for their first (of many!) professional photography sessions.  Brittany did an amazing job- taking her time to get each pose just perfectly. We spent hours sweating like crazy with our house at 90 degrees to keep these nakey babies comfortable (and easy to pose).  I am looking forward to getting the CD of images- she took hundreds!  

Here are a few sneak peaks she sent me, highlighting each 'pose'.  
 I LOVE how all these turned out!

For their daddy and Poppa..

Special thanks to Brittany!  You are the best! 


A Baby(ies) First Christmas

Celebrating Christmas this year was much different that our usual festivities.  

I know what you are thinking.. duh.  

Christmas Eve was celebrated at our house with Jordan's immediate family (BB, Poppa, and Auntie Jenna)  as well as a few extras that made our day/evening super special.

Sernie was there to meet her great-great-grandaughters (Bree's grandmother) 
 ..and Meme was there, too!  Parker and Jolie loved seeing their great-grandmother again (Roy's mom).

Here are 4 generations of Massey's

Jordan and I had yet to take a real 'family' photo with the girls.  What better time than Christmas Eve to do so?  Especially while we both were clean, showered, and decently dressed.  

I'm learning to take advantage of these types of opportunities..   
top/ loft/ similar* layered tank/ gap * tights/ loved by heidi klum

My girls were most definitely dressed for the Christmas occasion.
You may recognize these bows here.  We three decided that its okay that you can't always see.  
The big bows are worth it.  

Jordan and I did little for entertainment of our guests.  

Stick two (precious, might I add..) baby girls (with huge bows on their heads) on a blanket in the middle of the room and watch the masses adore.
Santa for sure, without a doubt, loves my sweet angels.  These outfits are a tad too huge for both of them, but couldn't let the cuteness go to waist.
Christmas day the four of us headed over to BB and Poppa's house for prezzies and delicious food- all while enjoying the 'massive' snow fall on Christmas Day. I say massive.. meaning ground covering without the melting effect.  Something that happens never in Texas.

My girls enjoyed their first (and maybe their last?) white Christmas.  You can't really tell it from this picture, but the snow was really coming down all around us.

It was a fun day of Christmas movies and lounging in our jammies.  Jordan and I even got in a power nap before dinner, thanks to the magic of the grandparents.   

After a long two days of celebrating, Christmas came to an end. Bittersweet.  I didn't want this day to end..

I think it is safe to say we were all exhausted. What do you think?
It was a beautiful day to celebrate our Savior- one that I will never forget.  The holidays will never be the same with these two extra little people to share it with.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Linking up with Grace over at Camp Patton for her What I Wore on Christmas Link Up party.

Yes, I know I'm still in (some) maternity clothing- Don't judge. I can't stop wearing those under the belly tights- even without the belly, I still lovvvveeee them.  Besides.. it does good things for the healing battles wounds of a csection, don't you know?

Be sure to check out the other bloggers and their cute Christmas outfits, too!


Merry Massey's 2012


17 Days Old

Its been almost two weeks since coming home from the hospital with our two sweet girls.. and I must say it has flown by in what feels like the blink of an eye.  Everyday I have said to Jordan "I'm going to blog this morning/afternoon/tonight" and it never happens.  

Our days really revolve around feeding Parker and Jolie- as it is critical to have them put on more weight.  It takes about an hour to feed, diaper, and situate two babies..and then we have about an hour to two hours to get things done for ourselves- whether it be a nap (never), shower (rarely), or attempting to get something to eat (so thankful for everyone that has provided a meal, or two!) At night, Jordan and I have it down to a science, and it only takes about  40-45 minutes.  The first week home, and most of the second, we woke them up to eat every three hours.  Now they have come to wake themselves up to eat, meaning they are less sleepy and more alert.  

Since we've been home we have been quite busy, busy, busy..

..spending time with friends..

 ..Poppa.. (R Daddy when their BB isn't around..)
 ..meeting more family.  3 generations: BB holding Jolie Grace, Granny Jane (whom Parker is named after), and Jordan holding Parker Jane.
 ..Uncle Pat has visited multiple occasions..
 ..a lot of sleeping and a lot of snuggling (mommy and daddy's favorite!)..
..having some quality sister time..
..and of course being as precious as can be..

..finally, after 13 days, mom and dad brought themselves to remove their hospital bands (one for each of you)..
..we had an amazing newborn photo shoot with the very talented Brittany of B Faith Photography.  Pictures to come next week!
..we went to our first and second doctor appointments.. Clearly we are uptight and stressed out about the whole thing.
At their 2-week follow-up appointment- Jolie gained 10 ounces and Parker gained 9 ounces- all in just one week!  The pediatrician was impressed with our girls and the efforts mom and dad put into keeping them on track for a healthy feeding schedule.

Jolie now weighs 5 pounds and Parker weights 6 pounds, 5 ounces.

We also have made sure to wear a bow to match every outfit.  We haven't gotten to take advantage of all the clothes these girls have because they are still in preemie sizes.  Before they  were born we bought very little preemie clothing just in case we would need it.  Parker is now in the weird in between stage where preemie is almost too small, and newborn is still way too big- but Jolie fits just perfectly in them now, while before they still swallowed her teeny body.
We ventured out to shop with all the crazies of Christmas.. twice.
The girls did so good!  We did make it a point not to stay longer than in between feedings- so they were happy campers.  I was also thankful for the respect most people gave us with the double stroller.  Several wanted to look, so we lifted the corners of the blankets covering them to allow a peek- and thankfully no one reached in for a touch.  Mommy would not have been okay with that.
After our cords finally fell off, we got our first bath!  Parker hated it.  She is our chilled out baby girl- but when it comes to being naked, having her diaper changed, or getting dressed, she lets us (and the rest of the neighborhood) know she is quite unhappy about it.
Jolie on the other hand.. totally loves it.  Look at that face!  So funny how opposite they can be.

17 days old.  Geez.  I can still hardly believe I am the momma to these girls.  When does that feeling of disbelief go away?  I don't know that I want it to go away.. it is a constant reminder of how God has blessed us with these two healthy little ones and I cannot help myself but to thank Him everyday- practically all day for what he has provided.  Christmas upon us- and we have so much to be thankful for this year.

17 days old and I already feel like the girls are changing so much.  The past couple weeks have been filled with 'babies' firsts', and I am excited for a whole slew of other 'firsts' that will be happening the next year or so... but for now I'm more than okay with serious snuggle time with my sweets.  I've been told it wont last for long- do I'm soaking it all in.


December 6th, 2012

I woke up that morning and remember feeling somewhat excited, somewhat scared, and a little on edge with nerves.  The last morning I would be pregnant with Parker and Jolie in my (huge, mind you..) belly.  I didn't sleep at all the night before- partly because I was terribly uncomfortable, partly because I could in no way breathe like a normal human being- my throat burned with dryness and I wanted nothing but a gallon of water to drink- but my doctor's voice rang in my head "nothing to eat or drink after midnight".  But, if I'm being honest here, I couldn't sleep because I knew that this time tomorrow, my whole world would have changed.  I would be a mommy.

Finally it was time to 'wake-up'.  Finally.  I curled my hair, put on makeup, and finished putting my hospital bag together.  After going through the checklist of necessities for mom, dad, and babies- we stopped to take one last picture.

37 Weeks, 1 Day
We arrived at my OB office at 9:30am before directing me over to labor and delivery.  The plan was that she would be sending me with 'complaints' of labor pains all night and requiring a non-scheduled c-section that afternoon.  (It all has something to do with insurance coverage and scheduling a c-section prior to 39 weeks- even though I am carrying twins!  A lot of stuff I didn't understand)

I trust Dr. Walsh and she has tons of experience- so we went along with her plan.  She 'checked' me and came to realize I was actually in labor.  "I  am??"  Yep, 3 cm dilated.

I had been having lots of contractions over the past week- but still being on Procardia to control pre-term labor, they were less than alarming and had almost became normal to me.

So, we went over to L&D with actual complaints of labor, and they brought me straight back to what would be my recovery room and hooked me up with plans for a c-section at 1pm.  At this point it was about 11am.  Jordan's parents were with us for support, and we patiently waited our turn for an OR while watching Everybody Loves Raymond and Law and Order: SVU.

Tons of people came in and out informing me their part in the surgery to come- respiratory therapist (for the girls), NICU nurses, my nurses, anesthesiologists, and finally- Dr. Walsh.

It was time- time to go!
At that moment I became terribly scared. I remember Dr. Walsh grabbing me- one hand on my face and the other interlocking my hand- ensuring me that everything is going to be just fine.  She could clearly tell the look on my face and tears in my eyes were induced by pure fear.  

I was wheeled in the operating room all alone- Jordan was in his 'bunny suit' sitting outside the OR waiting until after my epidural had been placed before being allowed in with me to hold my hand.  I say alone- there were about 15 people in the room with me.  4 nurses (2 per baby), 2 respiratory therapists, 2 anesthesiologists, 2 NICU nurses (1 for each baby), Dr. Walsh, and another doctor to assist was there, too.  

The anesthesiologists proceeded to explain the practice of placing the epidural (for the third time) and in what felt like seconds it was over.  

Me: "That's it?"
Walsh: "What do you mean, 'that's it'??"  
Me: "That was easy. Hardly hurt at all."
Anesthesiologist #1: "If only all our patients were like you" 

On the table I went-  legs and upper body completely numb.  The nurse gave me a warm blanket and a tube of hot air to hold- I assume this was to prevent the 'shakes' everyone talked about that comes along with the epidural.  I never got those.  Instead- my blood pressure crashed.

3 times.  

Each time I woke up feeling like I was going to hurl (I never did.) finally pulling off the warm blanket. All I wanted was to be cold.  I was sweating, for crying out loud.  Finally I was stabilized and felt normal- well, as much as I could feel normal, but still be in a fog.  

So- surgery began.  The only feeling I remember was the feeling as if an elephant was sitting on my chest.  SO much pressure- but Jordan ensured me all was just fine.  I don't know what I would have done without him right there in my ear- whispering encouragements and repeating over and over his love for me and how proud he was of me. (There is nothing like hearing those things from the love of your life.  Nothing.)

Finally I hear cries.  Baby Jolie was out and did she have some screaming lungs on her.  I could see the warming station she was placed on and I was so concerned because I just wanted to hear something from someone- anything.  How she was?  Was she okay?  How much did she weigh?  How is her color?  

2 minutes later Parker was out, screaming like her sister.. with her cord wrapped around her neck twice.  Nothing of concern as Walsh easily slipped it from around her neck, but it would have been a problem if I would have tried to labor these girls rather than do a c-section.  Blessing number one.

Finally I hear that both girls were healthy.  Their one minute APGAR scores were a 9 for both (ten is best).  Meaning they were breathing just fine with a good strong cry, with great color, good heart rates and strong reflexes.  Blessing number 2.

Daddy cutting Jolie's cord               

Daddy cutting Parker's cord.  
Time for the moment of truth- the girls' weights.  Jolie was first weighing in at 2049 grams.  I was informed that the cut off for required NICU due to weight was 2000 grams.  Blessing number 3.  

Finally it was time to meet my girls.

Meeting Miss Parker Jane.  Both Jordan and I were in tears.  All I/we could do was cry.

Finally getting to 'hold' my sweet babies. (Parker on the right, Jolie on the left)

Of the hundreds of pictures we took that day and during our stay at the hospital and even now since we have been home, this is my most favorite picture.  Jordan was crying through a prayer- so thankful everyone was okay.

I cannot believe how alert these babies were!

As Dr. Walsh was closing me back up I hear her say 'there is no way you could have labored these girls.  Your hips did not spread at all (like a normal pregnant woman's would) and your pelvis is tiny- it looks like a funnel run over by a car..'  Blessing number 4. 

Jordan took the girls back to my recovery room while they finished with me in the OR. Here he is with my mini-me.  Parker is almost a spitting image of myself when I was a baby. I plan to do a post on the similarities of the girls with pictures of me and Jordan.  Jolie is Jordan's mini-me.

4 people make up this new family
(almost) 3 hours of waiting
2 very proud parents
1 glorious God to make all this happen

Night number one.  I was SO exhausted, but couldn't bring myself to sleep a wink.
Our little Jolie is such a fighter.  At just four and a half pounds at birth, she kept up with her (bigger) sister and rocked it through feedings and acting like a 'normal' baby.

There were 3 sets of twins born on that day.  Ours were the smallest of all- and the only set that did not make a stay in the NICU.  Blessing number 5.
Daddy and his Jolie Polie
During the next couple days, I was in pretty bad shape.  The epidural made me so sick on Thursday night (like- throw up sick..) and then came the pain.  Bed rest for 3+ months did me no good at all for recovery.  I had lost so much muscle mass and strength that the c-section pain brought me to tears on multiple occasions- ok, it brought me to tears always. Friday was the worst day- and finally Saturday I started feeling like a normal person again.

Even though I was in terrible pain post-op, I still wouldn't go back and change a thing.  I prayed and thought long and hard about having a c-section.  Both girls were in the correct head-down position to be able to labor through, but Jordan and I made the decision to go ahead with the surgery simply because of Jolie's small size.  Walsh had a small concern for her ability to go through labor without causing too much stress on her- and I would ultimately end up in the OR anyway.  As you can see- there were multiple factors that called for a c-section delivery that we had no clue of (Parker's cord and my very small birth canal).   Dr. Walsh walked out of the OR and kissed me on the forehead before she left- thanking me for making that decision to go with a c-section.  
Jordan was (and still is!) a rockstar of a husband through all of it.  Caring for me, never leaving my side for one minute- helping me move around when needed, ordering my food, getting me ice chips, and doing everything for the girls.  I didn't change a diaper until we got home from the hospital 5 days later.

..and watching his love for these girls.. like something I'll never forget.    
We have twins!!

Along with the usual feet stamping, we requested for the girls footprints be stamped in their Daddy's Bible.

Finally it was time to go home.  Neither one of us were ready for it.  

My precious little miracles.  
Jolie Polie fitting so snuggly in her carseat.  It was SO cold on the day we left, so we made sure to bundle them up well.
Parker still so tiny at just 5 and a half pounds fit a little better than her sister, but had to work to make her fit snug, too.

We had an AMAZING experience during our stay- every single nurse and doctor made it so pleasant and were very helpful.  Blessing number 6.

I actually cried on the way home because it was time to leave.  So much build-up to this day- Delivery Day- and then it came and went so quickly.  It took a good cry (at 4am) out of the both of us to finally be okay with the fact that we were home and without all those wonderful people. 

So- there you have it. My day was quite a blur- but I do remember all the key parts and will never forget. I couldn't stop admiring my two precious daughters.  I couldn't believe that they were mine- and that I carried them for 37 weeks (and still can't!).  There was a couple times I didn't know if I would make it that far- but I did.  I couldn't stop (and continue to) thanking God for these incredible, healthy, sweet baby girls that turned our family from 2 to 4. 

And most of all- even in pain, sickness, and wee hours of the morning- I couldn't stop smiling.

They are mine.  They are ours.  They are His.  

Blessing number 7.
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