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17 Days Old

Its been almost two weeks since coming home from the hospital with our two sweet girls.. and I must say it has flown by in what feels like the blink of an eye.  Everyday I have said to Jordan "I'm going to blog this morning/afternoon/tonight" and it never happens.  

Our days really revolve around feeding Parker and Jolie- as it is critical to have them put on more weight.  It takes about an hour to feed, diaper, and situate two babies..and then we have about an hour to two hours to get things done for ourselves- whether it be a nap (never), shower (rarely), or attempting to get something to eat (so thankful for everyone that has provided a meal, or two!) At night, Jordan and I have it down to a science, and it only takes about  40-45 minutes.  The first week home, and most of the second, we woke them up to eat every three hours.  Now they have come to wake themselves up to eat, meaning they are less sleepy and more alert.  

Since we've been home we have been quite busy, busy, busy..

..spending time with friends..

 ..Poppa.. (R Daddy when their BB isn't around..)
 ..meeting more family.  3 generations: BB holding Jolie Grace, Granny Jane (whom Parker is named after), and Jordan holding Parker Jane.
 ..Uncle Pat has visited multiple occasions..
 ..a lot of sleeping and a lot of snuggling (mommy and daddy's favorite!)..
..having some quality sister time..
..and of course being as precious as can be..

..finally, after 13 days, mom and dad brought themselves to remove their hospital bands (one for each of you)..
..we had an amazing newborn photo shoot with the very talented Brittany of B Faith Photography.  Pictures to come next week!
..we went to our first and second doctor appointments.. Clearly we are uptight and stressed out about the whole thing.
At their 2-week follow-up appointment- Jolie gained 10 ounces and Parker gained 9 ounces- all in just one week!  The pediatrician was impressed with our girls and the efforts mom and dad put into keeping them on track for a healthy feeding schedule.

Jolie now weighs 5 pounds and Parker weights 6 pounds, 5 ounces.

We also have made sure to wear a bow to match every outfit.  We haven't gotten to take advantage of all the clothes these girls have because they are still in preemie sizes.  Before they  were born we bought very little preemie clothing just in case we would need it.  Parker is now in the weird in between stage where preemie is almost too small, and newborn is still way too big- but Jolie fits just perfectly in them now, while before they still swallowed her teeny body.
We ventured out to shop with all the crazies of Christmas.. twice.
The girls did so good!  We did make it a point not to stay longer than in between feedings- so they were happy campers.  I was also thankful for the respect most people gave us with the double stroller.  Several wanted to look, so we lifted the corners of the blankets covering them to allow a peek- and thankfully no one reached in for a touch.  Mommy would not have been okay with that.
After our cords finally fell off, we got our first bath!  Parker hated it.  She is our chilled out baby girl- but when it comes to being naked, having her diaper changed, or getting dressed, she lets us (and the rest of the neighborhood) know she is quite unhappy about it.
Jolie on the other hand.. totally loves it.  Look at that face!  So funny how opposite they can be.

17 days old.  Geez.  I can still hardly believe I am the momma to these girls.  When does that feeling of disbelief go away?  I don't know that I want it to go away.. it is a constant reminder of how God has blessed us with these two healthy little ones and I cannot help myself but to thank Him everyday- practically all day for what he has provided.  Christmas upon us- and we have so much to be thankful for this year.

17 days old and I already feel like the girls are changing so much.  The past couple weeks have been filled with 'babies' firsts', and I am excited for a whole slew of other 'firsts' that will be happening the next year or so... but for now I'm more than okay with serious snuggle time with my sweets.  I've been told it wont last for long- do I'm soaking it all in.


Aubs said...

it is indeed crazy how fast time goes with babies!!! love that you are taking time to soak it all in and enjoy it!! your family is just precious! Merry Christmas!!

Beesmama said...

They are precious, and you, my dear, look FABULOUS! Mine is 7 months old and I still look like a hot mess:)

Jessica said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! They are just perfect! Looks like you're doing an amazing job!

Erin said...

So glad to hear you've all settled in nicely at home & right on time to enjoy the holiday season! Also, there are these signs that my sister had for her twins (who are now 3) that said, "Please wash your hands before touching mine" and it was such a great deterrent for people when we would be out & about (they are made by Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Tucker said...

Jolie getting a bath is absolutely too cute for words! She looks so happy hahah! Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Sarah

Ashley D said...

ugh - they are just perfect! && it looks to me like that couple in the ifrst picture might steal your children... you should watch out for them....

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