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What We Do

Lately life has been relatively routine.. Home, work, gym, and back home again.  But- the best part about it all is that I'm spending it with my very best friend. 

{I have such a great time with my best friend.  My sweet husband.} 

We even have matching shoes..  and matching dri-fit workout shirts.. but I wear tights.  Jordan wont wear the tights.  His claim is that he would get laughed out of spin class.  
{Yoga is much more entertaining when Jordan tags along.}
I tried to convince J that we needed matching yoga mats, too.  But pink just isn't his style apparently. 
{We spend evenings together with friends, too!}

At church..
..and grilling out on the Collins' ranch with a few of our sweet friends from the fire station.
We even cometimes dress alike on accident..  

Even though life is relatively routine.. it is so much fun with my sweet Lovie. 


Just a Few Things..

..that have changed my life lately.  So much that I decided you deserve the pleasure and possibility of life changing, too :)

The most amazing hair product ever created.  My hair has developed it's own sassy personality, and I'm loving it :)  This sweet girl over at The Small Things Blog taught me how to use it, and life will just never be the same.  
I've mentioned before about my horribly nasty dry and cracked feet.  Yep- I admit, I'm actually self conscious about them.  Not anymore.  I walked into the Aveda store at Northpark on Christmas Eve and kicked off my heels to share with the employees and those customers that happen to be standing in the store the glorious progress my feet have made.  I voiced my desire to make a testimonial video about this stuff.  Smooth and pretty.  Even my nails are healthy!  Yep- thats right- for the first time in my life, thank you to this foot lotion, slathered on my toesies every night, I have beautiful feet.  Nothing has worked better, nothing.  Trust me, I have an entire drawer full of random products.  While I still incorporate the Footlogix into my routine, this is definitly a necessity every night. 
Totally in love with this color right now.  Pairs well with the browns and greens I have going on today (as well as the mustard color tights I braved to work! )  but, it also looked awesome with the grey sweater and pencil pants I wore earlier this week.  I'm usually a OPI kinda girl, but can't get enough of this essie brand! 
Thank you to my precious hubby and sweet friend Jacqueline for providing me with an amazing Christmas gift- Oh my gracious.. this flat iron totally contributes to the new found sass of my hair.  No breaking of the locks, curls or stick straight.  I actually look forward to fixing my hair in the morning.  I don't think I've had a bad hair day, yet.. well in my opinion.

Again with the hair products.  I'm serious.  My life has been changed.  If you have used Kenra before, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It is available at salons, ULTA, Beauty Brands..

If you seek the volume, then you must seek Kenra.  Adore this hair spray.  I've got 3 in stock, and a weeetle one in my purse.
And..theseeeeee.  Love. 


Pizza and Bowling

Friday night consisted of a lot of things these Massey's hadn't done in quite some time. 
Number One-- Pizza.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some pizza and we make it a lot at home, but i can't tell you the last time we enjoyed dining out on good pizza.  Enter in California Pizza Kitchen.

We met one of the sweetest couples on earth for some yummy pizza and great conversation.  

CPK's White Pizza with Mushrooms struck my fancy
And.. Number Two- BOWLING!  I forgot how fun bowling is (and how positively horrible I am)!  I'm already making plans to go back.
My Sweet Lisa..
Messy and Ricky Bobby and our 8 pounders
 The Ricketts
 Brian being a tad dramatic.   Just a tad.
After pizza, and burning off some calories with bowling, I enjoyed a deliciously creamy cup of hazelnut gellato at Napoli's in Grapevine.  Fun just wouldn't be fun without gellato at the end of the night.

I love throwback date nights like this.  I'm thinking I'm gonna plan on picking out my size 7 1/2 velcro blue and red shoes more often- and maybe even up my game to using a 10 pound ball :)


2012 New Year

Jordan and I rang in the New Year together, just the two of us- super low key, relatively quite, and full of love for my hunny.  

We finally made time to dine at Top Chef Casey Thompson's restaurant, Brownstone.  Fort Worth is quite a lucky town to host this girl's hot spot.  She is a rockstar, and if I didn't think it was possible, her food made me love her even more.    I enjoyed the Chicken Stuffed Chicken with Pepperjack Grits- whoa. Jordan had the Seafood Pasta.. 
...and we both enjoyed Crawfish Mac'n'Cheese for dessert :)

After dinner (and a couple of the most amazing Chipotle Bloody Mary's) we headed to the movies to see 'We Bought a Zoo'

SO. CUTE.  Definitely a must see-- highly recommend!

We got home in time to watch the last hour of the New Year's celebration on channel 8 in our PJ's.

Perfect NYE- no one else I would rather spend it with.  
I hope you had an amazing NYE celebration, too!

Happy 2012!!
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