Maybe TMI

Just maybe..  BUT I have to share my personal GROUND breaking discovery.  While in Austin for Hailey's bachelorette party we stopped through for a pedicure at a salon in downtown Austin.  I usually warn my nail technician about my ahem (horrible) feet, and they always say, 'No, no..it is fine, I've see all kinds of feet before, no worries!'  I have bad feet that usually can't get away without a pedi ever 2-3 weeks or so, if I'm lucky. You see, my feet are what I call 'non-sweaty'.  Even when I'm working out, I get home and the only thing that is not drenched in sweat are my feet.  With that being said- they are notoriously dry.  I mean crack-and-bleed kind of dry (ouch!!) See, I told you- TMI.  But, this is all just the background to where I'm going with this post.

As the poor nail tech at this place was developing tendonitis in her elbow working on my footsies, she started asking me questions like 'Do you have hard-wood floors?'  Yes. 'Do you walk outside barefoot?' Yes.  'Do you wear socks often?'  Not in 100+ degree Texas summers, no.  In the winter, yes.  'So, there is your problem.'  What?  Apparently the wood floors in my house are sucking the life and the moisture out of my (already dry) feet.  REALLY? No wonder my feet seem to be less of a problem for me in the winter- I never take my slipper boots off!  ding Light bulb #1.  The nail genius then introduced me to the pedicure in a bottle: Footlogixding Light Bulb #2.  Oh. Emmm. Geeeee.  My feet have NOT been the same.  I've been using this, plus making sure to keep my socks on, and this past weekend was my first pedicure in almost two months.  No cracks, no dryness, and ten healthy toenails. I actually didn't need a pedicure, but wanted one.  What a difference something so simple can make- plus this pedicure in a bottle stuff.  That was the best $24 I ever spent.  And wont be the last.

Sorry for all the talk about my feet.  Sorry if feet gross you out.  At least I didn't take a picture. :) 

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Laura said...

Interesting! I need to try this miracle in a bottle!!

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