Let's Do Brunch

It has been aprox. 4 months since I (we) completed internship- WOW, 4 months?!  Hardly seems like it has been that long.  Ashley attended a wedding this weekend in Dallas, and what better time than that for a mini reunion of the Presby Intern Class of 2010?  After having brunch with them, I realized how much I missed them and our time at the hospital.  Hearing all of their stories made for a good laugh!

Jessica, Ashlyn, and Ashley. Ashley is working in Arkansas as an outpatient educator, Ashlyn is in grad school at TWU and working part-time at an LTAC (long term acute care), and Jess has been covering maternity leave for the mommy dietitians at Presby.
Anna and Amber- SWEEt, sweet girl.  Love her.  She is now a WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) high risk educator in Dallas
The group (minus Sandy and Hannah-missed those two!) outside of Breadwinners in Dallas.  Hello- fabu food, love that place. 
Good times with forever friends.  No one will ever be able to replace those friends I made during the 11 best months, ever!

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