Discovery of the Term- LATE twenties

It totally snuck up on me.  Never even saw it coming. Twenty-Six.  Let me say it again..Twenty-SIX.  Ehh..not so bad.  Actually I really don't even care- I thought I would be a bit dramatic, but I can't play it off I don't think.  But no matter how you put it, I'm out of my early twenties and on a downward slope to thirty.  This year my birthday was super low key- Jordan actually had to leave that afternoon for College Station on a ten day stint in training for the fire department.  I was sort of bummed, but I think he cared about the fact he was leaving me on my birthday more than I did.  He was extra sweet with eveything he did in attempts to make up for the fact he wasn't spending the day with me, so I was soaking up the sympathy and playing the "I'm-so-sad-I'll-be-alone-on-my-birthday" card. (If he didn't know that before, he does now! Ha!)
Among many little things, I requested new dishes for my birthday!  Maybe the only 26 year old, not getting married, requesting dishes as a bday gift. Haha, not really, but wouldn't surprise me if someone questioned my motive for the gift.  Anyway, I chose some beautiful pasta bowls from William Sonoma that I fell in love with and have been coveting for about 3 months. 

Beautiful, right?  UGH! So cute.  I must say I've used them eveyday, just because.

The weekend before my birthday was Hailey and Justin's wedding, so the majority of our time was with them, but Sunday evening Jordan took me to dinner for a little celebrating, just him and me.  The day before J had brought home a couple of iPhone 4's, AMAzing.  I thought I was obsessed with my phone before- but oh, no. Now more than ever.  This was taken via the iPhone camera.

Soooo, then Jordan left me..ALONE..on my birthday.  AND my best friend was gone on her honeymoon..and my OTHER bestie was gone on program for work.  (Pulling out the card, again.. feel bad for me, yet? Teheee!)

Leave it to my sweet Jessica to plan something so unique, and extra special.  How about a girl's night at the Winspear Opera House?  Perfect!  We sat on the patio accompanied by gorgeous weather for dinner at Manny's in Uptown (oooh YUM!) and then off to the Cinderella Ballet.  (This was taken with my iPhone, too!)  Our outfits were not planned.  They never are, but so often we end up dressing the same!
Let me tell you something about the ballet.  One word- Perfection.  Those dancers gave me a whole new respect for the term grace and beauty.  I really don't think I got it before I saw it in person- but I sat the entire 2 hours with a smile on my face.  And the fact that the storyline was all too familiar from one of my favorite childhood stories (A toss up between Cinderella and The Little Mermaid..Under the Sea still gets me singing along.  Oops, I just admitted that outloud.) 

So- happy twenty-sixth to me.  :)  Like I said the day after my birthday- Looking in the mirror.. My late 20s and early 20s look the same- I think.

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