Webb Wedding Weekend

The Webb Wedding!!!  Finally here! Oh my what a weekend.  So much hype for this day to come, and I have to admit I'm a little on the depressed side now that its over ;(  Looking at all the pictures has totally made my day, though.  Let's start with The Rehearsal on Friday.

At the church
Beautiful Bridesmaids
A Bride and her Groom.  Precious couple
Hailey and Pops maintaining interest while Justin loses focus.
Making sure we are all in our assigned position.  The 'coordinator' at the church was halfway to crazy.  I was seriously fearful that I would miss my mark.
Hailey and all of the Bridesmaids.  So ready for this day to have finally made it!
Dinner at Blue Mesa- REALLY good food!
The Wedding Day!!!  

Hailey's 'Something Borrowed' were the shoes I wore in my wedding 5 years ago.  I had written 'I <3 J.Massey' on the bottom, and so when she wore them I crossed out J.Massey and put J.Webb.  I was an extra special 'Something Borrowed' that only Hailey and I shared.

The Bridesmaids and House Party
This wedding brought together many new friendships that I'm excited to grow!
With the handsome Groom
Jordan did a really good job of taking pictures throughout the entire thing..except during tha actual ceremony, I handed that duty to someone else because he was in the wedding, too! 
Maid and Matron of Honor- Who would have thought I would love my Best Girl's Sister as much as I love my Best Girl?
There is my handsome Groom.
With Our Hailey!
Such a sweet Wedding March.  I was wiping tears at this point for sure.
"With this Ring, I pledge my love..."
The GORGEOUS reception was at Castle Hill Country Club.  It was SO pretty and elegant.  LOVED every thing about it.  She did so well with all the details.
My Best Friend.
Garder Toss
Hailey's face is classic.  Her brother caught the garder..and her sister caught the bouquet!  Keepin' it in the family, I suppose ;)
Ending the night, after much fun and dancing!  One of the most fun dance crowds I've seen at a wedding.
Bid Farewell to you Sweet Friends!! 
One of the best weddings I've been to, in the words.  I never knew a more fun crowd, dancing, singing, eating, and plenty of laughing!  What a great way to start their lives together, and I was so happy to be apart of it all.

Now, time for my complete devotion to my sweet, sweet SMashley.  So excited for her Wedding!!  April is coming quick!

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Hi ma'am :) Just found your blog and I have to say, I love it! You and your hubby are so darn cute. I'm trying to figure out how to follow your blog. Help!


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