BEST Season of ALL.

And HUGE, is an under statement (..is that two words or one? Hmm..) For our 5 year wedding anniversary I was able to snag Jordan and I tickets to the last game of the pre-season for the Cowboys.  I personally was oober excited..I heart the Cowboys.  Quite possibly because I have fond memories of Sunday afternoons, lazy in my PJs and eating with Dad, his homemade Chili, sharing a sleeve of saltines.  I have carried this expectation into my marriage, where most Sunday afternoons are that way for us (except I make a mean tortilla soup!) during the greatest season of all.  FOOTball season.  So, on the night of our anniversary I proudly handed Jordan the tickets wrapped in a jersey.  To my dismay, he had a frown!  The boy would be hunting that week.  Nothing comes betweeen a boy, his dog, his rifle, and birds.  That is a specific reason why we did not get married in the later months of August, September, October, or November.   Jordan decided really early he didn't want to deal with an upset bride while the groom is missing their anniversary because he is heading out to the lease.  Which, in all reality, I don't mind his hobby, and wouldn't mind if he missed an anniversary or two.  So, J opted for the Bubba Hunt, and I decided.."I'M GOING without you."  :)

My first time at Cowboys Stadium.  It is HUGE.  Oh. My. Geez. 
 Since I couldn't take my Mr. Massey..I took my other favorite Massey- His dad :)
 For the Dieititan in me :)  I was very impressed to find deli sandwiches and a mini 'fruit stand' as options in the game food!! WOO!  Turkey Panini and a plum to go, please! :)
 Ahh..silver, white, and blue.  I heart you. AND Miles Austin on that jumbotron.  What a hottie.

Came home with a hoarse voice from screaming and yelling for these boys in the last quarter.  The pulled it out, ending the pre-season right with a win. 

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