Bubba Hunt 2009

Jordan and the men of fire station 6C just returned from what they call a 'Bubba Hunt'. I can't help but giggle at the sound of that--none of them are 'bubba'-like at all. TeHe! They left out for Sha's deer lease on a Monday and returned on Wednesday afternoon. They seemed to have a blast, as most 'big kids' would. These grown men with never grow up. These pictures are the appropriate non X-rated versions from the trip. I mean, c'mon- they are firemen. I expected MUCH worse :)

Station 6's finest shift
The bunk house
Chuck, Sha, and Jordan cooking some grub
Looking for anything worth shooting--let's hope it wasn't one of their own!
Around the camp fire, SO COLD!
Jordan was the only one to kill anything--MMM, deer sausage!! It's at Kuby's in Dallas as we speak getting processed. Can't wait to make some spaghetti or grill the steaks..
oh, and Chuck got a rabbit.
Isn't it so nice to know that these men get along so well. Jordan and I have been blessed with amazing friendships with these guys and their families. Jordan says "Loving your job makes it easy to never work a day in your life."

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