A PJ Kind of Day

For the intern Christmas Party we decided it would be fun to have a theme. We tossed around the 'Tacky Sweater' idea, but then finally came up with the Pj Brunch- which proved to be a success. Jessica and I worked very hard to plan it all and sweet Jess and her husband John opened her house up for us to come and fellowship together. I had so much fun with everyone, I truly am blessed with a wonderful group of people to spend this once-in-a-lifetime experience with.

Jessica and I- working hard and prepping before everyone arrived.
So much food!! We had one YUMMY spread
Another shot of the food
Me, Hannah, Jess, and Kristi with her baby girl, Brynn..oh, and not to forget Jess's dog, Prego
Sweet Anna
Loves these girls, too! Ashley, Anna, Hannah, and Ashlyn.
Try saying that 3 times fast!
Jordan was a good sport and wore some pajamas, too. But, his eyes were closed...thanks for that, J. Tehe..
Kristi (and the twins) opening her gift from the interns.. dinner, movie and a gift certificate for FREE babysitting! Brynn and Logan were more interested in the candy!!
Ready for a nap after a busy morning/afternoon
The intern picture-- all of us so cute in our PJ's
But, not to forget Kristi- much better picture, now!!

Just wanted to add these in from the past couple weeks..
This one is after a long day and class, but we are still all smiles!!
All of us after the internship Open House at Village Burger Bar in The West Village. It was so chilly, but the inside was jam-packed with people, so we braved the cold, and with the help of the heater lamps it wasn't so bad.
I cannot believe how far we have come since it all began, and to be around all those people seeking internship and the way they looked at us in admiration for what we have accomplished. I know I probably had those same googley eyes last year when I came to the Open House..

Christmas Party #2 down..
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year!


olsonpitcrew said...

Hi! First of all let me say how gorgeous you are! Wow!
Second, I noticed you wear a highlighter under your eyes. Would you mind telling me which kind/brand? Love it! :)

Amber Massey said...

Hi there! Thank you very much for your sweet words! I wear Maybelline Cool Effects Shadow Liner in Cold as Ice..then I dust a shimmer powder over top, blending them together. Thanks, again!!

Daisy said...

Massey--got the gorgeous Christmas card with NO RETURN ADDRESS! How the heck do I send you a card now. . .oh, I ask for your address. Can I have it please?!


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