baker bree | 18 months

in the hustle and bustle of the holidays I totally spaced and didn't share an 17 month update on this little chicken.  here we are a full month after the fact for a little bit about miss Baker Bree:)
I took Baker for her 18 month well check up today- and she's healthy as a horse!  we had a pretty nasty double ear infection a couple weeks ago but her ears are clear and she looks great!
also.  those pigtails are just KILLER.

our big growing girl is currently weighing in at 24 pounds and 7oz (55th%), and 32.7cm (77th%).. still wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.. although I do have a pack of size 5's that I plan to bust out once we are finished with what we have in size 4:)

Baker Bree
you aren't the girliest of all girlie but you aren't a tomboy either..
perhaps the perfect balance and blend of the two.
you love to be outside running right along Parker in nothing but your bare feet and diaper..
but this month you discovered what fun the dress up boxes are.
..your sashay while wearing those hot pink plastic princess heels is my absolute favorite.  
..arms up and hips swaying. get it, girl. 
you are fiercely independent and I can find you in any room of the house helping yourself to whatever you can get into.
your absolute favorite game right now is opening and shutting (slamming) doors.
we can walk through the house at any given time and every single door will be shut.
..and then we will find you in the pantry sorting the recyclables. 
"HI", slam. "HIIIIIIEEEE", slam. "DAH-DA!! HI.", slam.
you are way too sweet for words, Bakes.
you have a way about you that brings a smile to our face (and everyone else's, too!)
..even when you are getting reprimanded.  I wish I could justly describe it with words. 
your pursed lips, head tilt, eyebrows raised, half-smile as if you are saying
.."really, mom.."
and then there are the low eyes and pouty face.
..pushed out lip and everything.
something doesn't go as you think it is supposed to you walk away arms straight at your side and eyes raised just enough to see in front of you.
making a statement before you plop down face first onto to floor.
..all of it to grab attention of whoever might be watching.
its literally the funniest thing I have ever seen.

your interest in the television is new this month. you discovered Mickey and all his friends.. and that mouse has hung your baby moon! 
at 16-17months you didn't have much of a vocabulary outside of mama and dad.
but words are coming easier to you this month. 
..it seems like you pick up a word or two every other day.
you are so incredibly smart!
new consistent words at 18 months: cheese, shoes, fish(y), hi, bye, Jolie, Parker, Oscar, dog, more, done, "uh-huh", no, yes, mama, dad, and you'll say papa here and there.
oh.  and MINE.
while you aren't putting sentences together, you understand everything we say 100%.
..that includes things I've never shown you or said to you, you get it.
blows me away.
..every time.
you have also started to show a major interest in the potty..
..telling me every time you need a new diaper and attempting to strip down to nothing when you are in the potty.
maybe you'll fall in line with your big sisters and get this potty thing down pretty soon..?

you continue to love to help mom and dad.
..THE biggest helper ever.
you absolutely love to feed and water the dogs.  
place the dog bowl.  open the dog food tub.  fill the cup. dump the cup.
every morning.
every evening. 
your dad is (still) your hero. 
..you absolutely love nothing more than to spend every moment of your day tagging along with him.
and let no one interrupt that special time!
..not even your mama.
you are one vibrant little chica..
..you, little girl, are enthusiastic about everything!! 
coloring and puzzles are your absolute favorite at the moment.  I mention the idea for either and before I have time to even make a step you are screaming "YEA!!" and running like a banshee through the house.
..straight to the kitchen table to get 'set up' for a major art show.
basically, anything your sisters are doing is right where you need/want to be.
coloring away, organizing the pencils or crayons and stacking the color papers.
..you find joy in all of it!
Favorite Foods: mac and cheese, goldfish crackers, egg tacos, bacon, mexican rice, tortilla, oatmeal, toast with peanut butter, english muffin with butter, guacamole, string cheese, chicken nuggets, smoothies, chicken nuggets, fish, granola bars.. yogurt, milk.  yogurt yogurt yogurt..and milk.  
all day long. water is another 'fav'
.. actually, you will drink anything I give you faster than I can keep up. 
you totally take after Jolie on that one.  
you also take after Jolie (and your mama) on the sleep front:
you are a rockstar sleeper.
..even when you don't feel well or are cutting teeth.
you typically nap nearly 3 hours during the day and sleep 13-14 hours at night.

I am thankful for the 'happy' you have about 97% of the time.
everyone always compliments how very happy you are..
because you just beam, girlfriend.
you love to sing when no-one is listening.
..and bee-bop when no one is watching.
the chatter that emerges from my backseat while we are in the car is the cutest ever.
mama is here to dance to your hums, shimmy to your favorite tunes (even if there aren't any), and will always have an ear to listen to your chatter.
seventeen/eighteen month photo dump



pregnancy essentials | second trimester

its hard to believe that my second trimester has come and gone in a flash!  is it going by as fast for everyone else as it is for me?  as I was making a short list of things that I simply "cannot live without" I went back and looked at my pregnancy favs from my pregnancy with Baker, which wasn't too long ago, and I coincidentally several of the exact same things on my list!
thankfully I haven't been completely consumed with discomfort aside from little random bouts of heartburn and definitely taking time to enjoy these last couple months growing baby boy!
here is my list of a few things that have made life easier over the last several weeks.
in the meantime, I always love to hear what works for fellow preggos and mamas that have experience with all this before me!  share away!
I included the exact links of these products below:)
1 // tarteist contour palette 
randomly, I included a similar tart palette on my second trimester favorites two years ago.. and honestly I still have NO idea how to contour.  none.  okay, so after taking Jenna's private makeup class (which was SUCH a fun girls night out and so helpful, btw) I have somewhat of a better idea of what I'm doing, but lets just say my first couple times of trying the palette out have been a disaster.  BUT I'm learning as I go!  Kate's blog for tips are always helpful and found couple of youtube videos that seemed legit enough and worth my time to watch.. and liked this article the best, but still I am at a loss with what exactly contouring is. what I do know is that the highlighter(s) of this palette brightens the darkness around my eye area and cheekbones, as well as hide the 'pregnancy mask' that has seem to show up once again this time in pregnancy.. its not as raging as it was before and I can promise its because I'm not out in the summer sun every day like I was with Baker.  
2 // all about the comfy tee
sounding like a broken record for the third pregnancy in a row.. because h o w many times have I mentioned my love of the comfy tee- but now more than ever I am really appreciating it.  the entire gap pure body line is my favorite and has continued to do its part in fitting the growing bump well throughout this entire pregnancy.  I will say, I am carrying hm 100% different than I carried my girls- he's really low and all out in front.. and my normal pre pregnancy size still fits me like a glove, and is basically the only thing that I am comfortable in right now.  all of my favorite unisex tees I wore throughout my pregnancy with Baker have failed to cover the bump as I've gotten into my third trimester with this boy!
3 // the wireless + seamless
since becoming pregnant with the twins, and then breastfeeding them for 13 months (see also demolishing my boobs) it is rare, and I mean RARE that I go without a bra.  I definitely have been wearing the Cake nursing bras I swooned over last go round with pregnancy and breastfeeding, but this time I have also just stuck to the basic t-shirt bras and pullover seamless options, too.. also from gap.
4 // full coverage
confession: I am not a huge fan of underwear.  I hate thongs and the cheekie versions of said thongs.. and full on granny panties are SO annoying.  so I go without.  all the time.  but when I'm pregnant I need underwear, so I'm forced into wearing it and I've found awesome comfort in full coverage bikinis.
5 // maternity support wear
I discovered blanqi maternity late in the game with Baker, so this time around I was very interested in investing in some great support and comfortable wear for this pregnancy.  and OMG, talk about support.  these are the best leggings I have ever worn and I definitely wear them OUT.  I have a couple of their tank tops as well and when wearing them together it gives sort of a compression support which can be so helpful with back and neck discomfort.  I also have a pair of their nursing support leggings in my hospital bag "pile" of things waiting to be stuffed in a bag before heading to the hospital for delivery. 
6 // heavy cream
I have had a serious case of itchy belly from all the stretching its had to do over the last couple months.  I am one of the lucky ones and don't get stretch marks- even after housing a set of twins. honestly its one of those things that you either get or you don't. its 100% genetic and no stretch cream or coconut oil can help in preventing it.  my mama didn't get them, so neither have I!  BUT, those stretch creams and oils can totally help in keeping your belly smooth and itch-free.  heavy creams with shea butter have been my BFF.
7 // tums
hello, heartburn.  you have, once again, completely cramped my style these last couple months.  I have been popping Tums a couple times a day and they do the trick to hold back the burn.   I carry them in my purse and diaper bag these days in fear of being miserable while out and about. nothing wrong with that!
8 // a little extra boost
I totally spaced on my dietitian brain and have been taking my prenatal and my additional calcium supplement at the same time.. a SUPER common food-drug interaction as a result of this is anemia because calcium 100% blocks the absorption of iron in the blood.  I have been doing this since the beginning of my pregnancy without even thinking twice about it and its finally caught up with me.  I've been feeling lightheaded and dizzy when going from sitting to standing too quickly and after a routine blood panel workup at my 26 week check up it showed I was anemic.  the moment they told me that it was like **forehead slap**.  just a little nutrition biochemistry for anyone, not just if you are pregnant.. take your multivitamin and calcium supplement at least 2 hours apart from each other.  so, now, I am taking an iron supplement in addition to my prenatal before I go to bed and my calcium first thing in the morning:)


a little bit of brady | maternity shoot

this past weekend Jordan and I met Brittany at the Clear Creek Heritage Park for some intimate photos to celebrate our baby boy!  maternity photos weren't something I was sure about this time around.. it being my third pregnancy and fourth baby. but that said, he's my last baby.  the perfect caboose to our girl train. 
I know I keep saying it, but I literally cannot contain how excited I am to meet this baby boy.
what color is his hair?
what does his nose and precious profile look like?
does he favor his daddy or does he favor his mama? 
..and basically kiss his little cheeks off.
I'm walking into 30 weeks and we are in the single digit countdown if this boy follows suit of his sisters before him.
I'm so glad to have these photos to cherish.  they turned out perfect.
and Jordan is wearing a cardigan, so.. theres that (heart eyes!)
it was 34 degrees and SO cold, but there was no wind at all and the sun was shining.. oh who am I kidding, it was so freaking cold.  we were drinking coffee in attempts to stay warm, but by mid-shoot the hot coffee was definitely iced:)  Brady was dancing in my belly and right as my belly touched Jordan's he kicked as hard as his little legs could kick- we busted out laughing so hard about it!

it "snowed" here in Dallas the day before and the flurries were still sprinkled throughout the woods.

goodness.  if Brady is half as cute as his daddy we are going to be in such big trouble.
also, lets all tell Jordan how good he looks in a cardigan, shall we?

after coming up with a variety of ideas for this photoshoot, we ultimately decided that the smoke effect we had seen on Pinterest and social media would be SO cool.  Britt researched what we needed to buy in hopes to get that amazing plume effect and we were all set!

okay, not quite the look we had ultimately hoped for.  
as the smoke surrounded me I was dying laughing and then choking and then laugh-choking.  all I could think about was "stop, drop, and roll", but you know, rolling isn't exactly what I am capable of doing right now.. I have a rather large mass protruding from my mid-section.  and there was no fire, folks just to make that clear!  just a lot of smoke.
Jordan tripped and fell at some point while trying to move the smoke around but.. yea I never saw that.
as the smoke began to clear it kind of hung in the cool air making it look like the most amazing fog in the break of the early morning.

a way cooler effect than plumes of smoke, right?
oh, and had to represent the slippers and thermal socks I wore under my skirt.  
hey!  my toes were the only thing NOT frozen, thats for sure.
for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 
Psalm 139:13-14
photography by: b faith photography
hair // the dry bar
sweater // forever 21 
skirt  //  tara lynn's boutique
smoke  effect // amazon
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