Wednesday, March 4, 2015

20 weeks + baby update

banner / little dovie 
sleeveless cardigan / groopdealz
pants c/o destination maternity  

How far along? 20 weeks 
Total weight gain: Still standing strong at just 7 pounds.  I was surprised to see the scale had not moved at my 20 week appointment yesterday, even after having drank 2 bottles of water + coffee ad a bowl of fruit.  I should have had some kind of water gain there somewhere.  The belly is definitely not laking in growth, thats for sure.
Maternity clothes? Um, yes. I can still wear some of my flowy blouses that I invested in post twin belly, but for the most part everything is maternity - especially PANTS.  Ive been living in leggings (favorites HERE + HERE) for several weeks (months?), and I'm partially thankful for the remaining cooler weather.  The other part of me looks at my bright spring/summer maternity clothes and can't wait to wear them more often.
Sleep:  Fantastic. There is not other word to describe bed time.  Most of me wants to crawl right into bed right after the girls go down between 7:30p-8pm.  But most often I go for cereal or popcorn in front of Chopped to wind down before hitting the pillow.
Best moment this week: Lots of things have been going on n this last week.  It is the sweetest feeling to have others celebrate your baby belly with you. That feeling will never get old.  I am not one of those ladies that get all weird about having someone touch their belly.  Touch away my friends.. or strangers.  I am proud of it!  BUT- above all, the greatest moment this week was not only celebrating Jordan's 33rd birthday, but we got to see our baby girl on the same day!  I wish for a sonogram every single day week, just so I can see her precious face, fingers, toes, and mannerisms in the womb.
Worst Moment this week:  Emotions continue to run high for me, so tears come really easy.  I can't pinpoint just one thing that hit me right on the cord for tears that was the absolute worst..       
Miss Anything? This week I've been feeling fabulous, and I cannot say that I miss anything in particular related to pregnancy vs. no-pregnancy.  Oh.   I know - sushi.  give me all the raw fish.  All of it.         
Cravings: Sushi (see above).  Dry cereal has become a regular snack, but cannot say that its a true craving.  Sandwiches (I legit think about Subway during meetings.. doesn't matter what time of day it is..) and big fat salads.  With fried chicken.  Because grilled chicken is weird to me still, so if I cannot see it (ahem.. its coated in breading..) then it doesn't bother me. Dietitian of the Year.
Symptoms: Congestion.  I blow my nose about 47 times a day.  I'm up a couple times a night to use the bathroom (and blow my nose).  HBS (heavy belly syndrome << not a real thing..)  I watched a video that Jordan's mom had on her phone the other night of me and Jordan the night before we went in for the Csection with the girls - I was HUGE.  THAT was heavy belly syndrome.  I'm still really tired most of the time.  I could nap anywhere + anytime. This pregnancy is SO different on that aspect versus my pregnancy with the twins.  It is amazing what a busy day will do to my energy and brain power.  I slow down really easily.      
Looking forward to:  We've started ordering and organizing things for her nursery!  It is going to be precious:)  Vintage French with Rose, White, and touches of Gold.  The barn wood plank wall is scheduled to go up in a couple weeks, and we are in the process of getting things ordered and ideas put into place.  I will be sharing more on our nursery inspiration + pictures in the coming weeks!  All this is so exciting.


We are officially 20 weeks (+2 days) and with that comes the b i g growth/anatomy scan that happens anywhere from 18-20 weeks gestation.  We have been waiting for another sonogram for what seems like forever!  I am so impatient. 
Dixie (the sonographer) confirmed that she is actually a SHE.  Our perinatoligist has an excellent track record for gender determination in the early weeks of pregnancy (12 weeks + 5 days for this baby, right at 13 weeks with Parker and Jolie), and she wouldn't provide what she thought she found unless she was 98% positive thats what she was looking at, so we felt confident in what she found during the first trimester screening.  But still.. I was sort of holding my breath until Dixie made her way around to baby girl's femur to measure:)
We saw our littlest move like a crazy baby in my belly- she was evening bumping the scanning probe, making our sonogropher laugh out loud.  Jordan sneezed at one point and startled every one in the room, including that tiny thing in my belly.  In the 45 minutes we spent in awe of her sweetness, we got to see her hiccup, roll, play with and eventually suck her fingers, and my all time favorite was watching her yawn SO big.  I couldn't believe what I can just seen. 
Dixie got great measurements of baby girl - she is measuring a week ahead at 21 weeks +1 day.  Being a twin mom and having a previous experience with placenta declination (Jolie @ 34 weeks stopped growing as rapidly as she should have been due to placenta decline - at one point she was 2 weeks smaller than Parker) and working so much about making sure my babies were growing and thriving, I was basically dancing on the table to hear she was bigger than expected.  I'll take that any day over the other option of her being smaller!
She has a healthy heart, healthy, formed limbs, and a full connection between her lips and her nose (meaning no visible signs of cleft lip).  Looking back at Parker and Jolie's sonogram pictures, our littlest sister definitely has Parker's nose and round cheeks (first thing out of friends and family's mouth when we shared the sono with them), and Jolie's petite profile.  Jolie's chin was dropped while Parker's chin was more predominate.. and this baby girl has the dropped chin like Jo Grace.
Mama has a strong cervix at this point, but I have been feeling some tightness in my lower belly (similar to Braxton Hicks) and so I was advised to limit my work around the house and carrying my 28 pound toddlers around.  My OB isn't worried at all whatsoever, because when I feel my belly during this (internal) tightness, it isn't tight like what I feel with a true contraction or Braxton Hicks, so all is well. They will start scanning me more often around 24 weeks (yippee!) to check on baby girl and to measure my cervix more accurately due to my history of a weak cervix with the twins.  We are all hoping that it was the fact that I had two babies in my belly causing preterm labor.  
All and all, everything is looking 'perfect'.  It was an amazing day and we are so thankful for our healthy baby girl!          


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

33 years of happy birthday to you

this sweet guy of mine.  today we are celebrating 33 years of his life, and how lucky am I that I get to celebrate with him?  I spent the evening last night going through the last 13 years of pictures, laughter, friendship, and tears we have together, and seeing that I did the whole walk down memory lane for our 9th anniversary.. I'll just do a (short) recap of the last 3 years (seeing that 3 0 is a pretty huge milestone.. )
so much has changed in the last three years of this life of ours.
we moved.
we grew .
we learned.
we added two of the sweetest babies on the planet.
we moved (again) into a house to call home and to welcome those baby girls into.
we celebrated monstrously cool milestones together as parents.  

30 years
new daddy
love from the very first moment he laid eyes on them
31 years
 sweet teeny babies and their favorite guy in the world
celebrating holidays and milestones
never missing a single one with his baby girls

 girl dad for life
you are my person.  happy birthday, my love, my hero, my everything.


Monday, March 2, 2015

|chilly| weekend happenings

f r i d a y 
After a week of down pouring snow and freezing rain + icy road conditions, friday morning arrived with snow again. Thankfully most every friday I work form home, so, I was tucked inside while the snow literally down poured for hours, but watching the news and reading work emails go back and forth made me so much more thankful for that.  
here in the south we literally have zero preparation for conditions like this.  we don't plow our roads (nor do we have the man power to staff them on a regular basis) and the weather swings are so inconsistent that our roads remain wet when its been 'snowing', and if it happens to hit freezing we have 2+ inches of ice under the texas snow. 
I texted my new york friend a picture of the powdery white beauty that was my backyard and she replied "is everything shut down yet?"
just about..
in this second snow fall of the week, the white stuff actually stuck to the ground, so after the complaints of 'its coooooowwd (cold)' from the twin babies, they finally loosened up to touch, play, and feel snow for the 'first time'.  
 they loved it!
 ..yes we stil have the paci.  and yes we are making progress towards removing it from our lives permanently.  We are tentatively planning for a day during the last week in march to take miss Parker out with just mom and dad to celebrate her giving up the paci.  I'll most definitely have the recap of that experience when it happens, but for now.. they're still bffs.     

 the sweetest excitement coming out of their mouths.  i was freezing my tail off, but so glad they were having so much fun. 

pom hat / sweet eloise designs // vest / old navy // jammies / hanna andersson 
 snow fell here in our area from 8am through to about 5pm.  nonstop.  it was so gorgeous!  I was in complete awe.  my girlfriends and i shared our family 'snow' pictures back and forth throughout the day.. i loved every second of watching this snow come down (from the warmth of my home, of course).
 after our 11 minutes of snow adventures, it was back inside for popcorn and movie marathons.  these two could watch disney movies all day if i let them.. probably their more favorite thing to do is snuggle and watch a good movie with all their friends.
do you notice puppy's makeover?  
Parker has judgement of this said makeover all over her face.  
Jolie, however, ant removed the tutu since friday.
..and his new name is "Papi'
not joking.
 s a t u r d a y
Jordan's birthday is this week (tomorrow- march 3rd) so we made plans with his parents and some of their closest friends, tim and teresa (who have become more or less like another set of grandparents to the girls..we adore them)
the 'plan' was to attend the saturday night services at the village and then head back to bb & papa's house for pizza and birthday dessert.
icy road condition forced cancellation of the saturday night services and activities at the church, so we got comfy and loaded up for just dinner at the massey's.
bb has all kinds of dollar store goodies for the girls to play with when they come over - something new nearly every time they visit.
this doctor kit was a huge hit on saturday night.  Jolie and Parker spend the night's entirety checking everyone's hearts and cutting stitches.
i appreciate harry (potter's) thoroughness.

 after birthday pizza came birthday banana pudding. 
3 candles for 33 years. 
having two little girls to assist makes celebrating another year that much more wonderful.
 into our jammies to get ready to head home, but not before Jo, Grace takes her papa's vitals.
 s u n d a y
jordan and i made the trip to our old church- the church jordan grew up in, and the first church i attended after accepting jesus when I was 15 years old.  jordan's parents still attend this church, actually.
our old youth pastor, todd gaston, was visiting from his church in vermont to lead worship and service for his old church, and everyone was excited to see him.  the place was filled with members of the youth from 10+ years ago. walking into that place was like stepping into a time machine for all of us, but there is something about a small church that just makes you feel welcome.
we knew and hugged the necks of almost everyone that walked through the doors.  
..and of course- those old friends and parents getting to actually meet Parker and Jolie in person was a  treat for everyone.
 after church, it was back home for lunch and nap time.. for the entire house.
we dropped the girls with bb after nap and headed out to meet our home group for some top golf fun and dinner on a sunday evening.  about once a month we meet up out side of our weekly group connections and bible study to just be social.  
it was just about 39 degrees outside, but the heaters and swinging golf clubs made for plenty of warmth through the afternoon and into the evening. 
 these girls.
i love doing life with them.
top (left to right): meredith, jackie, angela
bottom (left to right): polly, victoria, & me
missing: anna, karen, and cheryl
 our dudes
top (left to right): chris (jackie), greg (meredith), jordan (me!)
bottom (left to right): tyler (polly), ben (victoria), and chris (angela)
tons of stuff to be thankful for, all in one weekend's time.  it is amazing how much can happen in the short three days that make up a weekend.. 
this is the start of a new week.
a busy week (per the usual), but getting to spend some quality time with my people and to recharge over the weekend makes for a great start to the week.  
we are spending the day as a family tomorrow- even baby girl will get to make an appearance at our 20 week anatomy scan.  we have been w a i t i n g so long to see her little nose and perfect baby cheeks, and seeing them on his birthday has jordan that much more excited.
happy monday!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Texas Snow | 2015

Typical Texas weather. 
Texas is weather is somewhere between bi-polar and just plain crazy, if you ask me. For the last couple weeks we spent the glorious weather days outside - t-shirts and leggings.. the girls may or may not have even worn pants some days.  I thought- this is what summer is going to look like.  Spring was arriving after a pretty mild winter.  I am one that relies on my weather app to tell me what to expect, and being that I actually hadn't really looked at it for awhile, I really didn't know of the 'ice storm' that was upon us until we walked out of church on Sunday morning to blistering cold, wind, and freezing rain.  And boy, did it rain.  The entire afternoon. 
Every year for pretty much the last 10 years it has snowed in February or March - so this came as no surprise.  I really thought we were going to get away without being 'iced in' this winter.. last winter we were stuck in the house for over a week due to the weather conditions. Sunday night the freezing rain froze to ice with temperatures that didn't get above 25 degrees, keeping us four home by the fire for the day's entirety.  I was okay with that.
Day 2.. the conditions didn't get that much better.  So, I was home again while Jordan made it into work safely.  Day 3 - well, day three brought us snow.  About 15 minutes of big, beautiful snowflakes.  
At 7:30am I brought out shoes and Parker and Jolie's puffy parka vests (I thought for sure we would need this winter) in talks of going outside to "play in the snow".  
The eye roll and chuckle followed, because Jordan knew the photo request was coming.

But c'mon.  I'll take a little ice and eye rolls for memories like these.

I waited out the traffic and accidents - because it was pure insanity on the roads between the hours of 7am-9am.  It started snowing right at the start of 'traffic time' and people usually freak out when weather changes like that.  So, I took the advice of our school districts and went into work a little late.
By the time I pulled out of the driveway, there was no 'snow'.  Any remaining ice was completely melted, and the sun was shining.  By the afternoon it was warm enough for me to pull off my sweater for the drive home.

We live in a place where you basically turn the heat on in the mornings and then completely switch to A/C in the afternoon.
There you have it folks, the Texas Snow of 2015.   


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lily + Sam{s}

I've never put a lot of thought or effort into a diaper bag.  I wanted the Vera Bradley diaper bag from the very beginning - not even thinking about its ability to hold everything I could possibly need while toting two very new babies/infants around.  As they got a little older, it was easier to carry less and less, and then they hit the potty training stage of life, so.. that was life changing.  
Two sets of clothing, extra panties, hand sanitizer, + sippy cups and every snack you can think that a toddler's brain could desire, because I, for one, have not mastered the whole reading of the mind tricks, yet.
I first met the owner + creator of Lily Jade at The Hundred Event last August and I was completely intrigued by their mentality of the diaper bag.  WHY does it have to be difficult and why does it have to consist of sixty seven bags?  I honestly have gone through several bags trying to make the transition from 'twin mom' to 'working mom' (..ah, reminiscing of the entire 13 months of my life carrying the pumping tote around with me - on vacation to Mexico.. that was fun) to 'going out on a date with my husband' mom.

The trouble I have is that I need a bag that easily transitions from all of the above 'mom' hats I carry in my back pocket.  When I am away, the girls most often are with there daddy or with their BB, so it made it hard to even attempt to carry or be organized in just one bag - they needed something to carry the girls' things if they went somewhere with them.  Not to mention the fact that my work things never could fit in addition to the toddler things I needed to carry around.
     Enter Lily Jade.  My lifesaver in this area of stress.  It really had started to become an area of stress because I actually thought I was doomed to be carrying 11 different bags at any given time for the next years of my life.  With Baby Three on the way, I can't even image trying to fit all her infant things + toddler things into one bag.
Problem solved.  
Plus.. isn't she just gorgeous?
Just a little description of these diaper bags for those have have never had the pleasure of getting to feel, see, use one in real life:
Each bag comes with a detachable 'Baby Bag'.  The Baby Bag snaps in and has about a bazillion pockets and zippers and perfect places to keep all your diaper bag needs.  It does come with a changing pad (as pictured), and while right now I don't need that, I will pretty soon. Even with the changing pad in the bag, there is still plenty of room to hold everything else.
Whats even better is that this detachable Baby Bag can be removed, washed, and replaced without worry about getting your leather handbag a mess.  PLUS, the ease of moving the organizer of the entire bag to drop down into another bag is absolutely the most connivence I've had in about 2 years.  
The ease of transition to working mom is done in a snap - literally. 
 Traveling with toddlers, for even the smallest of errands, takes a lot of work.  We spend a lot of time at the grocery store + Sam's + Costco. I confess to making a trip nearly every week to 10 days.
Pictures I share on the blog and social media can make it seem like its all unicorns and roses, but really, I can confidently confess to the occasional thought in my head of straight up abandoning the Target cart in embarrassment because of my demanding, screaming, hair pulling, cat fighting toddlers. Not even Frozen on the iPhone can do the trick on trips like that.
Time out is warranted in more ways then one when that sort of behavior thing happens.
 ONE thing is for sure.  I am most successful in errand-running with Parker and Jolie when I am organized.
Can you tell which one of them started this Sam's run with a talking-to and time out?  
I'll give you just one guess.  #fridgeface
 THE best things about Sam's/Costco (yes we have both memberships, and yes we use both of them equally as often) is the snacks.  As terrible as the Saturday/Sunday crowds and check out lines can be, they have the best snacks during that time and can more of less feed these two lunch during our 45 minutes spend shopping in the bulk aisles for chicken nuggets, strawberries, and paper towels. 
 If the snacks that day are just okay.. I have a buffet of options in my Lily Jade.
Parker had just scarfed a buffalo chicken wing and decided after he fact that it was too spicy and needed a drink.  Which is why she is chugging her water/grape Crystal Light mix in the next, well, all of the pictures.  
 The Madeline has not only shoulder straps that actually stay on my shoulders, but an option to make it a 'backpack' style bag to carry when, perhaps, I need to carry two babies on my hips.

 hello, bump.

While there are several bags to choose from, I chose the Madeline simply because it is the most feasible for carrying it as a true diaper bag AND as a work bag (future post to come!).  

It literally is a never ending pit of space.. but in a good way.  I have never been a 'bag' person in my entire life, but working with Lily just might do the trick.    

madeline in brandy c/o lily jade
sippy cups c/o nuby
sparkle bows c/o shelby chic boutique 
poncho / camden & kate
jeggings / target 
moccs / hello moccs
cardian / banana republic (old)
maternity jeans c/o motherhood maternity 
wedge booties / blowfish (similar)


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