five on friday

one. fabfitfun summer box
I got my first FabFitFun box in the mail this week!  I had seen these super cute boxes land on the doorsteps of a handful of celeb peeps I follow and I was so excited to try it out! fabfitfun is a subscription box company that offers full sized lifestyle, fitness and beauty products- which is totally up my alley right now!  when I tore into this month's summer box I was so excited for every little thing!  I used the yoga towel today at workout and because the humidity my mat gets slippery so the towel was perfect to lay on!  the beach bag is AMAZING and huge.  perfect for toting 4 different kinds of sunscreen and about eleven barbies to the pool.  beach waves spray + osea moisturizer, full bod scrub!  
my favorite in the box?  the betchsicles:)
use code AMBERM for $10 off your first box!
 two. girls night
its been awhile since having a girls night. this one was impromptu and last minute and worth every chip I stuffed into my mouth.
sangria swirl for the win!
 three. summer DIY with the littles
Jordan did his first DIY projects with his tiny helpers.  it wasn't a complete disaster and there were only three meltdowns during the process.  I've never met a more patient man in my life.
these bird houses are darling and I love looking out into my yard to see them hanging from the trees.
 four. camp gladiator 
today marks the end of endurance week!  I just started my second camp and I am LOVING it (again).  the workouts are always different, so I'm constantly motivated to get up and get moving before my house wakes.  I actually realized this week that I need to bump up my weights because I've gotten that much stronger!  I have been using 8lb dumbbells (Jordan snarks and chuckles..) and my trainer this week told me I needed to ramp it up!  yes!  
as much as I HATE my alarm going off at 4:30am, when I am home after working out and have an hour and half or so to get done whatever I want/need to do it starts my day off so much brighter! not to mention, I'm getting strong!
see my camp gladiator progress after my first camp HERE
working out has gotten me motivated for cuuuute workout clothes!  while I often shop at like tjmaxx or target..and academy's bcg brand is probably my top go-to for east and cheap, but its nice to splurge sometimes on clothes that make you feel good, right?  I'm obsessed with the lattice crop leggings and the extra long tanks.  I usually will tend to size up so I can get the looser fit and longer length.

 five. summer nights.
this week the humidity has been completely tolerable and we've been able to spend sometime outside in the evenings without feeling like we were going to suffocate.  this time of year, when its light outside much later than any other time of year, is probably among my favorite time- okay outside of christmas, because you know.. Santa and Jesus:) but I love this time and appreciate it even more so now with kiddos.  Parker and Jolie were running around in the backyard in their little mermaid panties and eating popsicles at 9pm after coming back from swimming their little hearts out for four hours into the late evening.  we've not been eating dinner until closer to 7-730pm because we just don't want to come inside!
its fourth of july weekend!  any big plans?!  we don't have a ton going, but we will without a doubt be eating good food and laying by the pool!  annnnd probably hit up the fireworks:)
what are you making for your backyard BBQ?  I found these recipes surfing pinterest for inspo that look just delicious!

parmesan garlic grilled corn
firecracker hot dogs
patriotic popcorn
the best baked beans
baked BLT dip
mac + cheese cupcakes (WHAT!)

have a festive + safe weekend, ya'll!! 


summer fun | birdhouse DIY

after our really fun experience with baby birds over the last couple weeks- which by the way on Sunday morning we were all sitting at the breakfast table and we happened to be in the right place at the right time because those sweet babies hopped out of the 5-gallon bucket their nest was in and took their first flight!  the mama bird was coaxing and encouraging the entire time from the patio table and it was just the coolest thing I have ever seen!  I couldn't get to my phone fast enough to snap a picture from the window.. and I wasn't about to get out on the patio to get in the middle of it all, but a fun sight for the girls to see and thats memories enough for me.  
Jordan has been pinning summer projects to do with the big girls since they are at the most amazing age and are the biggest helpers these days and number one on his list was a bird house.. err, houses.  I wont fool you into thinking we did this all on our own.. well, let me rephrase- JORDAN didn't do this on his own accord, but what is pinterest for, anyway?  we found these plans and they seemed easy enough, and cheap enough to build these sweet little houses for the birdies in our yard all with Parker  and Jolie's helping little hands. plus, she gleaned the plans from Ana White, and Jordan is a BIG Ana White fan.  while these wont boast to be the most beautiful and articulate, they are darn cute hanging in the trees in our backyard.  
Jordan did the handy work and cut the wood with a miter saw from cedar boards, and then used gorilla glue to hold the boards in place before using the nail gun to secure.

I was impressed at how quickly they came together and how cute they were!  remember, I am the furthest thing from a DIY'er, so my level of time expectation for these kind of things are incredibly high. he basically cut + glued+ nailed in like less than 2 hours.  
2 hours with little hands right there along the way to 'help'.
pretty good! 

Jordan stained the tops of the houses- protecting them from the weather, but also because it looked really good AND we had some left over stain from when he and his dad did the stain on our outdoor living area.  

last weekend while Jolie and I took Baker to make a grocery run, Parker went with her dad to get the supplies for these houses.  which also means she picked the colors for paint!  Jordan made sure to choose a water-based latex paint- safe for the birds and the babes.  we just painted the outside of the houses, so the inside is still raw cedar wood.  safety again for the birds and their babies!

naturally there was coral.  purple, and yellow.  Jordan kept calling it red and Parker kept correcting him that it was PINK and ya'll its really coral, if we are being picky.  purple for Jo- by far her favorite color. and yellow for baby Baker Bree.

such a FUN and easy way to DIY with your kids!  Parker + Jolie have been talking about the birds since we hung these houses in the trees.  I cant wait to watch and see how these houses are used for the rest of the season.  I know these wont be the last birdhouses we build. Jordan is already talking about the other kinds of birdhouses that we need to build to attract this bird and that bird.. 
you know what kind of bird I actually want?  
but thats for another blog post. 


baker bree | first birthday wishlist

oh my goodness.  we are in countdown mode!  our sweet girl is turning ONE in a little over 2 weeks and how in the world do I explain how fast this year has gone?!   I am loving every minute of her little growing self and cannot wait to celebrate her in a BIG way! showering her with stuff isn't what is important on her birthday, but it totally makes it that much more fun:)
its all about you Baker girl!

for my snuggle bunny // chloe the bunny is just the sweetest and softest bunny EVER!  I got this precious bunny for Baker as our gift to her from her mama and daddy.  not only is this doll uber cute, the story behind this company is amazing.  cuddle + kind is a company started simply because they wanted to make a difference.  with each doll they sell, cuddle+kind donates 10 meals to children in need through their giving partners.  each hand kit doll is made in Peru by artisans from locally grown cotton and provides women with sustainable fair-trade income.  they have donated over 200,000 meals in just over 6 months!  they have a goal of one million meals in one year and I am so excited to be apart of it!

developing her fine motor skills // we have a TON of hand me down toys from the big sister girls.  we kept nearly everything, so there isn't a lot of toys I can think of to 'need' but its amazing how much times and toys have changed in just a couple years!  looking for anything to develop her fine motor skills that seem to be thriving at this age.  she shakes nearly everything that she picks up to see if makes noise which is why the parum pum pum drum would be such a fun toy for her to play with- and I can guarantee her sisters will be playing with it, too!  she also is really into stacking and fitting toys into like spaces, so the shape sorter pull toy and the animal nesting blocks would be right up her tiny alley-o-fun.  she digs the phone and loves to have you talk, too..and while we have about a million options for pay telephones, the skip hop owl phone would be something new and fun for her to enjoy.  the little people noah's ark is something I get for every little friend that has turned a year old.  I also can appreciate that this toy doesn't sing, make noise, light up..require batteries! 

baby in style // Baker specifically requested these precious outfits (obviously).  while I am a huge advocate of the moccasin and we wear them often, my favorite shoe for the big girls has always been TOMS and when I put Baker in her first pair of tiny TOMS , I just about died!  I love them! I have also heard awesome things about native shoes, and got a couple of hand me downs from cousin Kendall, but with Baker being such a busy body these days she definitely needs to be in shoes when we go out.  old navy is basically killing it with their spring and summer collection.  I want everything!  this two piece is screaming to my boho heart + and this bubble denim romper is precious to the bone + give me every floral dress on the rack.


photo every hour | lake life



five on friday

one. baker bree.
we are in official countdown mode to Baker's first birthday and we had her birthday photoshoot this week.  you never know how things like this will go.  I mean, I don't mind outfit changes and CAKE, but my 11 month old might be singing a different tune.  but alas- she did so good! being her happy little self through the entire thing- sweet as can be.  I cannot believe how fast this year went!  and while I wish her to stay little, says every mama, I love every new stage with her.  
she just keeps getting better!
 two. twin cuddles.
these two.  they have been SO lovey lately with one another.  their bond has always been great, but lately its like they don't want to be apart at all.  they have only slept together a handful of times- mainly because they are both dramatic sleepers.. I cant tell you how many times I have picked up Jolie off the floor in the middle of the night!  one night this week I took a peek in on them before I went to bed and here they were.  my heart!  I just cant. 
 three. babies!!
we have a large tv hanging in our outdoor living area and a few months back we noticed a bird making a nest behind it. well, this week that nest fell.  when we came upon it there were five tiny birds snuggles together- they didnt even have feathers yet!  of course I freaked out about touching/messing with it because I definitely wanted to mother to return, but Jordan had a grand plan.  he moved the nest, fully intact to a 5 gallon bucket.. laid it on its side and strapped it to a table thats sitting up against our dinette window.  I was distraught thinking there was no way the mama bird was going to find it, but sure enough she's been back and forth all day long since we moved it.  I can hear her now chirping away in that bucket with her babies.
how sweet are they?!  
 four. homemade ice cream!
one of Jordan's favorite FAVORITE things to do during the summer is make homemade ice cream.  we bought a $20 maker from walmart years ago and make it nearly every weekend through August. this weekend we broke out the maker and made cookies and cream!  we got the recipe from Jordan's aunt Veeca, but you can find recipes all over pinterest, I'm sure!
this time we made cookie and cream, but we mix and match and have made butterfinger, strawberry, real vanilla bean, peach, banana- nearly any fruit and candy.  you name it!
its so rich and basically soupy in the 100+ degree weather, but its perfect if we let it sit in the freezer for an hour or two before serving.. if we cant wait that long sometimes that means we are making milkshakes and eating with straws:)   
 Cookies + Cream Ice Cream
    (1.5gal container)
-6 eggs
-4 cups sugar
-3/4 teaspoon salt
-1-2 tablespoons vanilla 
-large heavy whipping cream
-half & half (or whole milk)
-double stuffed oreos
   beat eggs seperately in a large bowl, preferably with a pour spout. after beating eggs, slowly add sugar as you continue to use mixer. then add salt, vanilla, and whipping cream. add enough half & half (or whole milk) to fill up the ice cream container. after mixing, pour into maker container. put on lid and cover with rock salt and ice. After about 20-25 minutes of running time, add the chopped/crushed oreos into ice cream!   

a few things to note.. I put the crushed Oreos into the freezer prior to them going in. we have a one gallon maker so I reduce recipe accordingly! 

five. snapchat.  
I have no idea what I am doing but I made the leap and got myself an account.  
follow along pbjbabes!  I'm still getting used to the whole thing, and half the time I'm confused but I think I am figuring it out. 
snapchat is worth it enough for the filters anyway- ha!  can my eyes always look this dreamy?! the twins have been dying over the fun face filters and we have cracked up to tears with all the silly faces.
on a completely random note.. this mama bear tee is the SOFTEST I have ever worn.  I have been living in it for four days.  don't judge me- I am wearing the unisex small.
other fun things from this week.. 
don't forget to check out my special pricing for your own POGO pass!  
read about it HERE!  we have big plans with our passes this summer!
did you see my JORD watch giveaway?  the are offering $75 to one lucky reader, but everyone gets $20 for entering the giveaway, anyway!  check it out, HERE!
AND the winner of the r+f giveaway??  Lara Brown!  yippee!  read about my experience with r+f HERE

I meal planned this morning for this next week.. want to know what we are having?
monday // chicken + wild rice casserole + roasted green beans 
tuesday // slow cooker shredded beef sandwiches + apple slaw + roasted sweet potatoes
wednesday // egg tacos (scrambled + cheese + tomato salsa) + turkey bacon
thursday // chicken pesto kabobs + grilled zucchini + squash
friday // grilled filet + shrimp + roasted sweet potatoes + brussels sprouts

happy friday, peeps!! 
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