the update - PB+J babes

Well- I finally did it.  Made the change.  The switch.  The final update of our life since Miss Baker was born.  When we had decided on a name for Baker after finding out she was a 'she' I realized that there were no longer Three Ladies.  Announcing "its a girl" brought many congratulations and some questions about the blog.

what was I going to change it to?  
I couldn't believe how many comments and questions I got about this change.. I hadn't even thought about it yet and all of you guys had!  I sort of love that!

 Its been a running joke since the twins were tiny that our next baby should be named with a 'b' so we could complete the PB+J (sandwich, if you will..) - but lets be real.  It wasn't the reason we chose her name.  Jordan put her name in his top 3 names.. and it stuck.
My names weren't even close to starting with a 'b'

All that being said, I knew once we decided on her name and I wanted to make a few changes to the blog- I was going to do a play on those initials.  
After all, these sweet little girls were my babes.
PB+J babes.
Content will stay the same and the blog URL remains as its always been.. All with just a little face lift.
Shout out to Aubrey for being so awesome to work with and successfully making my design in mind come to life!  I usually only have to tell her a few details and her creative brain runs with it.  It is rare that I ever make any changes after her initial inspiration board is sent to me. I have zero ability to do what she does, but I am so thankful for her time spent on making my blog exactly how I want it to be.
I've been working with Aubrey for almost 3 years now, and she's done everything from adding a pinterest hover button over my blog photos or updating the side bar pictures..
She's worth it, ya'll!  

Head over to Aubrey's design page and check out her custom blog package and logo design options.  If you are interested, email her to get started and mention in your email "PBJbabes" for $20 off! Offer valid for one week (through October 16th).  If you were on the fence about starting a blog and looking for someone to design it, she's your gal and this 'coupon' just might push you over the edge to do it.

Don't forget.. today is the last day to enter the GHD giveaway (HERE)!


In Toddler News | Part 34

There are many part of me that says every month that I should stop these 'monthly' updates - because, we are at thirty-four months.  I am pretty sure I would give myself the side-eye if someone asked me how old they were and I nonchalantly said 34 months.
As the days go on I have found it increasingly difficult to keep up with everything you girls do and you are taking up so much of my time (and I love it!), but still..here I am again because again you both have changed so much in the last 30 days.  I want to be able to look back at this age and remember the little details.  You basically grow overnight these days- long legs and tiny little bodies and your ever-changing faces.

toddler t a l k s
You girls are constantly changing- I feel like your little brains are in overdrive to keep up with all those words you seem to have picked up on.  Your vocabulary has increased ten fold since staring school last month.. 
..and honestly it keeps your daddy and me in giggle fits because of it.
The things you girls say.. the talking never stops.  It amazes me hearing about what you know and the thoughts you have.  You tell me over and over about whatever seems to be on your mind at that moment, and that has to be my favorite part of all.  Getting to hear about it.
I love how you pronounce certain words.  Most of which are clear as day..and then some are completely wrong, but always consistent.  It often takes a few times before we can pick up what you mean by certain things you say, but it always includes the confused exchanges and smiles between your daddy and me.  We really love it.
You girls love pointing out the obvious, as if to get some sort of reassurance, as well as to make a joke.  You girls LOVE to make jokes!  'Dada SEEEELY (silly)'
While in the bathroom while out to lunch after church...  
"Mama, yuuu poop??   No.  I am not pooping, thank you Jolie.
While trying to climb into Jordan's truck and proving to be unsuccessful..
"I'm just too wittle."
Getting ready to give you a bath..
"mama - we need bubbles!"
Yawing at the dinner table..
"I tiurrrd (tired).  I need go BED.  Mama, yuuu tiurd?"
Looking for her Puppy..
"I just don't see it.  Mama, yuu see it?  I just don't.."
When putting on 'new' jammies after bath time..
"These jammies!  These are newwww"
When flipping through to find a movie while Parker was still napping..
"Ooo yea, Pony Tails! (My Little Pony)"
When Baker was fussing as I changed her diaper..
"Oh sweet gurrl.  Why yuu crying?"
"Mama, where her paci?  I need her paci!"
While saying goodnight.
"You are my mama.  and Jowee's mama. and Baker's mama.  and Dada's mama."
Watching me do my hair/makeup.. 
"Mama, yuu ready go, 20 minutes?"  
I must say '20 minutes'  a lot..  I've got a couple of little repeat birds and I cannot get enough of it.  
There is a whole lot of 'DIS MINE' these days.. heaven forbid we only have one of something that you two must share.  Parker leaned into Jolie the other night and said "Okay Jowee, yuu get two minits then it my turn."
Go ahead and work that out girls.  
school d a y s
You, sweet girls, are fast learners!  You have always been pretty good at identifying animals and shapes, but reciting what each animal says is totally new! You also recite letters and numbers through twenty! You love to run circles around the kitchen counting together as you run- and usually get caught up on the number 17.  Parker was playing around with her hands the other day and made the shape of a diamond by putting both hands together- "Look, mama!  A diamond!"
Okay.  I was so impressed.  Equally impressed with Miss Jolie Grace when she pointed out the pentagon shapes of the tile in the Target bathroom wall.  Not even at her eye level- these lined the top of the wall.  We sing together the songs you learn at school and hear on the television.  You also respond to prompts of your favorite shows.  The Team Umizumi theme song is in every corner of my dreams, but you two absolutely love love love that show - we have over 40 on the DVR and you all would watch every single one in a row if I let you sit in front of the television that long.
 You both love to read and will 'read' through books over and over again.  These 'big kids' are learning and absorbing at lightening speed.  
s l e e p
This is probably to most touchy subject at the moment.  I cannot couple them together in this one, mainly because it is just Parker having the hardest time going down for bed and staying asleep through the night.  I know I've mentioned this sleep drama for the last umpteenth update, but here we are again - still not sleeping.  Jolie does amazing and we've been rewarding her with praise for sleeping through the crazy 'up and down' that Parker is all night long.  I recently purchased the OK to Wake alarm clock and heres hoping that she figures it out and it works for us.  Obviously I know I am not alone in all this or else why would there be such an invention?  But it feels like an awfully lonely place as I am walking Parker back to her bed for the FOURTH time at 2am.  There was one night that she literally didn't go back to sleep after she woke at 1:34am.  I was a little bit of a zombie that next day.  I know it is not her bed.  I know it isn't the dark.  I know it isn't because she's hungry.. and I KNOW there is no consistency to any of this.  After talking to our pediatrician, its basically her age along with all these other life changes going on for her little heart to handle.  Completely rocking her world and apparently her sleep patterns.  Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? No.  Not yet, but I am looking hard for it:) 
sister l o v e 
Basically you all smother this little sister of yours with 'sugars' 24 hours a day.  It used to be me you would bed for his and kisses, and sometimes I am mistaken when asked for a 'sug' and then I'm completely denied as they lean in to Baker instead.  Well, okay then!  
Baker is completely infatuated with her older sisters and Parker and Jolie love it when she looks up at them both and smiles big and lets out a steal of delight.  
This sister bond among the three of them is already strong and I am so excited to have this little trio grow up together. 

photo d u m p 
silly Uncle J - sleepovers and snuggles with this guy are always the most fun!
feeding the fish and talking all about the animals at Bass Pro.
sweet Andrea!  We all love her.
Ice cream cones!  They ask for an ice cream cone about once a day.. 
Our first dinner at the fire house
Daddy found a baby snake in the yard while they were watering the plants-Parker and Jolie wanted to hold it and I vetoed this desire.   
Jo and Andrea
Jolie wears this crown from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed.  
She insists we leave it on even as I'm trying to get her into the bathtub!
I'll just need to wear my cowwn
..and Puppy and Wubby still go everywhere with us.
School continues to be at the top of their list.  Most days they ask if they are going to "play!" which means going to school:)
They can fight, fight, fight, and hate, hate, hate each other so much, but literally the love never fades.
Alright- so my babies are no longer babies anymore.  But it just keeps getting better!  
I am completely clueless when it comes to this motherhood thing,  but I think these three make it pretty darn amazing.    


Mama + Mini Style | Golden Hill Design + Giveaway

I am lucky.  Like WAY lucky.  I always appreciate (and love) the opportunity to share some pretty cool brands that I believe in, but when I get to be apart of the release of products for one of my favorite shops, I just get giddy with excitement. 
Excitement over clothes? Yes.  Duh.  I am a mother of toddlers and a baby that dress better than me most of the time.  So yes- excited over the clothes we get to wear.  
What I really get excited about (and truthfully humbled by) is the fact that these brands trust me to share and do justice to their hard work.  
For some of these small shops, its their livelihood - and I get to be apart of that.
Thats huge.  This is part of the reason why I absolutely believe in shopping small whenever I can.

Golden Hill Design is no stranger to this blog.  I had the privilege of working with these sweet ladies early in my pregnancy with Baker and have continued to support them (as they support me) in their new endeavor of growing a brand that has proven to be quiet amazing.
This summer I had a hard time figuring out how to dress Baker.  Since the twins were born in the dead of winter I was used to covering my babies from head to toe, but Baker didn't need so many layers in the Texas summer heat.  The cool comfort of GHD's skinny minny tank top onesies saved the day.  Since the cooler temperatures of fall have hit in Texas, I've been layering these tank top onesies under sweaters and cardigans and they are not too bulky and fit just right.. until its 80 degrees in the afternoon and the sleeveless option of these onesies are perfect.  The fabrics these ladies choose are basically perfect.. and please say hello to solid colors!  No animals or cutesy sayings.  Because sometimes its not about a froggy face on a white onesie.  
When the ladies behind GHD asked me to be apart of their fall release I said sure! but I actually didn't know HOW AWESOME their new products would be!  A few highlights I'd light to mention:
The fabrics - light, breathable, and oh-so-soft.
The colors - some are classic GHD.. like the urban brown I cannot get enough of! BUT - their newest addition of rose and navy are superbly on point.
The sleeves - long sleeves and side rouching.  Yes and yes.

 THIS Jolie Grace.  She really loves the camera.  Such a sweet little girl I am raising.  

 Miss Baker!  Darling girl doesn't quiet know what to do or think about those crazy sisters of hers running amok for the camera.  Her button nose and those baby blues.. your daddy doesn't stand a chance, girlfriend. She found her tongue this last week and spit bubbles and drooling have commenced.  Thank goodness for our reversible trendy little bandana bib.  I didn't think teeny baby things could get cuter.  
I continue to be proven wrong!
 Those baby thighs, though.  
 Mama got in on the fun, too! I feel like these baseball style tees run true to size - they are very stretchy and hold their shape well (awesome for nursing and forgiving for every body type) but for me and the postpartum 'pooch' that hasn't gone away just yet.. I would size up for a more relaxed fit. 

 Parker's face says it all.  That girl.  Giving me a run for my money these days.  BUT- three babies looking at the camera?  I'll take it:)
parker + jolie
slouch hats c/o sweet eloise designs
vest + shorts // old navy 
moccs // hello moccs
headband // a little lady shop
bandana bib c/o me2bibs
onesie c/o golden hill design
moccs c/o wild explorers

Lets keep up with the fun, shall we?  How about a giveaway to start your week off right? 
Golden Hill is dropping these exclusive designs for purchase on Friday, October 9th, but what if you could win some of your very own?
I was SO excited when Becca and Darci decided to share a piece of their talent with my readers.  Not only are they giving away a Mama + Me Set (one adult women's long sleeve shirt and one baby's onesie or toddler/child long sleeve tee), but they are ALSO offering a $60 shop credit for one of you to choose whatever you like!
Enter for your chance to win one of TWO awesome prizes in the Rafflecopter below.
In the meantime- head over the Golden Hill Design page and browse a little.  
I know you'll love everything they offer!
Contest ends Thursday, October 8th at 12AM CST.
Winner will be chosen and announced on Friday, October 9th. 
Good Luck:)


Fall L o v e List

October is here.  Im among the MANY others that are so excited for this time of year.. and my day dreams of sharing this upcoming fall and winter season with a third little girl in the mix are about to get real!  So much about the rest of this year is exciting - and it all starts with this month.  So.. how about we love a little?
1. baby j a m s.
Basically it comes down to having more babies because I just love pajamas so much.  I never realized how much of a collection one could accumulate and more babies means more jammies.  Totally kidding, but really baby pajamas are just more fun than real clothes.  There is a reason why we love yoga pants, right?  I don't know what it is.. AND when there is an opportunity to boost the festive level a bit its even better. 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 
2. pumpkin patch hunting.
WHO are those tiny babies?  So many plans to make and such little time.  Our local pumpkin patch has been setting up all week long in preparation for October 1st!  I cant wait to go pick out pumpkins with our sweet girls.  
3. homemade soup.  One of THE best parts about this time of year is the toasty comfort of delicious food. Soup is my foodie love language.  I could write a book with the amount of soup recipes I have made and created.  This taco soup is a crock pot favorite. Actually anything in my crock pot is a favorite:)  This meatball soup is on my list to be one of the first I make and my favorite potato soup will find its way back into the regular dinner rotation.  Also.  Two words: bread.bowl. 
4. halloween costumes + parties.  Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  I wouldn't have said this before the babes came along, but there is SO much to do as a family this time of year and I find that as I approach my third halloween holiday as a mom it just keeps getting better.  When Parker and Jolie started preschool last month (its already been a month!) I volunteered to be 'room mom'.  Yesterday at drop off I was reminded that the halloween party was coming up - and I needed to start planning.  What? YES!  I am so excited about this!! I spent the rest of the afternoon scouring pinterest in search of ideas.  I loved these chalkboard pumpkins craft to keep it on the low mess radar for twelve toddlers:)  Halloween Trail Mix and fall dipped pretzel sticks would be a fun treat for the kiddos to take home.  I also think I just want to set up one of these Halloween Bevi Bars  in my kitchen nook. On another note still related to Halloween.. the girls' halloween costumes are DONE and now if these next three weeks could hurry so they can wear them..  
5. fall decor + pumpkin everything.
I usually just have a couple things I set out around the house and on the porch during the fall months, but this year I couldn't resist these handmade wooden pumpkins for the buffet table in my kitchen.  I had every intention of putting them outside and then I saw them in person and realized I needed to see them every single day because I loved them so much.. so they stayed inside:) Fall favorites include all the best smells of the season - I just cannot picture fall without every version of BBW's pumpkin candle.  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is my all time favorite, but this year there are a few newbies on the shelves.. Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake (oh my yum) and Apple Pumpkin Pancakes! I feel like I need to start baking..

Don't even get me started on the baked goods.
Happy Fall, ya'll!



WE EAT | Broccoli Bacon Mac + Cheese

Cooler weather is approaching- I can feel it..even though it is still forecasting to be in the 90's, but it will be here soon..right?
I am so excited about the thought of fall and winter because with that comes all the comfort foods of the season.  Root veggies are among my favorite foods to prepare (and eat!!).  I  could probably create and fill an entire pinterest board of recipes containing sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and butternut squash alone.  There is something about those foods that just bring out the sense of comfort in a meal.  
But- can comfort and healthy go hand in hand?  Sure it can! Cooking Light proves it with their latest Mac + Cheese recipe.  CL Mag is the only magazine I get in the mail these days.. and the only magazine I make time to read (and doggie ear) from cover to cover.  Parker and Jolie love to sit in my lap to look through all the vibrant pictures of healthy and delicious foods - and their September cover photo looked outrageously yummy.  I couldn't wait to make it!
A typical cheese sauce is a butter/flour roux, milk, and of course lots and lots of cheese!  This recipe replaces the butter and flour and uses the starch of butternut squash to create a rich and creamy cheddar sauce - not to mention sneaking another serving of veggies in.   
Never hurts for more veggies!  Jolie kept talking about the broccoli and how much she loved it and Parker cleaned her plate of all the pasta.
Dinner is served!
Broccoli Bacon Mac + Cheese
adapted from Cooking Light 
center-cut bacon slices, chopped
garlic cloves, minced 
2 1/2 cups low sodium chicken stock
1 1/2 cups milk (I used skim milk)
(12-ounce) package frozen cubed butternut squash 
14 ounces uncooked whole wheat pasta (I used farfalle)
3 cups chopped fresh broccoli florets
1/2 teaspoon salt 
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 
1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add bacon; cook 4 minutes or until crisp, stirring occasionally. While your bacon cooks, cook the squash in the microwave according to package directions.  Mash squash with a fork or puree in a food processor of blender.  Set aside.  
Remove bacon from pan.  Remove all but 2 teaspoons bacon drippings from pan. Add garlic to ­drippings in pan; sauté 30 seconds.
Whisk together stock, milk, and squash in the warm pan; bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.
Add pasta; cover, ­reduce heat, and ­simmer 8 minutes, ­stirring occasionally. Stir in broccoli; cover and cook 3 minutes or until pasta is done and sauce is thickened.  Stir in salt, pepper, and 4 ounces cheese. Sprinkle bacon and remaining cheese on top. Cover; let stand 1 minute or until cheese is melted.



Thirty One

..is the new twenty nine.  As each year passes I definitely don't feel older (at all) outside of the fact that this baby weight isn't falling off the way it did when I was in my twenties AND the exhaustion from the attempt to keep up with my twin toddlers all day long.  It just doesn't come that easy and at the end of the day I could curl in a ball in my bed and pass out.  I was stopped at a stop light and glanced up at the rearview mirror and caught a glance at the (new?) wrinkles on my forehead.  
So, there's that.
This weekend was spent with friends and family that are so special to me and I felt loved so well.  Just one of those weekends that you didn't want to end.  Monday- you usually ruin everything.. but lets rewind. 
Friday night our sweet neighbors (that also pull a crazy train caboose where ever they go) took us out to Denton on the Square for dinner and dessert.  We live SO close to that area and have never ventured to that side of town- and it was SO much fun.  Dinner at Roosters and then dessert at Beth Marie's.  Birthday Cake ice-cream for me:)  Denton is a college town and we stuck out like a sore thumb when we plowed our way through with our SIX kids.  I'm giggling as I remember the looks of those barely of drinking age 'adults'.. I thought I knew it all back then and I can't they think the same.
 Live music on the courthouse lawn had these girls dancing the night away!
 Saturday came early and it started with a surprise lunch date for one of my favorites.  Jessica and I share the same birthday and her husband Jon invited us earlier in the week to surprise her for lunch.  He was sending her on a scavenger hunt throughout the day with different girlfriends to meet her at all the different places she would go.  I was excited to get our families together to share a meal.  
Required group shot to document the outing.  We all could use a couple more kids, yes?
 We had a couple errands to run before heading over the the Massey's for a family birthday dinner and while Dad ran into the store to grab something, me and the girls hung out in the car - because sometimes it takes longer to unload than it does to make the purchase.. Miss Baker kept me company in the front seat.
 Saturday evening was really good.  Good food (slow cooked brisket, potato salad, baked beans) and good company.  It had been a little while since we did a 'family photo' and even though not everyone was smiling or even looking at the camera I absolutely love this picture so much.
 After dinner we sang "Birthday TIME" (as Parker says) and blew out candles on homemade peach cobbler.
 The best little candle-blowers
There is nothing I look forward to more on Sunday than a lazy day spent flipping between football games.  If we can work it out, we go to church on Saturday nights so we can sleep in and never come out of our jams all day.  
Yesterday we spent my actual birthday front and center at Cowboy's Stadium to see the boys play live.  It has been YEARS since going to a football game - so I was WAY excited.  We dropped the babes off with their BB and headed out just the two of us for a birthday breakfast before making our way to the game.
 We had amazing seats thanks to my friend Amy- she's the dietitian for the Cowboys.. basically the coolest job ever.  We have actually been sitting at dinner and her phone ring with a player asking her some kind of nutrition question.  Love it..and love her for sharing her tickets with us on my birthday!  
 After an amazing first half we settled for the loss in the end.  We were STARVING so after picking up the girls we went straight to grab an early dinner.  The second time I've left this little girl and she did so good- practice for when I go back next month.  I don't even want to think about that right now.
Also.. my hat is hiding the aforementioned wrinkles:)
 We stopped for birthday frozen yogurt before heading home.  The girls have really gotten the hang of  taking selfies.
 My heart is so full to kick off this 31st year of life.
Happy Birthday to me!  I have never felt so loved.

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