five on friday

one. photo maniac
this week we took our annual fall family photos. I always do them in October because I like use these pictures for our Christmas cards and I love to send out our cards the week of Thanksgiving.  Or how about.. I love the idea of sending them out that soon.  I often dont have my crap together to actually get them in the mail by then and they sit on the counter for a week before I'm motivated to address them.  But thats what I shoot for, anyway.
this year we mixed it up a bit and headed out to the Texas State Fair.  such a fun change of scene from our typical fall photo and I'm excited to share them! this was the twins' first time to the fair and they were completely overwhelmed with everything going on around them- the most exciting thing to watch is your own children taking in an experience like this. they rode the rides and although Parker was always SO excited to get on them, she ended up tucked in the fetal position by the end of the ride.  homegirl cant even go on the swing at the park without freaking out, so her excitement to ride over and over surprised me.  But eventually she started to love it all and got the hang of it with each new ride she rode.  Jolie was just as happy as can be- smiling from ear to ear, hands in the air and loving every minute.  it was hilarious to watch how different they were in their response. BB + Papa tagged along to manage the chaos of picture taking in such a public place with three toddlers and were such a giant help.

AND.. the twins' four year pictures took place this week.  anyone want to take a guess at their party theme is for this year?? :)  
I cant believe I'm going to have four year olds!
two. girls night
I feel like girls night needs to be once a week.  I always come home feeling refreshed from a night out full of girl talk and laughter and just a good time.  this week Jordan volunteered for daddy-duty and I grabbed a bite to eat with Britt and then went to painting with a twist to meet her sister and friend.  it was just four of us in the class, we brought dinner and wine (diet coke for the non-preggo splurge) and painted for 2 hours. I've always wanted to do the painting class and it was SO fun!
also. chipotle literally has been on my brain since I ate it earlier this week.  I need it again!
barbacoa (double meat! the only meat I think I like right now..) + brown rice + pinto beans + fajita veggies + ALL the salsas + guac + a little sour cream!  I am obsessed with their vinaigrette dressing but want more stuff than lettuce, so I get the bowl instead of the salad and ask for the dressing on the side.
(side note: floral wallet from better life bags!)

three. we have a nursery!
anyone thats ever been to my house, has NEVER been in the front room- ha! its basically the catch all room for anything and everything.  party items + holiday decor + clothes + toys.. toys.. more toys.  when the girls were about 18 mo old we moved the once office space out and rearranged that front room into a play room for the twins.  that didn't last very long. SO- our dining room is now the play room and that front office/room has remained behind closed doors ever since.. until now.
this week while the big girls were at preschool and Baker was spending the day with her BB, Jordan and I cleaned and cleaned and threw away and donated until we could finally see the floor!  10 bags of trash and twice as many donations later we have an empty room.
its so embarrassing.
 BUT, I am so excited to be able to actually get in there and start planning a baby boy nursery!  ALSO.. those bags. bags and bags and bags are full of baby clothing- so follow along @shopmasseya for a baby/toddler clothing sale next week!
four. weather shift + patch success
the weather made a shift toward the end of this week and OMG we are so thankful. we were pushing 90 degrees in October and didn't even want to be outside.  its going to be the most GORGEOUS weekend and we plan to be outside the entire time.. starting with a picnic dinner this evening:)
we've been really consistent with patching Baker's left eye this week and she's such a rockstar.  she doesn't even fuss when we put the ortopad on.  she wears it for about 2 hours everyday in hopes to strengthen  her right eye's muscles.  thankful her vision is not impaired, but we don't want it to get worse. we go back in a couple months for a follow up.  until then sweet Baker will be the sweetest and tiniest pirate. gosh, I love her.
five. bootie love list (under $100!) 
I'm not the biggest "shoe person".. I usually stick with one or two great pairs and rotate them in and out with different outfits.. but over the last couple of years I've really taken heart to LOVING/obsessing freaaaaaking out over a great pair of booties.
I have a lot of booties.
plus, they dont have to be super expensive, either!  I did a quick search for styles I'm totally loving this season.. I cant get enough of olive or wine colored suede.  dont be afraid of stepping outside of the usual black/brown color options.  the deeper reds and greens and variety in shades of brown are all basically a neutral this time of year:) 


weekend | a second visit

..was quite possibly better than the first.  on a whim i asked my mom to help me pull together this shower hosted at my house over the weekend.  I needed help with all the last minute details and just didnt feel like I could do it alone.  I was SO thankful when she immediately replied yes without even thinking about what I had just asked her to do. so they arrived early on Friday morning and while my mom and I ran our errands, Jordan and my dad had baby duty:)  after the last minute errands on Friday we called it quits to grab a bite to eat.  it was perfect weather so a patio somewhere was in order.  Baker sat in my dad's lap and pigged out on enchiladas and guacamole and tortilla and cheese..  didn't move a muscle or fight to the death to get down and run like a banshee.
my dad has found a little friend.
watching him with her and the twins was so bizarre. so gentle and sweet and SO HAPPY.  which in turn made my stomach do flip flops in joy. he kept thanking me for allowing them to visit again and sharing our family with them.  it was easy to allow the entire 32 years of life behind me fizzle to a blur when my dad, the man I wanted nothing more than to please my entire life, says things like that.  it took me a long time to teach myself and learn not to seek my identity in him. 

my mom did her best to love as sweet as she could with them.  when Baker finally gave up her favorite seat in my dad's lap, she swooped in to get her hands on the baby. 
after we satisfied my pregnancy craving with eight tons of chips and the equivalent in fresh salsa I also requested a stop at bahama bucks for a cotton candy sno cone before we headed home for more party prep.  my mama did the food, I handed the decor.. while my dad read every single book we own to the big girls. we knocked it out in just a couple hours. and when they finally headed back to their hotel it was almost 11pm.  I would have been up ALL NIGHT if it wasn't for her help. 
but thats my mother.  always with the servant's heart.
and finally.  finally she was there.  ALL THERE for me- there when I needed a mom.
a normal mom.
saturday morning came SO SOON.  Jolie came down with a stomach bug early saturday morning, so from about 1am to 5:30am she threw up every 15 minutes.  I finally crawled into bed with her after she had kept water down for longer than a half hour, but was up by 7am to get myself ready for the day.  my mama treated me to my most favorite form of pampering- drybar.  someone to wash and dry AND FIX my hair is literally priceless to me:) she had never had anything like that done before, so we sat together drinking coffee while someone played with our hair for an hour.  
after last minute details were completed for the baby shower- the time had finally arrived for the guests to start showing up.  Jordan and my dad took Baker and Parker to hang out for a couple hours- while sweet Jolie was still under the weather and posted up in my bed watching PJ Masks and eating saltines- but NOT PUKING thank goodness.  my mom was dressed and ready for the party (I invited her myself- since she did so much of the prep work!) and mingled here and there but ultimately landed herself in my bed with Jolie to be with her/keep her company while she got some much needed sleep and her mama finished hosting all the guests.

after everyone left and my mom helped me get my house back into some form of order, we all sat around and watched college football.  skipped dinner and ate leftover cake instead:)
such an easy going time.  much different than anything we've ever done before.
I always felt so stressed out when I was around my parents- in their space or mine.  didnt matter.  I never felt comfortable.  but feeling comfortable is SO much more important right now especially when I'm trying to make my kids comfortable, you know?
my parents left early on Sunday to make the drive back to Austin and we skipped church to sleep in and then set out to run some errands before we started the week- but definitely stayed close to home because Jolie was still running fever and feeling blah.  I hated to see her like that! 
(my favorite tank tops from gap come in long sleeve, too! Also.. how about day two of my drybar do'??
sams + costco for cereal and fruit in bulk.. that lasts less than 3 days around these parts, anyway.
home in time for the cowboy's game
..and more leftover cake.
such a good weekend and a great visit with my parents. we have a visit planned for the first week in November and I've been pumping up the girls for the trip to see Nana + Duke and I think we are all excited.  I actually have no idea where my parent's live or what their house looks like.  they moved from downtown Austin (literally 7th street) to a little suburb outside of Austin when my dad retired shortly after I removed myself, so it will be new to all of us.

until then I'll enjoy daily check-in's from my dad with random articles about baby products and name suggestions for baby boy.. cat pictures from my mother and answering random questions and curiosities she has, like what time do the girls go to bed or what their favorite foods are.. I forget this is all new territory for them as well.
one day at a time- but its going great so far.


wild + free | celebrating baby Cohen

you know me.  and you know I love a good party.
myself and Andrea's two college roomies have been planning this special day for months and I cant believe its actually come and gone! tons of Andrea's closest friends and family gathered at my home to celebrate her baby boy Cohen- and it was such a beautiful day! 
wild + free!

side note: my (rather amazing) dress I bought off the sale rack at loft last week after seeing one of my girlfriends look amazing while wearing it at brunch.  its actually a petite size maxi dress.. but when you're just under 5'7 its like the perfect midi length for the fall weather.  did I mention that it is NOT maternity.  I probably wont be able to wear it here in another month, but its perfect for my 17 week bump!

 the food!  
I catered in the pinwheels +  sausage balls and I also had one of my favorite restaurants make their butternut squash hummus for me to serve to the guests.

 cream cheese + dill + lemon juice + cucumbers sliced thin
 shredded chicken breast + mayo + slivered almonds + grapes + celery
 my amazing hubby DIY'd these wooden disks for another baby shower and it proved to be a good project because I've used them several times since!

 this IS Texas, so there is always sweet tea.
 and the easiest sangria you will ever make.
pomegranate juice + fresh strawberries + pomegranate arils + your favorite red wine (I used Cab) + club soda

 the hostesses + the guest of honor
it was just the perfect day!
photography by b faith photography
invitations + food cards: CK Fireboots
pennant banner c/o pearl + jane
paper cut out banners c/o pearl + jane 
"cohen elliott" name banner c/o pearl + jane
woolie ball banners c/o pearl + jane 
mini cake topper banner c/o hooray everyday
wooden cake forks: sucre shop
paper straws: pretty party sprinkles
cake: jenny layne bakery (local)
"C": hobby lobby
picture frame: hobby lobby
mint striped cake scalloped napkins:  happy wish co
kraft gold scallop paper cups: happy wish co
kraft gold scallop paper plates: the tom kat studio
grey striped paper plates: the tom kat studio
"Cohen Elliott" custom wooden sign c/o tucker up & co.


five on friday

one. beauty finds
I branched out in my go to lip polish this week and busted out the fall colors.  I've mentioned my Buxom love before- and they have a giant rainbow of lip colors and I have fallen in love with another one: Vanessa (lavish mulberry)  
I'm looking for an amazing red lip gloss or lipstick to wear for our family pictures coming up on Monday..I've never worn RED before, and in fact this mulberry color is the darkest I've ever gone.
anyone have an amazing red they love!?  please share!!  
ALSO.. my shirt.  non-maternity and so gorgeous! 
two. a little bit of velcro
 another fab find this week.. velcro rollers.  I posted on my IG stories the other morning and there was a little confusion around the velcro rollers giving me the loose curls- they dont. they DO give me amazing volume!  I put them at the crown of my head and front "bangs".  I put the rollers in, spray dry volume spray, blow-dry for 5-10 seconds and then allow to sit for just about 15 minutes.
I haven't teased my hair in a week:)
no teasing!  just enough volume. 
I AM working on doing a hair tutorial.  you guys have stressed me out enough about it so I'm finally pulling the trigger:) 
..oh and theres that bebe boy.
(check out my midi-length sweater + favorite maternity tank
three. toddler ponchos
yes. I went there!  the cutest ponchos for the fall season. I am so excited for dressing the girls in cooler weather clothes starting with these adorable ponchos made by one of my long time favs- odarling handmade.  Emma was among the very first small shops that I ever purchased anything from.. and aside from these amazing ponchos (that come in a variety of colors!) she makes our favorite leggings and harems.  baby brother will definitely be sporting some of her fantastic handy work!
use code PBANDJ for 20% off ponchos- code works through the weekend!
four. kid talk
THESE girls have been cracking me up beyond words right now.  
Parker has this new found love for the "poop smile" and when I told her to do something different with her face this is the look I got:
and then she started SCREAMING 3 seconds after this picture because 
JOWEE is choking me!!! GET OFF ME JOWEE. 
but omg.  I love them.  the conversations we've had lately are just tear-worthy and I find myself saving things that they say in the notes section of my phone or else I will definitely forget.. and I never want to forget! 

Jo: what is THAT?!
me: it's tomato soup in a bread bowl 
Jo: well. I don't like you soup
me: you haven't even tried it!
Jo: well. I can smell you breath. 
me: go to bed, jolie.

Parker: hey! did you know my mom have a baby brother in her tummy? 
me: I did! ..Parker.. am I your mom? 
Parker: NOPE! 

(in the car to go to BB's house)
Parker: we're off the see the wizard! 

Parker: mom. what his baby name?
me: we haven't decided yet
Parker: his name should be Kendall. Rainbow Kendall. 
me: Kendall is your cousin's name.
Parker: yaaaa. but it so beautiful... just beautiful. 

I never want them to change.  
but look at these babies!!!  same outfit.  going to preschool.  not even a year ago.  
they look so little!
five. baby steps.
I last mentioned my parents a couple weeks back.. I had zero intention of writing about them on such a casual post like five on friday.. but the words kept coming and the tears were flowing and it just ended up out there for everyone to see.  ANYway.. I'm hosting a baby shower at my house this weekend and asked my mom on a whim to come in town to help me get everything set up and put together.  all those last minute details I always feel like I'm going to completely fail at the final execution- it helps to have someone cheering you on even if they don't do a thing, ha!  she obliged quickly to my request, so she and my dad are coming in town for the weekend.  I'm excited to see them again.. and the girls are excited, too!  which brings another level of relief to my anxieties.  wishing for an easy going weekend with those folks.  and a fun time celebrating my good friend's baby boy!  say a little prayer, for me.. will ya? XO!

see ya'll on Monday!


first trimester favorites | baby 4

being pregnant this third time around, has been a whole new experience.  I've done this before a couple times, you know, so I should know what to expect.  but also because it’s been so much different than my pregnancies with the girls! with the twins, as well as Baker, I had and easy breezy first trimester.  I was hardly sick and occasionally forgot I was actually pregnant.. and while the exhaustion never ceased, it was manageable.  with this little boy in my belly I had awful morning, er.. more like evening or ALL DAY sickness.  I am so exhausted, too.  I basically slept on my face at night even with a two hour nap during the early afternoon every day.  it’s pretty weird how pregnancies can have your body react in such different ways. I’ve really accepted this time around that while I can control a lot of things in my life, this isn’t one of them, so I’ve adapted a go-with-the-flow type mentality. with my first trimester recently rolling to a close, I thought I’d put together a short list of some of my favorite that have helped me get through those first 13 weeks.
get moving, stay hydrated, + take your vitamins!
invest in a good water bottle. I fill my hydroflask water bottle and I carry it everywhere. my OB suggested drinking 10 glasses of water or more every day and my giant bottle holds about 40 ounces.  so I know if I re-fill my water bottle at least two times I am in good shape!  Not to mention what I am eating and drinking outside of water itself.
saltine crackers. I was never without a sleeve of these crackers during the first trimester, and a short stack almost always kept my queasiness at bay. almost. 
fruit. I always love fruit, but when I am pregnant its like we need an apple orchard and strawberry farm in the backyard to keep up!  a bowl of fresh fruit is hands down my favorite first trimester snack..okay. maybe my favorite pregnancy snack in general. 
Fitbit. thankfully my sickness wasnt in the morning when I am used to working out.  but even then, waking up extra early has been hard! the fitbit has been a great thing to help keep an eye on my heart rate while working out but also to help keep me motivated to move throughout the day outside of bootcamp.
who doesn’t love a horse pill prenatal, am I right? as if your gag reflex isn’t already at it’s all time high (I cant even hardly brush my teeth), you are expected to swallow and tolerate a giant chalky vitamin. I am a horrible pill taker in general, and took one for the team while I was pregnant with the twins. I hated life taking those giant prenatals.. and when I was pregnant with Baker, I used the honest brand prenatal complete vitamin, and although it wasn’t the worst, I still couldnt take it on an empty stomach.  I made a healthy habit of taking my vitamins after dinner before going to bed so that I slept through any stomach discomfort.  this time around I have decided that the gummy vitamin is the way to go.  my OB wasnt super impressed with the idea of me taking an over the counter option I had selected, so she prescribed me the Vitafol gummy vitamin.  I also take an additional (gummy) calcium supplement- the target brand.  I’m still not convinced these gummies arent candy–a far cry from the horse pills!

I need support! … & a comfy pair of jeans.
snoogle body pillow. the snoogle body pillow has been a lifesaver. up and having to quit sleeping on your back or stomach can be a real drag, especially if you’re that kind of sleeper- which I am a hard core stomach sleeper.  my belly is still small enough I can ALMOST get away with it.. but I wake up so uncomfortable within an hour. this pillow is a must have. I swore by this pillow during my previous pregnancies- and when I was pregnant with the twins it took me until about mid-pregnancy to make the splurge.  that’s the best part about pregnancy the second and third time around–when you know better, you do better– all the little things you learn along the way add up for the next time around. the snoogle pillow encompasses your entire body giving you back and tummy support. I love that it will last all pregnancy.. and some time afterwards if I'm being truthful- the hubby found out that I had pulled this puppy out from the darkness while he was at work and browsing through my social media. basically sent me the crying emojis for three hours. sorry hubby.

speaking of support, I embraced maternity clothes much sooner this time around than I did with the other two pregnancies.  just finally accepting it for what it is.. so much better than the old elastic band through your buttonhole trick! my belly is measuring almost 2 weeks larger than I actually should be. I fell in love with the comfort and stye of motherhood maternity in my first pregnancy with the twins and again with Baker.  maternity pants style and sizing (leggings and denim) seems to be all over the map, but when you can find quality and comfort AND consistency in one place I totally can appreciate that.  I have several pairs of motherhood maternity denim (which I just noticed is BOGO 50% off right now!) and have ventured over to their work style pants/chinos as well as leggings and workout gear.  I know exactly the size I need and shopping online has been easy.  I about DIED when I found these faux leather leggings in their collection.  FAUX LEATHER.  I will find every reason to wear these:)  not to mention they are by Jessica Simpson maternity, which has inadvertently become  my favorite maternity designer. 

So, I know those are just a few items, but truth be told the first 13 weeks aren't riddled with many crazy life changes that required new purchases.. I took that time to focus on sleeping and trying to eat when I could. It was back to basic survival skills with less of the fun stuff. What did you swear by in your first trimester?


baker bree | 15 months

we went for Baker's 15 month check up today- our big growing girl is currently weighing in at 21 pounds and 8oz, wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
..all that being said, we can still squeeze your tiny little bootie in size 6 month pants- although they are a leeeeetle short.  she's right at the 29th percentile for weight, but she's lost a little in the last couple months because she's growing in length and not really in girth- I mean, those string bean legs, tho.
the last time Baker was at the doctor she got her flu shot.. and she remember.  so getting her length and weight was a NIGHTmare.  she screamed for like 5 minutes even after the nurse had left the room.  d r a m a 
she was a little wheezy when she listened to her chest, and her throat is really red- which could also explain why she hasn't been eating well the last several weeks.. because it hurts.  mom of the year. dr. b thinks there is something viral going on right now and she even mentioned RSV- but without fever we are just going to hang tight before we do breathing treatments or antibiotics- her lungs cleared a bit when she coughed right in the middle of her listening, so thats good. 
but her ears were clear!
other news..
we have ONE new tooth this month.
..bringing the grand total to 5 teeth, which is comical.
but you surly don't mind to gum through everything I offer you. 

your appetite was basically terrible this month, but here at the end it has much improved- you really do love to eat when you WANT to eat.  but when you are teething food is just not an option. even your favs like cereal and oats and yogurt are a no go.
..peanut butter oats, strawberries, raspberries {all fruit, really}, eggs, grilled chicken, and holy cow you can scarf some mac and cheese! 
you also love to snack: yogurt, dry cereal, granola bars, goldfish, and graham crackers
you also remind me of Jolie because I can't keep your sippy cup of water full.
..you suck it down like you didn't have a swing/gulp/chug 3 minutes ago, and then you're stealing everyone else's sippy cups for a sip.

your motor development is definitely improving this month.
..climbing, running, walking up & down stairs, and using utensils while eating come easy to you.
over the last couple months you have started practicing your dance moves.
..this month you are definitely ready for back-up dancer extraordinaire.  
You do the shoulder lean and bee-bop like a boss.

Your few of your favorite things at 15 months: 
you've become quite attached to the pacifier as well as a small white polar bear your BB + Papa brought back from their trip to Europe.
legos, stacking blocks + puzzles.  you continue to come back to these toys for entertainment.
playing outside.  ALL.Dayyyy.Long.
you will stand at the door and just holler until someone lets you out.
you love anything and everything that plays music.
accessories.  bracelets, watches, necklaces, handbags.  you love them all, and you know how to layer those beads well, girl.  
pushing boxes, bags, toys {anything, really..} across the floor.  your recent obsession is with the huge water bottle in the pantry. you find it about once a day.
Face Time- omg it is hilarious to watch your face light up with animation when you talk to dad or BB and Papa on the phone.
you love, love, love your sisters. this has been a growing trend over the last couple months, but this month you really show a motherly concern over them when they are upset and want to be right in the middle of their playtime.
wrapping your legs around my waist and leaning your head on my shoulder while I hold you.
ok..that last one is probably your momma's favorite.

outgoing, hilariously goofy, wears a contagious smile, and most of all, pretty over dramatic.
..all words that describe your personality.
easy-going, care-free and clumsy describe you perfectly.
..you can't turn a corner without taking a topple, which never phases you at all.
you pop right up and take off once again.
..always on the move with places to go and people to see.
toys to steal!
..a rare sighting of the top teeth:)

earlier this month we went for flu shots and while we were there Dr. Butler caught Baker just at the right time when her right eye was pulling into the center a bit.  its never been super noticeable and she had never seen it, but Jordan and I both had noticed it from the day she was born.  it wasn't all the time or very consistent.. and it happened mostly when she was sleepy- and that day Baker hadn't gotten a solid nap and it was 4pm in the afternoon.
this picture was actually taken the day Dr. B noticed her eye pulling and you can really see it- most of the time you can only tell her eye is abnormal if she's looking up at you for any reason.
SO, she sent us to a pediatric ophthalmologist to get it checked out.  Baker was such a rockstar through the entire thing.. even let us dilate her eyes without so much of a fuss out of her! turns out it does pull in to the middle consistently BUT the great news is that her vision is completely normal and she will most likely grow out of it.  in the meantime we have the option to patch her left eye (the stronger eye) while she plays a couple hours every day to help strengthen the right eye.. but he also said not to stress out if she wont let us do the full two hours.  we got back in a few months to ensure that it isn't getting worse, but everyone is optimistic that it will resolve itself.
THIS girl.  that pointed lip action she does ALL the time when she is being sassy or silly or trying to get attention.. I wish I could find baby pictures of myself doing this exact same face..
..and THIS face.  theres the lip again.  she is just something else. Baker has so many of my own mannerisms and I see a lot of her in me when I was a baby.. from what baby pictures I have. 

my precious Baker Bree.  This world is brighter with you in it, little girl.  the sweetest kisses, all smiles, and hardly any tears.  every one comments on your contagious demeanor and personality.  
you are just sweet as pie.

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