ten month favorites

a little late to this party, but better late than never, no?  Spring is in FULL SWING over in these parts, which means the weather is changing and the temps are rising. this month's favorites list its all about the summer comfort and play!
pound + tap bench // the big girls got this toy at their second birthday and Parker still carries around that wooden hammer on her mickey mouse tool belt. but Baker gets a kick out of putting the balls in the holes more than anything else.
activity cube // by far her FAVORITE toy on the planet.  another hand-me-down toy we pulled it out early this month and she stands and keeps herself busy busy busy with this thing. we got it from Costco around Christmas time a couple years ago for the twins, but they never got the use out of it like miss Baker.  I think this age is prime time for her development and cognitive skills in using this cube.
snack keeper // its hard for me to believe that my sweet girl is big enough to hang with the rest of them!  the big girls still use their keepers and Baker got herself her own recently and I am impressed that she has figured it out.  not to say their aren't times when she flips her cup upside down and she's sitting in a pile o' puffs, but we are working on those motor skills and she's getting the hang of it.
plum teensy fruits // I randomly picked these up at Target trying to find something different than puffs and they are a HIT!  miss Baker has just two (bottom) teeth with no others in sight, and she gums these well and has no problem eating them (even though they say tots on the box.)
shortie pajamas // its getting warm in Texas!  Baker is a sweater - she is drenched any time she is in her carseat or stroller and especially when she sleeps!  she's started to sleep without the sleep sac and while some nights she is still in long pants, we are leaning towards the short sleeves and short pants.  this pj set (on sale!) is SO cute, too.. I got it for all three of the babes.  love that match-matchy business!
fabric tie headband // they are soft and hold their shape- which is important because if Baker can see the headband at all she's grabbing for it and stretching it off her head. she doesnt' mind it being on her head/over her ears, but if she sees it, its game over.  we have EVERY color and print!  we also have a handful of her poolside headbands, too!
summer hats // Baker in floppy hats.  ok.  babies in general in floppy hats. come ON!  Baker has more hats than her closet shelf can hold and the floppy ones are my favorite.  perfect for keeping the sun off her baby face, and great for wearing to the pool.
golden hill skinny minny onesies  // I mentioned these back when Baker was a tiny babe in my postpartum favorites blog post.  summer is quickly approaching and we still live in these super lightweight and uber comfy onesies! she wore them all winter for layering, and now a little bare baby arm action for the summer!  they hold their shape incredibly well and can double as swimwear when she's playing in the water table out in the backyard.
j+j tank jumper (on sale!!) // another summer favorite.  stretchy.  lightweight.  and the colors!  it is my go to option for hanging out around the house or heading to the park.  we have them in several colors:)


camp gladiator | week one

it hurts to walk.
it hurts to bend over.
it hurts to laugh.
.. roll over.
basically it hurts to live right now.  
week one of camp gladiator and I'm so motivated to keep going and push through the p a i n of my sore muscles!  I'm doing the total transformation program, which not only includes the daily work outs but also 'InBody' testing.  I went in for the test last week and it basically gave me the goals I needed to work towards for the next four weeks!  I was also WAY impressed with how accurate my FitBit was in calculating my basal metabolic rate (basically, the amount of calories I need to keep my body healthfully working). 
I am sharing all this as a way to keep myself accountable.. basically force myself into getting fit and keeping up with these workouts at least to the end of Camp at 4 weeks.  I didn't get into this with the idea to lose weight or feel like I need to be thinner, but really with the mentality that I want to get FIT.  tone.  gain muscle.  and for the love of Pete, y'all.  I want to bring my abs back to their original pre-baby state.  I never really started back to exercising regularly after the twins were born, and then in my second pregnancy with Baker I was as big and stretched out as I was with the twins.  we've been walking about 4-6 miles in the evenings most days of the week over the last 3 months, and I've noticed a huge change in the 'pooch',  but I'm looking to gain muscle now.

here are my stats at the start of Camp.
Week ONE
total weight: 124.1lbs (11am in the morning after breakfast and coffee)
total body water: 71.2lbs
dry lean mass: 25.8 lbs
body fat mass: 27.1 lbs
total lean body mass: 97.0 lbs
skeletal muscle mass: 53.1 lbs
BMI: 19.4 
21.8% body fat

based on all these stats, I need about 1321 calories/day without working out.  on the days I work out (which I'm shooting for 4-5 days a week) I'll add about 500-600 calories to that number.
SO- where do I want to be at the end of 4 weeks?

4 week goals
increase lean body mass 
gain 3.7 pounds of body fat mass
gain 6.2 pounds of lean body mass

there you have it.  I will say that I am LOVING camp gladiator so far!  working out with a great group of people (men and women) at 5am has been just so much fun!  more fun than one would expect.. there are other camps I can attend, but the 5am is the most feasible for my schedule right now:)  

I earn points for ever day I 'check in' and also for having my friends sign up!  these points go towards other camps and camp gladiator gear (like workout mats and t-shirts) so if you decide you want to try it, you can use my email (ambermariemassey@gmail.com) to let them know where you heard about it- thats my own little plug for CG.  I'm at the end of week one and really impressed already with how easy it is to get up and get going and how good I feel after workout- even if I want to puke in the middle of it!  

camp gladiator has no idea who I am- I'm just really excited about the workout journey I've started.  Its been awhile, and it feels good to be back into being more active.


tiny moments | aveeno skin care for baby

Baker's evening routine has quickly become my most favorite part of the day.  she's an absolute riot in the bath- splashing like a crazy person and flopping like a fish out of water as she lunges from one side of the tub to the other.  she has such contentment when she's in a warm bath, playing with her toys and exploring the water pouring out from the spout.  
these are the rare, tiny moments I have with my little girl- one on one.  I cannot get enough of her demeanor and patience with me as I soak up this time in the evenings with just her.  
time with all three of my girls is absolutely amazing.  chaotic.  hilarious.  
but one on one time with miss Baker Bree is so special. 

since the twins were born, we have run the gamut of body care products for baby- Parker had a terrible time with her sensitive + dry skin and we tried just about everything.  thankfully she's mostly grown out of all that, but Jordan has pretty sensitive skin himself, so a strict skin care routine is nothing new to us.  when Baker was born, I was concerned about using products that would irritate her skin like I'd experienced with Parker in the past.  it wasn't long before we noticed Baker's skin being sensitive to everything from body wash and lotion to diapers and wipes!  we started Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo when she was just weeks old and it showed visible results and what seemed like immediate relief.  she hasn't had to have an oatmeal bath in a while, but we are still pretty mindful of what we expose her skin to. my favorite part about a post bath Baker Bree is the way her baby skin feels after covering her from head to toe in yummy lotion

after bath-time fun, lotion, and pajamas we are finally ready for bed.
immediately after I lay her down for the night I want to scoop her right back up for more snuggles.  having spent the last hour of our day together having just the sweetest time, I don't want it to end!

the moments of pride.
the moments of chaos.
the moments of frustration. 
the moments of sweetness.
the moments of outstanding love for my three girls.

tiny moments that make up this mama life.
Share your #TinyMoments and tag @AveenoUS to show off your #AveenoBaby
as always, huge thank you to B Faith Photography for capturing these tiny moments with my baby girl.  I partnered with AVEENO® on this post. all opinions expressed are 100% my own.


weekend things

feeling refreshed this Monday morning.  this weekend was spent with lots of family and friends- the best kind of time!  I got out for a girls night with my dear friend Amy.. we don't see each other as often as we like because of, well, life is insane, but when we come together its like no time has passed.  we met up early for an afternoon movie- we saw Money Monster and let me just say it has been a long time since I saw a movie I really enjoyed.  this one was great!  George Clooney + Julia Roberts.. it was just really good.  I highly recommend!  I am excited for it to come out on dvd so me and the hubby can watch it together.  
after the movie it was all about the wine and cheese.  
and with Amy, its what we do best.
it was much needed to get out and have some 'me time', but waking to my babes was simply perfection.  I got some one on one time with Jo Grace while Parker and daddy ran some errands.  we did the usual saturday night church an mexican food with friends + BB and Papa came along this time, too!  there was also celebration of baby Grayson's baptism in the church Uncle J grew up in.  it was so sweet!  we ate a huge italian lunch afterwards with more friends and more family.. and rounded out the weekend with a dip in the pool.  Baker's first time afloat, and you guys- she was hilarious!  she wouldn't stop dunking her head under the water, splashing, and squealing in delight.  
plus. my silly child in an inflatable swan just made my entire weekend.
I hope yours was fabulous!  
here's to a great week!  XO!
 bottle c/o

 flower c/o // romper


five on friday

my girl, Chelsea over at Jameson Monroe is having a super sale on these XL Chiffon flower bows!  I found her shop when the twins were teeny tiny and have basically every color she offers!  as a bonus.. she is giving my readers an additional 15% off everything in her shop!  
use code AMBER15 at checkout.  
I'm obsessed with her new mermaid glam bows!  the fabric is perfect for wearing to the pool:)
is it wrong of me to use my own discount code?

there is chill in the air right now, and so our afternoon walks have required a little bundling up!  I don't mind because.. y'all.  Baker in a beanie is just amazing.
we've gotten a bit more serious about our walks this week.. I signed up for Camp Gladiator and classes start on Monday at 5am.  
everyone please start praying for my survival. its a four week boot camp and I plan to share my progress at the end of the four weeks!  I need to gain a little muscle weight- especially in my legs, and tighten up those ab muscles!  it doesnt take much more than a sandwich and chips for me to look like I'm four months pregnant.
here we go!  

party planning for Baker's first birthday is in FULL SWING!  I decided on her party theme months ago and I am so excited to be planning a summer birthday party!  much different than winter- duh.. but I'm totally playing up the season and going all out with summer foods, summer drinks, and summer fun!  geez.  while I do absolutely love this age she is in right now, I cannot believe how fast this year has flown!  

after seeing this slouchy tee on Jessica's blog a couple weeks ago, I had to try them for myself!  I am all about dressing up comfortable, and these are easily just that!  I wore the rose smoke color with my most favorite white jeans (on sale!) and wedges to work- and I also have the raven color that I wore with boyfriend shorts (on sale, too!!) and my favorite Toms. really versatile and REALLY comfortable.  give it to me.  all of it.
also, random, while I do love my phone case (here) I found some other floral phone cases on pinterest this week and I really want this one

and last but not least.. this.  good grief I LOVE the bond they have.  Its been a great week home after vacation.  
happy Friday, friends!  I hope you're weekend is amazing!


a week with the babes

ever heard of the phrase "it takes a village"?  well.  literally our amazing trip to Cabo wouldn't have been possible without the village of amazing family and friends to care for our crew while we were gone.  first stop was BB + Papa's house.  the girls absolutely LOVE their BB and Papa and even more they love to have sleepovers.   when we dropped them off on Sunday night before we left on Monday morning bright and early, they walked in without a care in the world!  such a relief for that ease of transition, but hello- break a mama's heart!!  they started the week and didn't skip a beat.

I got this picture on Tuesday morning before BB took them to school.. and I couldn't focus on anything else but Jolie's sponge roller hair!  

 Papa's Happy Place
 BB + Auntie made the exchange on Thursday afternoon and it was up to the four babes to keep Auntie and Uncle J busy, busy, busy

 in true Auntie fashion, she had fun things planned for my girls + Grayson.  it wasnt too long ago that it was just Parker and Jolie to run the day's events. Now they are proud big sisters to help with the little ones as often as we let them:)

by far their most favorite part of visiting.  Uncle J has played the guitar for Parker and Jolie since they were born.. and then for Grayson and now for Baker, too.  
I absolutely love how much he loves them all!

so much has changed since the last time we did the Mexico shuffle! thankful for these people and for the way they love my people


cabo cabo cabo

 well. we are b a c k!  
feeling refreshed and NOT ready for Monday to be here already.  6 days of mountains in the desert of Cabo.  so much different than every other trip we have taken to Mexico.  we usually stick to the Cancun side, so Cabo was a big change!  the weather, the atmosphere, and most importantly..the weather.  
did I say that already?
it was sunshine and blue skies..and my hair was amazing the entire trip.
true story- I didn't take a shower and feel like I needed to take another shower after attempting to blow-dry the frizz out- ha!  Cabo is very dry with low humidity and never gets above 85 degrees! it was beautiful.  a beautiful time with my best guy.  we didnt leave the resort- laid by the pool for about 12 hours everyday and then peeled ourselves out of our swim suits and rinsed off the sunscreen to get into real clothes for dinner.  
the food!  the food was delicious!  I ate a cheeseburger + fries just about everyday for lunch.  Jordan loved the baja shrimp tacos.
we had so much fun just the two of us- being lazy without a single responsibility or obligation in the world.  we made our way to the beach about once a day- the surf was incredible. there was no swimming allowed on the side of Baja Mexico we were on because the undertow is very strong and very dangerous- but the view of those 10 foot waves crashing like thunder about every 10 seconds was amazing to see.  
we caught ourselves about one million times talking about what we could do with the girls and how much "fun the girls would have if they were here".  we stayed at Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort + Spa and will definitely be going back and bringing the babes!

 I love a good fruity drink.. in fact I cant even count how many 'superman' frozen drinks I had over the course of the week, BUT a Bloody Caesar is my go-to.
extra spicy, for favor!
 there were iguanas all over the resort and this little guy was missing part of his tail and one foot.  happy as can be bathing in the sun.

 annnnnd we got ourselves a selfie stick.  Jordan made fun of my purchase for the entire trip. 
if I shared how many selfies this boy actually took you would think he was singing a different tune!

 gah.  I love him, so.
 breakfast every single day for the last 4 years didn't stop in Cabo.  
oh, well.. I had scrambled eggs, too.  so there.

 the day they added bacon to my cheeseburger.. 
 the best dinner of the entire trip.  
crab stuffed sea bass
 hey, Caesar 
 Jordan.  muscle tank and ball cap.
you can take the boy out of Texas, but not Texas out of the boy.

all of my bathing suits were from Victoria's Secret (I buy VS suits every single year!) except the highwaisted bottoms and peplum top.  those amazing pieces are from kortni jeane! they run true to size, so I got my usual.  I always size up on the bottoms at Victoria's Secret:) their tops fit me pretty well and my favorite style is definitely the bralette- they recommend ordering a size up.
from right to left:
(I got the coverup on groopdealz a while back but did a quick search and found it on amazon!)
 hat / top / bottom
 don't mind my crazy-I-just-want-to-get-home eyes.  and last night's makeup.. and salty hair.  we had a few hours in the morning that last day, so we soaked what we could of those last moments in the Mexico sun- literally came from wearing my bathing suit at the beach straight to the airport. 
but first, Starbucks!  I never thought I would be so excited.  I'm such an American.  
 my people!  we are home!  we got home late on Saturday night and Auntie and Uncle J had the babes in bed already.  I laid about 25 kisses on those sleepy girls but they didnt move a muscle.  the big girls woke to us being home in our beds and we all laid there exchanging stories about our past week.  Ah it is so great to be home! 
such a fun week spent with my love. much needed adult time to be away and recoup from the everyday life of being parents to three- but it didnt take long to miss our little dolls fiercely.
next time those girls are coming with us!
happy Monday!

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