Hello December! I am so glad you are here- FINALLY! Ive been listening to music and shopping for decorations in anticipation for this month to finally arrive! It is really Christmas now that the holiday of Thanks has come and gone. Just some of my favorite things about Christmas..

The music- especially Sinatra, Bing Crosby, or Micheal Buble
Cheesy ABC Family movies (Santa Baby is one of my favorites!)
Parties with family..Parties with friends!
Festive Foods (at all the parties!)
The Christmas Store
Heavy Sweaters and scarves to match
Starbucks Red Cups
Fires in the fireplace
Shopping for special gifts for my very best friends and family
Christmas Eve dinner at Maggiano's

Decorating my HOUSE!! Love it! And not to forget the reason for the season- Jesus Christ, My Rock.


Sam said...

Awww it looks SO cozy! Great job! :)

Sarah Zettlemoyer said...

I love this!!!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year EvEr!!! Your list you made is myself to a T.

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