A Thankful Heart

This Thanksgiving I had PLENTY to be thankful for. My life is continuously blessed, period. It was a fairly low key holiday for us, the majority of Jordan's family (The Massey side) made a trip to Missouri to see the 'out-of-staters', while the rest of us Massey's stayed here in the Lone Star State. I convinced my Dad and Sam to come for Thanksgiving dinner at Jordan's parent's home on Thursday, and to very much my surprise, he said 'ok.' (NOTE: My parents have recently split again, but I promise you, this is for the best, or at least I think so. I continue to pray for them everyday regardless.) Sam and Dad came Wednesday morning, Jordan was at the fire station, so it was just kids and Dad time. We went to Northpark and saw the new movie A Christmas Carol. It was in 3-D, and I haven't ever been to a 3-D movie, so I had a good time with it. Turkey Day was finally upon us, and we headed off to the Massey's to celebrate with Bree, Roy and J Bree (J's mom, dad, and sister)

Jordan and I

Me and Dad

Sam and his big sis..he is getting so big!
Jenna and Sam attempting to wrestle with Jordan..they lost.
Three Massey Women
After an evening of football wins (My 'Boys, and 'Horns pulled it out for me!) and fully bellies, Jordan and I called it a night with my Dad and Sam and headed back to the house. I had an early morning ahead..I was getting up for Black Friday! Never done that before, so it was interesting to see the madness before me. After a smushed finger and two stubbed toes, I made it home alive from Black Friday shopping, both arms full of goodies! 4 pairs of shoes, a Castle Lego, 8 piece luggage set, 4 sweaters, a pair of slipper boots..and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee!

After shopping, Dad and Sam headed back to Austin City Limits and Jordan and I loaded up with Britt and headed down 2 1/2 hours to Belton to see the Fort/Wickliffe (J's mom's side) Granny and Woogie celebrated 50 years of marriage and to celebrate a large party was held on the lake in their honor. Lots of family and friends came to wish them congratulations, and it was a memorable event to remember.
Ashley and ME

Yep..this is my sister and she is GORGEOUS.
Three sister and their Mama
Bree, Veeca, and Jenny with Granny
Jenna, Jenny, and Amber
Here's to another 50 years..
Amber, sweet Ash, and JBree

Baby Blaine..Ashley's beautiful second daughter :)
Jordan is ready for babies! Can you tell?!

Mi padre-in-law
Woogie and his girls (Well, most of them, anyway!)
Jenna, Breann, George, and Amber
Mrs. Massey and Myself

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bobby from Seattle
Hey..thats my hubby and he is oh-so-handsome!!
Ashley, Me..and Jenna's teeth..thank goodness for CROP. TeHeeee!
This was the 'smoke room'..all the men and their cigars..haha
Jordan and the man that gave him his looks..Roy Massey
My Love..I think he is feeling a bit woozey from his cigar!
All in all a great week and weekend! I woke up this morning so worn out..I think I need another couple days to recover. But..CHRISTMAS is here!!! I sit here in front of my oh-so-bright tree and mantle with a blazing fire in the fireplace..you know..it hit only 61 degrees today. Prefect reason to build a fire in Texas!!! ;) I'll be posting pictures soon of my preeeeeetttty house! Time to make some dinner..soup in bread bowls- YUM!

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