Christmas with The Massey's

Christmas Cards are one thing that I look forward to recieving in the mail from all my sweet family and friends this time of year. Looking to see what kind of layout and pictures each select is so fun and makes each of those special people in my life unique in the way I love them. Every year since we have been married, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, Jordan and I have taken pride in having our pictures made for our Christmas Cards. Lucky for us, the wonderful (and now seemingly FAMOUS!) Jennifer fit us in her busy schedule and did another stunning job. Not all are posted, the one's I had put on our card were purposely left out. I mailed them out today, and I am soooo excited and proud for my loved ones to get them in the next few days.

I bought this hat a few weeks ago..and I was determined to fit it in somewhere.

Jenny jokes that this is how her husband Josh was when they have their engagement pictures taken. This one's for you, buddy ;)

He LOVES me...

True love at its absolute.

STOP breathing on me Jordan.. it's funny how these moments always turn into the best pictures..

Jenny was sneaky..she was supposed to be taking pictures of just our lower half ;) TeHe..

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Daisy said...

Love the pics. You are so beautiful and you make Jordan look very handsome too! What a great couple! Here's my address: 7208 Via Contenta NE ABQ NM 87113

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