Sunshine Dreamin'

Jordan and I just returned home from the most relaxing vacation ever.  I mean EVER.  Finally after two years of busy busy-ness.. College Graduation, Paramedic School, Dietetic Internship, and then studying and passing the RD exam..FINALLY- we can just be married again.    We celebrated with a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico with our blessed friends, the Chuck and Chasity.

The two hour flight felt like two minutes.. catching up with one of my favorite fireman wifey.  Getting excited for the beautiful beach. 
We have arrived!  The gorgeous (All-Inclusive!!) resort, Riu Palace of Mexico
At the beach within 10 minutes of our arrival :)
Dinner at The Patio (the steakhouse)
The first full day (day 2) on the beach..Jordan made sure I took notice to every female without a top on.  I fell for it everytime he said "Look"
In front of one of the many fountains.
Night numero dos- we ate at the Japanese Restaurant.  Chasity tried sushi for the first time..and our firemen surprisingly were more excited about the sushi than I was!  You can't see it here but we are sitting under one of the most outstanding chandeliers I have ever seen.  Just beautiful.

Day 3
 Looking quite tan already..and having an incredible time!
 Love The Collins'
 My hubby makes me glowing happy.  We were continuously called 'Newlyweds'..and I actually felt like we were, still so happy after 5 years.
 Day 4
No..it does not get old taking pictures of ourselves on the beach.  These next few pictures look like we were placed/edited into them!  The back drop is crystal blue and gorgeous.
 This Barbie loves her Ken ;)  A couple meant to be!
We made sure to coordinate our outfits.. No really..I'm kidding.  Even though secretly, I think Jordan really does take pride in making sure our colors don't clash.  I take credit for that- taught him well.
 Dinnertime at the yummy Seafood Restaurant.  Delicious salmon and a scrumptious pumpkin and scallop soup I cannot wait to recreate for fall!
 Again with the matching :)
CHEERS to lovely memories with friends.
 The Collins' and the Massey's
The very last day (5) of sun.. sad. 
 The boys were so happy to take part in this mini photoshoot on the last night.
 A kiss in the sunset.
Can't forget about this gorgeous girl!
 Love this one.  Great end to a fabulous trip. 
As you can see by J's face, we were so tired by the end of the week.  We didn't do a thing but lounge- we stayed on the resort and lived in our bathing suits. But still, the sun and sand can be draining!  One may think, 'What about all the excursions??' No thanks.. between honeymoon/cruises/trips, both the Collins and Massey's have done them all.  We decided early on that we weren't going for the sight seeing aspect of the Mexican country.  I couldn't have asked for better weather, better food (delish!), and better company.  Very much so a trip worth repeating..next summer. 
 Back to reality now.  Reality with the love of my life.  Glad to be home with my newlywed hubby tho. ;)

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