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Our sweet mini Supper Club friends are from Abilene and have never been to a STARZ game before. So, for this month's supper I found some cheap (but really great!) seats and we spent our Sunday evening on the ice!

Kind of high up- but perfect view of the entire rink! I actually liked these seats better than those closer to the floor. We usually sit where I can only see about half of the ice, and therefore, get pretty distracted from the game...

Two peas-Shannon and Amber
GREAT friends for life
Thats my hubs- wow- I forget how handsome he is.
The Anthony's

Perfect way to end our fun weekend!!!

This Wifey Is Oh So Sneaky

Jordan's birthday was this month on March 3rd- and bless his heart we was out of town doing some part time work with his Dad :( I was sad to learn that he wasn't even going to be home for his annual chocolate birthday cake a la Amber. So- a little over a month ago I started planning ;) I planned for all of our oh-so-wonderful friends at Station 6 to get together for a surprise birthday for Jordan. Once Jordan finally got back into town, I told him he and I were going to go out for a celebration, just he and I, for his birthday. I planned dinner in Dallas for two and a 'movie' after, when really I planned dinner for 20, and plenty of fun after! We arrived at 7pm, and walked into the room with a huge table with faces covered by menus- and SURPRISE!

He was soooo shocked! "...So, we aren't going to a movie!?" No SILLY!
All of us at Iron Cactus in The West End. I cannot believe these boys kept it quite for so long!

Chasity and I- LOVE her- REALLY!

These ladies make me proud to be a Station 6 wifey.

(LtoR) TOP: Lisa, Chasity, Julie, Allison

BOTTOM: Doty, Christi, ME!, Katie

My husband and I- It was the first day of Spring..and SNOWING in Texas. Yes, snowing.

West End Pub- this is where we spent the remainder of the evening- live music was awesome, a blues-y, country, rock band. LOVED it.

Jordan, Chuck, and new Driver, Sha

Me and my Boo

We are one big Happy Family! Lisa, her hubby, Greg, and Heath

Christi and Myself- VERY giggly at this point :)
Captain Christi, Lt. Doty, Driver Amber
Allison and Chasity make me laugh so hard- great memories from this evening!
The last part of the evening we went to Gilley's Dallas- in a snow storm, and it was FREEZING!
Our house when we arrived home that evening-or rather- morning!
Mr. and Mrs. Massey- very sleepy sleepy heads!

I thought for sure he knew- but he swears he didn't- either way, the look on his face was priceless, and it was so fun planning it! It was a great, and long over due get together. Pretty sure I'm ready to be back at the Clayton's pool for Station 6 Party #2!


Happy Birthday to Lauren

Last weekend Jordan (and Jenna's) cousin turned 17! To celebrate, she invited her friends from school, and family out to Southern Junction for a night of dinner and country dancing! I had never been to SJ before, and Jordan was out of town with work, still, so I thought, what the hey, I'll throw on my boots and go for a good time :)

Jenna and I- this girl will ALWAYS have my heart of friendship.

Aunt Sherrye (Lauren's Mom) and Bree (My Momma-in-law) We were waiting on our food to come. At SJ, you have the option to pick out your own steak and throw it on the grill to perfection (cooking it yourself!). Uncle Mark took the liberty of cooking my steak (medium, please!)

Lauren and her dance partner being extra goofy!!!

Cousin Baylee and myself. 13 year old heartbreaker is what she is, folks.

Baylee riding the bull. I decided it wouldn't be worth my $5 to sit on the bull before being launched off to the padding below in humiliation. No thank you. Besides- I could scuff my boots.

All in all- Good times at Southern Junction! I did find that, no matter how much I run/workout/exercise..line dancing will always give me a cramp in my side!


Wedding Festivities Have Begun!

This Saturday was the first of Jenna Bree's wedding showers. The shower was beautiful- the weather, friends, family, and food! All were amazing- thanks to her wonderful hostesses :)

Maid of Honor-Bride-Matron of Honor
Such a delicious spread!
My Jenna looking beautiful
Suz has been delegated the tacky-bow-bouquet maker..These wooden spoons were attached to a bow on a gift..these would be perfect for the bouquet. Nothing like the sound of wind chimes coming down the isle!
Jenna+New Bedding= OBVIOUS EXCITEMENT. Jenna is to new bedding as Amber is to her Kitchen Aid Mixer.
Jenna was very surprised to know she was not allowed to break any bows. You know, the old saying- however many bows you break (at your shower) is the amount of children you will conceive! This bow was tricky!
Would you like some help? (For the record..she broke that bow.)Made me proud! (Maybe because I helped her register!)
Mother-in-law and myself. Very thankful for her
Jenna with Amy (left) and Mary (right)
Such sweet and great friends to go through such hard work for her shower.
Great weekend with Jenna and family! After the shower we went to do the final fittings for Jenna and the final fittings for Suz and I and our dresses.
We got her beautiful wedding invite in the mail the other day and it made me realize how soon the wedding actually is! About a month away! Can't wait for that party!



In case you didn't know-- Click Here



For the Love of Comfies

My daily routine: Pull into the garage. Throw my bags and keys on the nearest counter. Walk directly to my bedroom, kicking off my shoes and pulling off my jewelry on my way down the hall. All in a quest for the SECOND love of my life. I love clothes--I LOVE to shop. But, unless I'm out and about, at work, school, or church- I am in my comfies! I cannot handle lounging in my jeans and a blouse. Jordan wears his jeans all day long, even if he is hanging out around the house- no way. Not for me! For Christmas I had gotten some PJ pants from Victoria's Secret from Deeks- but in the process of shipping and handling, or something or other- they were torn. :( I heard about these really comfortable pants from Victoria's Secret from a friend of a I opted for the exchange, after 3 months of them sitting in the floor of my closet. Yesterday I got home and to my excitement- they had arrived!! I immeadiately tore open the package and threw them on-

Oh. My. Geez. SOOOO soft. They give a whole new meaning to the word 'comfies'. I never want to take them off! And besides them being, well..PERFECT, they were only $19.99. Can't beat that!! They are hidden on the VS website- but I found these, which are not $19.99- but the same exact pant.

I searched the product code that came with my order- and a page came up with no image, but they are $19.99. (click here for that page!) I ordered the pants in the 34 inch length- I love my comfies extra long. Can't handle PJ pants that are too short. (I have to be able to tuck them into my socks at night. haha!)

OR you may have better luck by calling to order them by through the Victoria's Secret 800 number and giving the product number/Catalog Code: DZ 229498.

Anyway- Comfies are my favorite- and these rock my world.

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