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WE EAT | Weekly Toddler Menu Plan

After plenty of requests to do so, here it is!  I plan to post on Sunday {or Monday} of every week what I have planned for the Little Birds. 
I've been meal planning for about 10 years for Jordan and myself, so it came naturally to do so for Parker and Jolie.   I find that it helps me to maintain my grocery spending if I have a plan before heading to shop.. I make my meal plan and then build my list from there. 

Very little goes into my basket that wasn't on my list.

Typically P&J will eat what we eat at dinner time.  Breakfast and lunch are free reign- but will also me my meal if I happen to be home with them that day (Friday-Monday). 

Feel free to share any of your meal ideas, and I just might include them in a future meal plan!  I'm all about new meal ideas for my girls.

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We Eat | Breakfast Oats

Breakfast rut.

Story of my life right now.  Typically when I meal plan, I really focus on lunch and dinner because the girls usually eat the same things every morning.  

Until this week.  

This week they decided they aren't really into the 'regulars' {waffles and peanut butter; bananas and Cheerios; toast and fruit} so I pulled out the big guns.  Big guns would be referring to whole grain oats.

Whole Grain Oats {1/4 cup}
All Natural Peanut Butter {1 tablespoon}
Brown Sugar {1 teaspoon}
Sliced Bananas {1/2 banana}

I've made this on the stove as well as the instant oats packets (original).  No matter how I've made it, I always add a splash of whole milk to cool it down - speed up the temperature cooling rate for serving it to my hungry and impatient little birds.
We are still really working hard and mastering the fork and spoon.. and the whole concept of a plate and bowl.  Parker has seemed to pick it up really quickly, but then again, Parker often resorts to dumping out her food in its entirety to her tray before eating a single bite.  

I think we've found another favorite!  I made sure to make it a tad thick so that it was easy to get on the spoon {and actually make it to their mouth} 

 Totally in love with that 'oat-faced' smile. 

Any go-to toddler breakfasts in your house?

I'm all ears!



Spring Favorites: Little Ladies

1 (similar) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

1. Rompers.  I only wish that I could pull them off as well as my little birds can.  How sweet is this floral romper from babyGap.. that happened to sell out before I could link it to this picture.  Looks like I'm not the only one that watches the calendar specifically for these babies to become acceptable again. 
2. Baby Maxi.  I was skeptical.. until I saw my Parker and Jolie in one. 
I mean..
You are dying, right?  I am in love with all the prints and patters this season.  While I tend to lean towards the corals and hot pinks, the blue and yellow of this Old Navy maxi make it perfect for Spring.
3. Baby Tanks.  We got 'em in every color.  Pima cotton Peek tanks are super comfy and breathable- not to mention the sweet little ruffle around the neck to dress them up a little.  
4. Neon. I only wish this came in my size.  Neon was in last season, and it is back for the Spring.
5. Bow Tank.  I've seen these all over the place, and I love the pattern of this one from Oshgosh (and hello!  Oshgosh has some SUPER amazing style that came out of no where.) Loving this one, and this one, too!
6. Pattern Dresses. Love love love the aztec patterns, and this one from Carter's is totally precious.  I like that the long flowey dress will carry my littles into the summer.  I'm not into the super traditional Easter-y dresses, but this one could totally pass as what I would put the girls in for Easter Sunday.
7. Neon {Tank}. Mix, match, neon stripes.  Again, Oshgosh for the win!
8., 9., 10. Jeggings, Jeggings, & more Jeggings.  Colored jeggings are my jam.  Gimme gimme every single color.  

Since the girls turned a year old I've been trying a little harder at what to dress them in on those days we stay at home.  We have been known to stay in our PJs for the day's entirety, but for the most part I get them dressed into something to the equivalent of momma's yoga pants and ballet sleeve top, neither of which have seen the inside of a yoga studio {or any gym for that matter}.  I don't like lounging in my jeans and blouse, so why would I expect my girls to do the same?  I pay good money for their clothes and don't want them dirtied or worn playing hard outside or rolling around on the floor (or eating mac and cheese at lunch) 

My top picks for Baby Lounge   

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 
1. & 2. Leggings & Sweatpants.  I live in comfy pants.  Within 3 minutes of being home from work in the afternoon I have changed into my most comfortable leggings or sweat pants.  These are good, stylish, and super soft.  Sugar Plum Lane Boutique uses the softest {and sweetest} fabric for hand making her leggings.  We love these!
3. & 4. Slub Tanks and Tees.  Same concept as number one and two.  Keep comfortable and breathable in this Texas heat.  Old Navy has these tanks in almost every color..and my love for the Pure Body Tanks  follows suit through the fabric of these tanks for my littles.  Just enough stretch to hold in their tiny bellies.
5. Yoga Pants.  Get real.  When I realized that I could get yoga pants for Parker and Jolie I was feeling the burn in my fingers with excitement as I placed my order.  I totally pair these with my {number 8} favorite.
6. Marled Shorts. These French terry shorts are perfect for those 100+ degree days.  When sweatpants and leggings are a little too sticky.
7. Pullover Tee.  Make a tank {#3} and leggings {#1} into an outfit with a pullover tee.  Perfectly acceptable for a grocery store {or Sonic drink} run.  Shoes are optional.
8. Graphic Tees. I'm not into a lot of the typical graphic tees out there for baby. Cartoon bunnies and butterflies just don't do it for me.  I like some of what Peek {via Nordstom} has to offer, but Loved by Hannah and Eli has some legit amazing stuff.  I got these "Sister Bear" slub tees for my {sister} baby girls and currently coveting the 'Mama Bear' tank for myself.

I need it,  like, yesterday.

As many of you have asked.. and now you shall receive!

Spring Favorites for Momma is up next!



WE EAT | Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

We swoon over casserole night.  

Since the girls were born we have come to love and adore the one dish wonder even more.  It was our saving grace during the early months.  Now it has become incredibly convenient to have a healthy dinner made when I walk in the door. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and relief after a busy day at work.

Jordan: What's for dinner?
Me: Casserole.. its in the fridge.
Jordan: AWE-suuuumm

Usually I plan these meals out so that I can make time the night before, or in the morning before leaving for work to throw it together and pop it in the fridge for baking later on that evening.  

On this night?  We have a winner, folks.

Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 small onion,  diced * 1 cup sliced button mushrooms * 1 teaspoon salt * 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder * 2 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded * 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt * 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (plus additional for sprinkling on top) * 3 cups cooked wild rice


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  1. Place 1 tbsp of olive oil in a large saute pan over medium heat and cook the onions for 2 minutes.
  1. Add the mushrooms, season with 1/2 tsp of salt and cook another 4 minutes or until the mushrooms are tender and the onions are golden and translucent.
  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients together, place in an 8 x 8 inch baking dish and sprinkle with additional shredded cheese.
  1. Bake for 20 minutes.
Having shredded chicken breast on hand is a huge time saver- especially for casserole night.  Typically, I will throw a couple (frozen) chicken breasts in the crock pot with 1/2 cup of water or low sodium chicken broth, salt and pepper and cook it on LOW for 6-7 hours.  
I buy my chicken breast in bulk from Costco (prepackaged and fresh in the meat/seafood area) and freeze them in two breast portions for ease of use.

Thankfully my sweet little birds have grown a love of casserole night, too!

They weren't into the mushrooms as much.. Parker arranged her sliced mushrooms in the cup holder of her tray.  
Tell tale sign that its not on her favorites list.
 Still learning to use our utensils. Half the time they end up in the floor.  And the plates/bowls..?  
In our lap.  Naturally. 
 We diggggg it, Momma!

Casserole Night.  The options are endless.  
I have a few more Casserole-Night recipes to better believe this is our jam.  



Freshly Picked {Review}

I'm a sucker for fashion.  I've become and even bigger sucker {no, like HUGE} since the little birds came along.  The accessory options for these children is out of control.  If only I had unlimited funds. 

If only.. 

Jordan feels the same about dressing the girls. I can always trust him to leave the house with the girls' appropriately dressed and accessorized.  I actually think Parker and Jolie would remind him if he "forgot".  We don't leave the room after getting dressing in the morning without a bow or wrap.  

I'm not sure if he obliges to my 'requirements' out of fear.. or if he really enjoys it.  He knows that when he leaves the house without me I am 100% likely to ask him to snap a picture.  

No wonder my children refuse to look at the camera 67% of the time. 

They know what it means to drive me cray.
I digress.

When shopping for the littles I'm down for the sale, coupons, discounts (always always always ask if the retailer offers a twin discount.) and always shop for the most reasonable price.  

It was this post that I swooned over the splurge of a purchase it would take for a pair of Freshly Picked moccs for P & J.

How lucky was I {like.. WAY lucky} when Freshly Picked agreed for me to provide a review and offered two pairs of moccs for a giveaway {winner announced on the Gram @twintalkblog at noon!} 

While I love and adore small businesses- I have too many to share the love with {as I expressed in this post} and have purchased moccs from other shops with proven great quality- I must confess.  FP is worth every penny of the hefty price tag they boast.


jeggings / sold out {similar here}
 From the shape, to the thickness of the leather, and the fit of the mocc all together. 
Convincing J of this reasoning may take a little longer. 
We love our moccs!
 This was one of those 67% times.. complete refusal to look at the camera.  

Jolie wasn't havin' it.

headwrap / Jameson Monroe // tunic / sold out {similar here} // jeggings / sold out {similar here}
 Parker either.
 Instead, I will share with you my newest discovery.  
The belly button.

If you are in the market for a pair of high quality moccasins- head over to Freshly Picked.  You won't be disappointed.  I can't guarantee that the hubby will agree with your justification.. 

I'm sharing my birth story over at Twin Talk Blog today!  Click away!



WE EAT | Hard Boiled Eggs & Broccoli Fries

I'm all for trying new foods.  
I typically leave new food intros to just once or twice a week.  
Attempting to keep Parker and Jolie interested in meal times and not totally dreading it. 

It is on the rare occasion that I'll leave a 'new food' to Jordan while on 'dad-duty'.

It was this day that he hadn't a clue what he was getting into.  

Hard Boiled Eggs
Broccoli Fries (found here)
Whole Wheat English Muffins

Boiling eggs not your forte? Me either. Thats why I left this task to Jordan.  

  1. How to Boil the Perfect Egg
  2. Place the eggs in a large pot and cover with cold water.  Bring the water and eggs to a boil and then turn off the heat.  Allow the eggs to remain in the hot water for 12 minutes.  Poor off the hot water and cover eggs with cold water and a handful of ice (this stops the cooking process). 
  3. Drain, cool and serve.
If I may make a quick note: Babies under the age of one shouldn't have the egg whites due to possible allergies.  You can offer egg yolks to babies around 9 months of age.

"How did they do at lunch today?" 
"Really?  They ate the eggs?" 

Of course they did.  It is Jordan feeding them. They always do the miraculous for Dad.  
Wait, I'm the only one? 
And of course he took pictures.  "I figured you would want pictures for the blog.."

Good boy.
They were digging the broccoli fries, too

Proof.  They ate the hard boiled eggs.

The only evidence that there was a grain on their tray.. a tiny sliver of English Muffin.  

They love the carbs.
..and apparently hard boiled eggs.



Linen & Lace Review {and discount code}

Instagram (masseya) has become this awesome, yet crazy dangerous place. Awesome because I have stumbled upon so many fantastic small businesses, and crazy dangerous because I have found so many fantastic small businesses. 
See my (fantastic) problem?
Small businesses are amazing.  They pour their time and energy into creating unique and on of a kind pieces for you, your little birds, or home.  The canvas is white for these people and I love that I can get things that I haven’t seen on 50 other babelets in my IG feed or across the way at the playground.  I love the complements I get on the fun accessories and clothing my girls wear, and whats more is that I love that I’m helping someone who is working hard for a living and working that creative brain of theirs.  
A lot of the shops I have found and follow are run by fellow mommies, and it amazes me how creative and inspiring they are. I only wish to be half as creative as some of these women.  
Enter Linen and Lace.  I met Brittani through her firefighter hubby that works with Jordan and fell in love with her work.  She (and her hubby) pour their heart and soul into this business and it comes out in their finished product.
"We believe that words are one of the most powerful influences in our lives, they have the ability to change us from the inside out. Our signs are intended to speak a positive influence in your life and to touch your soul with our handmade love."

I asked Brittani make something to complete the Hot Cocoa bar at the girls' Winter ONEderland party- and boy did she see my vision in every which way!

I loved it so much I left it on display through the New Year as party of my holiday decor.

I am so excited that Brittani has agreed to offer a 10% off coupon code to her shop (Massey) to 3 Ladies and Their Gent readers:)

Be sure to check out her shop, her creations, and her love for what she does.   

Small businesses..
Bomb diggity.

Don't forget to check out Twin Talk for our Top 10 Maternity Favorites!



Just 10 minutes..

3 out of 4 little ears are infected.  


AND we also found out that Parker has some pretty nasty allergies.  Hence the result of her double ear infection.

Whats worse?  We didn't even have a clue that either of them had an infection until Dr. B leaned in and after a quick glance at there ears announced they had an infection(s). 


Mark this one in the books as a baby{ies} first.  Right under the puke and puke on momma.  

Check.. double check.. triple check.

loafer booties / babyGap (sold out) similar
This was at the end of our week, going into a beautiful weekend, and we were stuck inside.  

For about 10 minutes on Sunday we got the fresh air that we needed, accompanying dad while he worked outside in the yard.  
It ended up being just what we needed for a little relief from the cabin fever all 3 of us were having while we watched from the window as the sun gleamed around their dad {punk}. 
turban / shelbychicboutique (instagram shop) 
I'm tired.  Saturday and Sunday were tough.  Parker is really not feeling up to par at all.  Well, up until we went out side for a bit. They LOVE being outside.  More than anything.  When we ask if they are ready to out they start the rather frantic search for their jackets, shoes, and headband (not joking). So, I knew this could be a mini remedy for the cure of random meltdowns we had off and on all weekend.  Monday and today has been much better, but the nights have been pretty restless.  I wake up to see Parker on the monitor holding her wubby over her ears and crying for mom.

Ready for these ear issues to pass and for my littles to be in good spirits again. {and for them to sleep through the night.  And by them, I mean Parker.  And by littles I mean Parker.}

Maybe we will sleep outside. {I'm absolutely, probably, but not really..maybe.. kidding}



Twin Talk {Blog}

After many months of planning March 10th has finally arrived- my twin momma bestie and now 'blog partner', Meredith and I could not be more excited!

So..Whats Twin Talk

Throughout our twins' first year, Meredith and I regularly texted and emailed offering encouragement from one twin mom to another.  We decided we wanted to share this support with other twin moms and thus Twin Talk was born {wayy more went into it, but you get the idea).

This afternoon we'll announce our very first giveaway on Instagram!  Please share Twin Talk with anyone you know who has (or is expecting) twins.  You can also find us on Instagram (@twintalkblog), Facebook, and Pinterest.  And don't forget to follow us on Bloglovin!

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