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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This year for Thanksgiving was a little bit different for us. We decided not to travel, and so for the very first time EVER, Bree, Jordan's Mom, cooked Thankgiving dinner at her house. Jordan's grandparents came in town from Belton, Tx and Jenna was home from Houston. I brought some food, Granny brought some food, and Bree provided as well, and we had a great spread :) Food, Football and Family..the perfect Thanksgiving!!!! We ate a great meal..and while the boys watched foortball, the girls played 'Hand & Foot', a super fun card game. We played for hours!! The next morning, bright and early, instead of fighting crazy people at the malls and megastores, Bree, Granny, Woogie, Jenna and I made the short road trip out to Canton. It was cold, and we got drenched in the rain, but, I got a cute hat and some fun gifts and Christmas decor for my house. It was such a good time!!! The ride home wasn't so jeans were wet to the knees! But, we listened to Micheal Buble's Christmas CD, and sang along, making the best of the 'cold' situation! It was one of the best Thanksgivings, ever. I am so thankful to have family like I do..I am truly blessed and I pray that God provides me with the greatful heart I should have toward this fabulous family of mine!Our quaint spread of yummy food..

The Dogs!! Lucy, Libby and Brittany. Lucy is a close family friend..her parent's were out of town for the day, and so we decided to babysit for them. She's a sweetie!

Silly girl!! Her belly was so soft!
Brittany getting an ear rub by JB..She is such a sweet girl!

The boys watching the 'Boys whoop up

Woogie and his way of surviving Canton...Coffe in one hand, and a coconut pie in the other!

Getting wet at Canton with Jenna..yaay!


Fall Birthday Fun

Jordan and I have been busy busy with birthdays. Whether it be a Bday dinner with friends, a 1st Birthday, or Surprise name it, we have done it in the month of November.

Dinner at Campania for Kelly's Birthday :)
Me and Jordan..not the best picture of myself...but Jordan is looking quite handsome!! We were sooo full from a fabulous pizza dinner and dessert!
Cowgirl Jolee's 1st Birthday
Jolee excited for CAKE!
She was slowly making a mess with her chocolate cake!
Proud parents with their girlEmily and I..LOVE this girl
Me and my sweetie
Brian's Surprise Birthday/Celebration Party
Yes, Brian..this is for you!! His wife Melanie threw a birthday and celebration party for Brian in honor of him getting hired with Irving Fire Department
The Firemen.
Blowing out his candles!
Jordan with his little cousin David..this boy is the CUTEST!!
David was having a ball..I wish I was that small to be thrown like that!!

Whew...didn't think I would get to the end of this blog!! That was one busy weekend...yes..this was all in one weekend! We loved every minute of it :)

Brown/Clark Wedding

Last weekend Jordan and I were lucky enough to witness to marriage of our good friends Christen and Kevin. they got married at a beautiful church in Jacksonville, Tx and had their reception at a new place called The Legacy. Their wedding was the first to be held there, it was that new!! It was so beautiful and I am so glad we got to be apart of their special day!
The Firemen: Jordan, Kevin, and Robert
The Beautiful Bride and Myself
Kevin's Groom's Cake..He's a hunter :)



Victor's Birthday

A couple weekends ago, our good friends Victor and Joanna had a birthday party for Victor at their house in Irving. We had a great time and Joanna did such a good job as a hostess. She had some Mediterranean food catered in and I had never had anything like that before, so it was new for me, and it was YUMMY! Lots of cheese and bread. Great stuff. Here are some pictures Joanna finally sent to me. That is why this post is a little late ;)The Spread

Silly girls with Charlie
My sweet friend Joanna and IMe and Jo's sister..she was visting from Venezuela

Amy, Kelly and Amy

Jones, Chris and Jordan..and Charlie, too!

He was pooped out..poor little guy ;)

I just realized I don't have any of the birthday boy!! I'll repost bc I know I have them..I just can't find them on my computer right now!!


I've Been Tagged By Kara!!

Thanks Kara for tagging me! I've been bad and haven't been on here for a few days!
But her I am, doing the Belated 8 Things Tag!

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1) Grey's Anatomy- I really cannot get enough of this show..
2) Fringe- a newbie..its really good!
3) The Hills (Yes, I am obsessed too, Kara!!!)
4) Raising the Bar-another newbie for me and J
5) Sex and the City reruns
6) 24 (its coming back next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
7) Project Runway
8) Top Chef

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1) Johnny Carino's -They know us very well!
2.) Maggiano's
3.) Cristina's
4.) Patrizio's
5.) Chuy's (We eat here every time we are in Austin, too, Kara!)
6.) Panera Bread
7.) BJ's Brewhouse
8.) Rockfish

8 Things that happened today (This is Saturday..I started it yesterday, and I'm too lazy to change what I did today!)
1.) Slept in!
2.) Helped Jordan make our traditional Saturday morning breakfast (Pancakes..yum..I pretty much stood there with my coffee and watched him flip the cakes on the griddle. ;) )
3.) Watched Grey's Anatomy on DVR
4.) Beat the insane crowd at WalMart for my usual grocery trip
5.) Worked on my research project for school (I hate it. Period.)
6.) Got ready for a Kevin and Christen's Wedding
7.) Left to drive to their wedding..THREE HOURS AWAY. We love them.
8.) Had a fabulous time at their beautiful wedding..yummy food!

8 Things I look forward to:
1) CHRISTMAS...This should be the top three for me, lol
2.) Decorating our house for our very first Christmas here :)
3.) The day it is cold enough for us to build a fire in our fire place!
4.) Jordan to be out of paramedic school, and for things to be back to normal!
5.) Christmas parties..can you tell I absolutley LOVE this time of year?!
6.) Getting our Christmas card pictures taken next weekend, haha, again with the Christmas.
7.) Getting my internship packet finished
8.) The Market Street that is opening up walking distance from my home..just a few more months!!

8 Things on my wish list:
1) To get into an intership so I can become an RD
2) An area rug for our living room
3) Seeing my family for the holidays (if you know me, this is something that is hard to come by)
4) Going on a much needed trip with my sweet hubby that I hardly get to spend time with these days bc of school and work
5) For it to finally get cold, and STAY cold..I LOVE sweater weather :)
6) A new tv for the living room..and one for our bedroom, too!
7) Cooking classes
8) Snow

8 People I tag:
1) Katie
2) Becky
3) Jenny
4) Melanie
5) Katie
6) Jackie
7) Sherry
8) Angela



Brittany and Her 'Thing' for Toothpaste

The other morning Britt was being silly, as she always is after she eats her breakfast, and she decided she wanted some of Jordan's toothpaste. She has done this since she was a pup, and it started with Jordan's Dad letting her lick his toothpaste out of the sink back when Jordan was living at home. Sounds GROSS, I know! So, she hopped right up to the sink and started licking the air, in attempt to maybe get some that had fallen from Jordan's mouth! I was sitting in the sink next to J and it was too cute not to capture on camera. As you can see from the picture, it is just after 6AM..Nice to start my early day with a smile!
Right as I took this one, Brittany had finally gotten Jordan's face! We both had a good laugh, especially after we saw the pictureIt's the little things in Life.


Days of Taste 2008

Each year the Dallas Farmers Market and the American Institute of Wine and Food host a 2 week event called Days of Taste. This program is supported by the AIWF and is a national initiative to educate elementary school children about the origins of their food, taking them from farm to table and introducing concepts of healthy eating. My job, Baylor Medical Center, decided to volunteer for a day during this two week event. My fellow Foodies and I hosted about 60 young children, teaching them value of good nutrition and also teaching them that healthy food can be yummy food!! We each had a team of about 5 kids and we ventured down to the Farmer's Market with $5 and spent it on a variety of fruits and veggies. We brought our purchases back to the kitchen where we showed them how to clean and prep, and then we placed it into one big bowl, making a homemade pasta salad. Some of the groups had some yumm-o group..well, lets just say it was interesting ;)

The Baylor Foodies!!

Their first experience with growing yeast. We exposed them to new things using their 5 senses. None of my boys new what Rosemary was fun teaching them!

The AMAZING fruits and veggies at the Market. It was my very first time going, and it wont be my last!

He was a cutie! He ate raw ginger..I about died with the giggles!!

Me and Emily with our group, waiting to wash our hands

Learing the secret to seeding a pomegranate.
Shelley and I
TEAM EGGPLANT!! With our salad; Ingredients: Bowtie Pasta, Fresh Green Beans, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Zuccini, Squash, Red Delicious Apple, Spinach, Fresh Broccoli, and a homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. Can we say indigestion? They we so proud!!
I had a great time with these kids for a day, and I am so looking forward to next year!!

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