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Last Day of Summer

I saw this display outside of Central Market this weekend- FALL is HERE!! I l-o-v-e FALL! I ordered my first of many Pumpkin Spice Lattes this weekend, too :) (grande, non-fat, no-whip, extra cinnamon, 2 Sweet'N'Low, extra, extra HOTTT, please!) I get so excited about fall decor..well, holiday decor in general. Never have I ever really gotten the jump in my tummy for summer..the browns and greens and orange colors are so warm and welcoming. I will be visiting the Pumpkin Patch to pick out my pumpkins for the front porch, soon. Then, on to Thanksgiving with family,fellowship, yummy food, and decor and then..Christmas..and the music..OH! Christmas Music! I actually caught myself listening to Michael Buble's 'Let It Snow' on my way to work the other day. Christmas in all it's glory! EEEKKKK!! Sweater weather is right around the corner..along with warm fires and soup and slippers and sweats..and SOUP! :)

I'm excited about the next several months..can you tell?!


TourdeCure 2009

Last weekend was TourdeCure 2009. Rachel, Mary Katherine, and I endured the miserable weather (pouring rain) and served breakfast to 317 riders. I volunteered last year and had a blast, so I knew when it came around again this year, I was signing up again for sure.

MKat, Me, and Rachel at the rain..and since Friday I had began to feel poorly. This did not help my stuffy head!
My Baylor girls: Rachel and Mary Katherine
SO EARLY! We were just beginning to cut up the fruit for the riders..
ORANGES! :) So Yummy! I needed the Vitamin C myself, too!
Setting up before the riders came thru.
Although It was raining, and pouring at times, and we had the occasional soggy bagel, it was a really fun time and I didn't quite mind the rain. I ended up getting super ill the next day..and Monday and Tuesday for that matter. I was already down and out on Saturday with a stuffy head and sore throat. Then, being wet for half the day did not help! All better now, tho :)


One Month In

I promise- I'm not turning into one of those 'I have a blog, but I never post anything, but I love my blog' type of people. Life has just been completely insane. But- ONE month in! One month into my internship..and one month closer to becoming an RD! Yaay! I love my fellow interns dearly..they are an amazing group of people. I actually almost said 'an amazing group of girls'..but we do have one boy..Steve..or Stephen..he wont tell us which he prefers. I think he might be somewhat intimidated by the 7 of us. Makes me smile a little..
It has been a blast working and growing with them..they all make each day something I look forward to..even when I have to get there super early, or get home later than I want. Until December I am doing Administrative other words; Foodservice! My first week I was in Conference Services/Catering, last week I was in Technology (Diet Office) and for the next two weeks I will be in Patient Services and running the hospital kitchen. This should be fun! I went out and found some semi-cute non-slip shoes today..that was not the type of shoe shopping I like to do. I kept picking up these adorable shoes and then was heartbroken to leave them on the shelf to find their rubber-sole replacement. BLAH! I also got some ALL WHITE scrubs for when I'm in Production. They do this so that they can easily be bleached if needed...but c'mon..white? This will be interesting. I attempt to take some pictures so that you can make fun later. Either way, this is the time of my life and I'm loving it!! I promise not to stay away too long next time :)

All of us being silly at Northpark. I think they were ready to kick us out! This picture was put on the cover of the Nutrition and Food Services Newsletter for the hospital! Meet your new Dietetic Interns! HAHA!

It's official..we got our name badges. We can 'scan' into important rooms now with our 'badge access' :)

Foodservice Kids..minus Jess; Sandi and Steve
Steve is in production right now, hence the white scrubs! Eating at Gloria's

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