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Holiday Wish list | 0-6 months

I love holiday gift guides!! It is no secret that this is my favorite time of year- EVER.  I am not alone, that's for sure.  I have a little section in the notes of my phone that I keep up with ideas for gifts and special occasions all year long- basically like a running Christmas List.  I'll make a little note of anything that I happen to come across that I know my girls or Jordan will love so I don't forget when its time to buy- because I cant remember what I wore yesterday let alone gifts for three babies plus a picky husband. 

My girl are so fun to shop for at Christmas. This time of year is quiet magical for them.. and me!  First up is my holiday gift guide for Miss Baker Bree.  She is the easiest to shop for;)

Fisher Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space //  My sweet girls isn't quiet sitting up just yet, but I know it wont be long!  We have a play table that she can stand up and play at, but I think this one would be a good middle transition for her.  I love the design of it, it is so sleek and `modern-looking`. It is hard to avoid having big, bulky, colorful toys all around the house when you have babies and toddlers- Baker's tiny self has taken over our living room already. But this toy doesn`t look obnoxious like many big baby toys do. I know she will love to sit and play with it as well and stand and play once she's to the point of pulling up.. which we wont talk about right now because this mama cant handle the thought of her getting even bigger
aden + anais bath wrap // I was browsing the Black Friday sale over the weekend and came across the Gap and Aden+Anais collab and THIS is adorable!  Hooded towels just give me the fever all over again.. and then you wrap a baby basically in a ROBE??  Dead.
Briar Handmade Bonnet //   I've been swooning over Briar Handmade since I found out I was having a little girl.  This is Baker's 'big gift'.  I'll admit it is a little on the pricey end for a bonnet- but it is beautifully made.  Wool and lined with the softest cotton, and that pom on top?  Perfection.
pajamas //  We always need more pajamas.  Christmas and festive jams are my all time favorite.  We have A LOT .. how much is TOO much??  I'll let Jordan fill you in on that.  I love this and she might have these in her stocking.  And her big sisters might have some to match:)
jellycat bunny // While we don't have a real theme to her nursery, the bunnies have sort of taken over.  We have many perched around her room and often carry one that her BB got for her when she was born.  She chews on the ears:)  The more the merrier!
Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball + Squeeze n' Squeak Elephant //  The best stocking stuffers for Miss Baker!  Think toys with interactive elements, bright colors, sound, and different textures.  We are in the deep dark throws of teething (like for real), and these sweet little toys are not only super cute, colorful, and really great for development of her baby brain, they are soft and east to hang onto while she gnaws away to soothe her gums. 
Skip Hop Activity Bar // Finally, finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the car seat FREAKout.  We ended up reclining her car seat back in the base a little and she seems much more comfortable!  She also loves to have her 'friends' aka toys in her seat with her.  This Skip Hop Activity Bar is not only good for the stroller rides but the car rides, too!  She keeps herself busy and happy batting at the toys and that mirror is amazing- every time she catches a glimpse of herself she cackles out loud.  Ya'll.. her cackles are AWESOME.
Geek Tee // I just need a pair of nerd glasses for her stocking and we will be all set.  Throw on a fun patterned legging- like these or these and swag swag swag..
Bieber is currently on my streaming Pandora and I couldn't help myself. 


Black Friday + White Plum

It was this time last year that I had just found out I was pregnant with our sweet miracle babe.  
Just 6 days after our second baby went to sit at His right hand on October 11th..October 17th was the day our dreams came true to grow our family from four to five.  I had NO idea how much her perfect placement into our lives would impact me, my heart, and the understanding of grace.
Oh Baker girl.  You and those crystal grey eyes and double chin.
Homegirl is getting straight heavy cream, I tell ya.
But serious- I am one very thankful mama.  
 It has hit me over the last couple weeks how thankful I am for her.  I cant stop looking at her.  smelling her baby head, and tickling her chunky thighs.
THAT smile!  Letting me into her tiny world with every happy flicker of her sweet little eyes.
The tears are welling as I type..
She is my constant reminder that miracles and the purest of all love exists. 
With the end of another Thanksgiving.. I am left with tired feet, hilarious attempts at family photos and extra thankful for pants without buttons.
Pants without buttons saved me from that second helping of mashed potatoes.  Scooped with a yeast roll.  Dipped in the gravy.  
All the carbs, you guys.   
Lets get back to the pants with no buttons. 
Leggings, my friends.  I'm talking about leggings.  
We all know about my leggings love.  They do such good things for the post baby bod.
Plus.. with the extra stretch in the tummy from housing now three babes in two pregnancies, I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant after a bowl of cereal.
Give me all the leggings.  Please.
After reading White Plum's Leggings Guide it brought a whole new meaning to how to wear them for our body types.  'Are they pants?'  No.  So.. cover your bum, girls.. 'What shoes do I wear with them?', 'How do I manage a fun print?'
The answers are all there!  I recently tried out their high-waisted fleece leggings and they are ugh-maaazing.  They come in just two sizes and stretch and hold their shape and do.not.sag.
This was my first time to try the cable knit leggings and OH my I love them!  

  White Plum is giving you the chance to win some of their most popular and best selling leggings - I am so excited for you!!  I confess to own nearly every color and style of leggings from White Plum.  A girl can never have too many, right? Right.  Most of the time that logic doesn't fly with the hubby.. BUT leggings are such an important piece in my wardrobe during the cooler months.  They are perfect to layer under a long tunic (this one is my favorite- I have three colors..camel, navy, and wine and this one is amazing, too!) or pairing with a long cardigan - like this one or this one - and booties. SO many options. 

Lets get to the giveaway, shall we?  Whats up for grabs?  

first place winner receives 10 pairs of leggings of their choice (worth $200 value)
second place winner received 5 pairs of leggings of their choice (worth $100 value)

THAT is an amazing.   

Thats TWO different prize opportunities for TWO different winners.  
..question.. can I enter my own giveaway?  These leggings are seriously my all time favorite and the chance to win TEN pair is unreal! 

 Enter for your chance to win in the rafflecopter giveaway below and in the meantime, you can do a little shopping of your own using code BLACKISBACK for 50% off your entire purchase- their Black Friday sale was SUCH a huge success they extended it through today (Saturday)
This is HUGE!  
You better believe I have filled my cart in anticipation for this amazing Black Friday Sale. 
click for 50% off!

White Plum really knocked it out of the park with their product selections this season- these are my most favorite pieces EVER to style.  NOW-  Who else is getting in on this Black Friday Sale??  FIRST enter my giveaway (because everyone needs more leggings in their life) and THEN head over to shop their site at 50% off!! .  Hurry!  Sale ends at midnight tonight!
Giveaway runs Friday, November 27th through Monday December 7th.
Good Luck!

This post is brought to you by White Plum and includes an awesome giveaway!  Two winners will win $200 +$100 worth of their awesome leggings.  
TONS of credit to Brittany of B Faith Photography for snapping these pictures.  
Thank you so much!


park playdate + friendsgiving

Last week we finally had a hint of cooler weather on the horizon and  Since the weekend the weather has been absolutely perfect.  The chilly mornings has me reaching for that second cup of coffee in my favorite mug and admiring the lonely piece of Christmas decor in our entry.  That process has been slow this year.. BUT- we are working on it.  
With the gorgeous weather sticking around for a bit, we decided to take an impromptu trip to the park for a picnic.  Baker gets really warm in her carseat with too many layers, so I try to keep a blanket or something on hand for when we are out and about in the cooler temps.  
It was finally chilly enough to try out her new JJCole Bundleme
headwrap c/o shelby chic boutique // denim jacket c/o gymboree 
While the big girls played and ran off some steam after eating lunch, Baker Bree and myself sat the sidelines and watched - so cozy in her carseat.  Girlfriend didn't make a peep the entire time we were out there- and normally she absolutely despises her carseat. 
 original graphite bundleme c/o jj cole (#bundlemegood)
 Serpa lined and kept her warm against the chilly winds and the crisp air of the day.  I love this as it is not bulky and the zipper feature allows the cover component to stay put.  Baker is constantly kicking and moving her feet, so keeping a regular blanket over her legs can be a challenge.  With this kind of weather sticking around, I am excited to be able to use this many more times this season. One activity I am really looking forward to is spending the holiday season with baby number three.  Traditionally we go to an outdoor mall and walk and window shop on Christmas Eve and this will be the perfect accessory to Miss Baker's stroller seat.  
 Cant forget about these crazy-trains.  There energy level.  
If I had 50% of the energy they do 100% of the time I could take over the world.   
juuuuust sayin. 
On another note.. Its Thanksgiving week!!!  WHO is ready for a delicious meal shared with family and friends?  After our park playdate, we headed back to the house to prep for our annual Supper Club Friendsgiving. I completely failed at getting any pictures aside from the food spread that night.. there were 8 adults and 8 kids under four running amok that night.. so wrangling them was work enough.  I've been watching all the Food Network Thanksgiving programs and I continue to hear 'do not try a new recipe on Thanksgiving..' 
Well.  Why not??
Three words: Crock Pot Turkey.
I fell upon a few of these recipes when searching for inspiration and so.. I thought.. why not? 
I was in charge of the turkey, ham, mac and cheese + flakey rolls.  
The turkey in the crock pot (recipe HERE) was super moist and really delicious .. it was probably the best turkey I have ever had- and I'm not a fan of this bird.  The gravy made from the drippings of the turkey in the crock pot was even better.  
The ham was just a store bought warm and serve.
You have got to try this macaroni and cheese   - I promise you will not have left overs.. which is a little disappointing. 
 Friends.  Let me introduce you to the most high maintenance cake on the planet.  
snickers (!!!) 
Jacqueline made this cake.. yes.  From scratch.  She has a two week old baby.
 We ate SO good that night.  THE best mashed potatoes (HERE), traditional green bean casserole (HERE), corn bread casserole (HERE), flakey rolls (store bought), and a yummy fall Honeycrisp Apple Sangria (HERE).  Oh- and whats thanksgiving without the stuffing (HERE)?? 
After dinner, Ash and I polished off a bottle of red between the two of us and four sweet girlfriends chatted the night away while our littles played together on the floor in front of us and our hubby's watched football on the big screen on the patio.  
No pictures (aside from the food), but I was deep in meaningful conversation in those moments spent with our lifelong friends.

So much to be thankful for for this week!


My Bestie + Me | Lily Jade Giveaway

Happy Monday, ya'll!  My extra special chirpy excitement is for great reason.. I am SO excited about today's giveaway.  Mainly because I have the privilege to have worked and come to know and adore the momepreneur+hubby team behind Lily Jade.  With each and every handbag they pour their heart into it is definitely with you and me in mind. 
There is something to be said about that kind of small business.
All of these bags come complete with a removable and washable "Baby Bag" as well as a washable changing pad.  The organizer has FOURTEEN usable pockets - perfect for both mama and baby essentials.  LOOOOOK at all that organization! Singing music to my OCD ears, you know!?  Oh- and can I also mention the convenience that is the easy conversion of these bags from handbag to backpack??!  I thought the baby wrap was the best thing ever invented.. until I used this handbag as a backpack.  
Holy free-hands.
photo by: b faith photography // bag c/o lily jade // riding boots
Lily Jade bags are not only for mama's themselves - but for the those of us that love a gorgeous handbag- Lily's got your back.  I often carry my 'diaper bag' without the insert as a handbag when I'm not with the babes.
Such a good investment.
I am so excited to be teaming up with Lily Jade to celebrate the upcoming holiday- not only is it about turkey+carbs+stretchy pants.. This week represents so much more and encourages us to reflect on what we are truly thankful for.  I absolutely love this time of year.  
All of us are thankful for our besties, now aren't we?  I am happy to share that Lily Jade is not only giving away a gorgeous handbag to one of my readers, but ALSO a second handbag to share with your bestie.  SO much fun, right?  The best(ie) way to kick off this week!!  

I also want to mention that LJ is running a big fat Thanksgiving SALE! This makes their bags a steal.. premium leather bags with this many features and "extras" would cost hundreds more in stores. All bags are currently discounted + get an all-new leather cosmetics case for 50% off with purchase of any bag over $200.  ALSO, anyone who purchases a bag between now and 12/30 will be automatically entered to WIN her pick from our Spring line before it’s even available to the general public!  GAH- that is so good, you guys!  

 Enter in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win TWO handbags!
Giveaway runs through midnight on Thanksgiving Day
Winner will be chosen by Friday, November, 27th.
G O O D L U C K !

BIG thank you to Lily Jade for their repeat generosity in sponsorship of this post.  
All opinions expressed are my own.


four month favorites

play mat // finally Baker has progressed through cognitive development enough to be able to actually enjoy her play mat instead of being in sensory overload 1.5 seconds after being laid on the mat.  She will play and swat and coo at the hanging toys and the twins love to lay on the mat with her. 
sophie la girafe // We love sophie!!  She is a darling little giraffe.. loud as all get out and borderline obnoxious- but Baker absolutely adores her. Baker loves her because she can grip her with both hands, she's easy to chew, and her eyes light up any time we make sophie squeak.  I have actually noticed our sweet girl holding on tight to sophie when she's fallen asleep in her car seat (which is like never) or swing. 
medi nurser // unfortunately Miss B has already had to take medicine through a syringe.  She has terrible allergies and Dr. Butler suggested an otc allergy med as needed.  When we give it to her we would stick a finger in her mouth so she automatically started sucking and taking the medicine.  ANYway- I discovered this medi nurser not too long ago and not only are they the cutest thing you have ever seen- its genius!  No more fingers in her mouth.. well for this reason, anyway:) 
nosefrida // after many failed attempts in fighting the congestion monster when the twins were small, we finally caved one night at 2am and bought the frida off Amazon.  With Baker's allergies getting the best of all of us we have used it often this month.  Just trust me.  Get past the heebegeebees.  Buy the frida.  Thank me later.
old navy sleepers // once again these sleepers have made the favorites list.  They fit the best of any other brand we have worn- and the pattern and colors are my favorite!
cozy socks // with the cooler weather we gotta keep her head and her toes covered!  
bumbo // around 12 weeks we put Baker in the bumbo for the first time and she LOVED it!  She has really great core and head control, so it was a great way to keep her busy!  Its basically the best seat in the house!  I do leave the bumbo sitting for after its been awhile since she's eaten because the extra pressure on her belly when she's sitting upright.  
infantino crinkle blocks // basically everything goes into Baker's mouth right now.  Homegirl cant help it.  These blocks were a gift from her BB and we have loved them so much!  Basically any sensory toy is among our favorites right now.  Sweet girl is so intrigued by the crinkle noise and the textured fabrics.  
just born sleep sac // l o v e these sleep sacs!  I was introduced to them before Baker was born, and having used and loved a different brand, I was surprised to fall in love with these- they are awesome!  They are thick enough to hold in warmth, but not too much to over heat thanks to the mesh vents on each side.  I love these in particular because they have a velcro wrap inside that goes around your baby's chest and holds the sack in place while they sleep.      
june + january tights // these knit tights!  I wish they were in my size.  I want all 7 colors! J+J is now offering 20% off your purchase of all 7 colors, so of course they are reading all of our minds when we are torn between which one to choose.  They are easy to layer underneath bloomers, dresses, onesies- you name it.  And the colors are just perfection.  We wear ours o f t e n.


Breastfeeding Basics + Going Back to Work

Parts of me wanted to just slide right past this post without mention because breastfeeding is h a r d.  It doesn't work out for a lot of mamas.  All the information out there can be suffocating and intimidating and down right discouraging when trying to absorb the tips and tricks from the 'breastfeeding pros'.  News flash: I am definitely not an expert. But I am one of the lucky ones that has had success with breastfeeding my babies.  I am still in the learning stages with Baker, and what I do want to document (for myself) is how different it is breastfeeding one baby versus two babies.  Since my prior breastfeeding experience was solely based on feeding two babies, I felt like I was coming into this second round of breastfeeding blind and with anxiety of the unknown.

the b e g i n n i n g. 
I requested the lactation consultant to come in the morning after Baker was born.  After she whizzed through several questions like "how was your experience with your last delivery" and "how long did you nurse your twins..?" she stared blankly at me and made it somewhat clear that she wasn't sure why I had requested a consult.  
"I don't know how to breastfeed one baby." 
Does she eat on both sides?  How do I know when to switch sides?  How will I know when she's full enough?  
Taken back slightly, she quickly realized that yes, I needed a little assistance.  I really was clueless as to how or what the basics were to feeding just one baby.  Nursing two babes for 13 months I produced enough on one side to feed the girls tandem-style.  I had no idea the concept of switching sides or knowing which side to start on the next time I nursed.. basic concepts of breastfeeding, you know?  I did take a class prior to the twins being born, but the nurse proctoring the class basically said after every sentence that "...your experience won't apply to XYZ".  Needless to say I began the learning experience of feeding a singleton and it took about 8 weeks before my body finally figured out that I was only feeding one baby and Baker was efficient enough to begin eating off both sides when needed.  

the m i d d l e
I wasn't pumping hardly at all during the early weeks because .. toddlers.  I simply didn't have time.  When my weeks and days at home continued to grow shorter and shorter, I knew I needed to start introducing myself to the pump and Baker to the bottle.  My going back to work sort of forced us onto a regular scheduled routine and I kind of loved it.  I started pumping first thing in the morning after I fed Baker and would offer Baker the bottle here and there when the opportunity presented itself.  The morning was when I could get the most out of pumping.  By the time your baby is 4 weeks old your body will have built up enough supply to be able to handle at least one session.
 Pumping while I was still at home not only helped with my supply, but it also helped to build a small stockpile of milk in the freezer. This helped my confidence during the early weeks after returning on the days that I didn't quite get enough milk to fill the bottles for the next day. 
Practice makes perfect when introducing the bottle to your little one, so while you may hear conflicting information about when to offer a bottle - your best bet would be to leave bottles at bay for the first 4 weeks or so.  I would suggest about 1-2 weeks before you go back to work to start offering a bottle at least once a day to your babe.  The first couple times Baker took a bottle it was.. terrible.  She cried, choked, refused.  I was panicking a little to think that she would soon have no choice but to take a bottle, so we better figure this out pretty quick.  Thankfully we had enough time to work through that struggle and my sweet girl takes a bottle like a champ these days!  That's a relief.  Now- if only I could keep those bottles filled to where they needed to be on a daily basis.

going b a c k
You may be on the receiving end of less than supportive comments/questions from ignorant co-workers. There will be days when you’re ready to toss in the pump and reach for the formula - I have them. But in the end, I have made a commitment to continue to breastfeed, and I found a way to do it.  Forget the “what ifs.” “What if he won’t take a bottle?” “What if she won’t take a nap without nursing?” “When I pump milk at home I can pump only a little bit. What if I can’t pump enough milk when I’m back at work?” 

Don’t let these worries intrude on your decision to make the commitment. 

f i r s t things first
The first thing I did when I was preparing to go back to work was figure out where I would be pumping - this girl needed some privacy a couple times a day!  Thankfully I have an office that I am able to close the door and take some personal time to do what I need to - but not everyone in my work place gets this benefit.  Make sure there is a room for you to camp out in before it is time for you to pump.  That way you have plenty of time to figure it out or ask for help before the dreaded leaking through your shirt panic sets in when you literally have to get some relief  All you really need is a clean private room with an outlet - not the bathroom.  According to U.S. law, most workplaces have to provide accommodations for you. Here’s a summary of federal and state breastfeeding laws just in case you need it:)  Ideally, the place where you pump will have an electrical outlet, so that you can use an electric pump, if that is your choice, and a sink to rinse off the parts of the pump that come in contact with your milk. You’ll need a comfortable chair and a table for your equipment, your lunch, or any reading or work you might want to look at while you’re pumping.  Another important question to ask yourself.. Where will you store the milk? A refrigerator where you can store expressed milk is handy, though you can substitute ice packs and a cooler.  I keep mine in a lunch bag and our office fridge.

supply b u s t e r
The number one supply buster is not emptying your breasts often enough. 
You will need to pump about as often as your baby nurses, every 2-4 hours. If you work an eight-hour day, this means pumping at mid-morning, at lunch, and at mid-afternoon. Baker takes 2 bottles while I'm at the office during the day- first pumping session is around 10am and my second session is about 2pm.  If I get a chance to nurse her before I leave in the morning, my lunch hour is typically spent pumping instead of 10am.  There are a ton of theories and ideas out there for how long you are supposed to pump.  I've heard to pump five minutes after you notice the 'last drop', some say to pump at least 20-25 minutes and no less, others say just 10-15 minutes is enough. Personally, I would make sure to pump until your breasts feel soft and empty. For me, this is at least a 30 minute pumping session every 3-4 hours during my work day.  You may even notice an increase in your supply as you begin pumping more often.  If you empty your breasts every time, your body is reminded to produce more.  If you are not empty when you stop your session, your body will being to assume you don't need as much milk- which is a common factor in a decrease in supply shortly after returning to work.  

the c l u s t e r
One thing that I was told when I went back to work was that breastfed babies who are away from their mothers during the day often nurse more frequently at night. This happened to me and Jolie.  I went back to work when the twins were almost three months old, and around that time Jolie started waking through the night, and would not be soothed unless she nursed.  This lasted about a month- I would wake to feed her just once a night around 2am.  I had no idea my going back to work could have altered her sleep-eat habits, but surely it had.  All that said, I am here once again with Baker.  The week I went back to work that girl was up all night long and basically wouldn't sleep unless my boob was in her mouth!  We are still reeling from this, but her sleep is getting longer in between feedings, so we can only move forward.

one l a s t tip
You can combine breastfeeding and formula feeding.  Breastfeeding is not an all-or-nothing deal. While many of us who work and attempt to solely breastfeed find success, others resort to using formula as a back-up when they are unable to pump enough milk - and that it completely fine!

Right now breastfeeding + pumping + working is going well for Miss B and me.  She is taking about 6 ounces in a bottle twice a day - and occasionally a third bottle if I have an early or late meeting that day.  My goal is 12 months, and maybe even 13 or longer as I did with the twins.  This time around has been MUCH different than my experience with the twins.  I started out with many of the same anxieties that I had as a first time mom and eventually we got into the groove of it.  One month in, and I'd say its a success!

What are your tips for keeping up with breastfeeding while working?
I'm all ears!


Get Your Frame On | Weekend Project with Minted

I am not a DIY'er.  As badly as I would love to lie and say I am.. I'm just not.  I have so many ideas and quite a vision, but fail miserably time and time again when it comes to execution of those DIY home projects.  SO.. while I am SO excited about our new gallery wall, I will not claim to have made the canvases or even to have hung them on the wall.  What usually starts for me as a fun exciting idea in my head can quickly turn into a disaster.  I leave BB to help me do that.. 
She helps me do a lot of things.  Christmas decor is next on her list of "Amber to-do's"
Building a gallery wall can be hard.  It can be a long process.  Finding the perfect pieces to put on display in your home can also be a little intimidating.  
What is the perfect amount of photos/prints to hang?
Do they all have to be framed?
Do they have to be photos? 
Whether its big or small or somewhere in between, your unique touch to creating a gallery wall in your home can elevate any space.  I can speak first hand in this.. I've never spent so much time in my hallway.  I am taking the longer route to the nursery just so I can walk past it.  I can see it from where I sit in the kitchen and cant stop glancing at it over my computer screen as I type. 
theme + texture + framing + size
The key to creating a successful and cohesive gallery is a mixture of four components: theme, texture, framing, and size.  The first thing and probably most important in my book is deciding on an overall theme to your wall.
The obvious theme I have chosen for my wall is 'family'.  It is definitely OK to have several different mediums within your gallery wall.  The variance of shape and texture (Bible verse + wooden painted sign + floral deer antlers) helps to draw attention to the space - providing distinction between the different focus points of the wall.  Framing is also a great way to break up the wall.  When putting together my gallery wall I knew I wanted to include the classic frameless canvas prints, but I also wanted to include a custom framed art print and a few other non-picture components.  Lastly there is the factor of size to think about.  Size of your wall, but also size and shape of your photos and wall details.  You want them to be a large size for a large space.. filling a gigantic blank space with a bunch of smaller frames awkwardly spaced out too far apart will just look like a jumbled mess, even if you have the other three components to your wall.   
 Minted is among one of my favorite places to go for paper products, cards, stationary and prints.  I just LOVE that they work with a community of independent artists and their design options are endless - not to mention, a portion of all Minted sales are donated to Every Mother Counts.

   This gallery wall design has been in progress for quite some time.  I have been collecting prints here and there since the twins' first year of life, and finally I felt like I had the vision that would bring it all together.  When deciding on my framed print, I knew I wanted to focus a custom print solely on Miss Baker Bree.  I fell in love with the Day in Our Life wall art.  The cluster of smaller photographs made the perfect collage in itself - capturing the special moment of the last four months of our Baker Girl's life.

 this girl.  that pucker.
those hand me down duckie pajamas
so much happy.

   Gah!  I love how it turned out so much!  I may add to it here and there at time goes one, but for right now I am completely impressed with how well these came together as one complete space.  Minted is such a great resource for unique and completely swoon-worthy prints.  The professionally finished products, frame options, and perfect prints are awesome for anywhere in your home.  If you are looking for the perfect something to start or to add to your own gallery wall, I would consider Minted*!
canvas wall art via groupon
'baker bree' print c/o minted 
*I was provided product for free, but as always- expressed opinions are my own. 


Baker Bree | 4 Months

Another month has quickly passed us by.  Her sparkling bright eyes and the animation that fills her face when she locks eyes with someone she loves (which seems to be everyone these days..) is just nothing that can be put into words.  This month has been A BLAST!  As much as I miss her teeny newborn self, I have really enjoyed experiencing her growth, development, and explosion of her personality come through.  This girl is basically smiling 100% of the time.   As if her gummy grin from ear to ear isn't enough- her smiling eyes will get you right in the feels.
We went for Baker's 4 month well visit first thing this morning and my how much this sweet girl has grown!  Dr. Butler was impressed by her rolly polly legs and double chin(s).  We have a healthy baby girl on our hands.

Baker at FOUR months
Weight:  13 pounds 2 ounces (37th percentile)
Birth: 6 lbs 13 oz
Height: 24.8 in (67% percentile)
Birth: 19.1 in
Head: 41.9 cm (75% percentile)
Birth: 34.5 cm
Her growth charts look awesome and she's chugging right along. 
We did mention her having a little bit of an issue with reflux- I have noticed that she will wince or spit up and burping even hours after she's eaten.  Its only a little bit when she does it, and its not all the time so I am not completely convinced she needs reflux medication just yet, so we are going to try out a probiotic (BioGaia) to see if that might help before going the medication route.  It doesn't seem to bother her much during the day but could be a problem solver with her sleepless and restless movement at night.  She thrashes and seems so uncomfortable at night trying to fall asleep. More on sleep stuff below.
Sweet girl had her 4 month shots and took them like a champ!  She didn't even cry for the second one! I know having her daddy holding her helped a ton. 
 whats new..
This month was a big one for us.  Mama went back to work and Baker stayed with your BB for the first time without us.  Her first day away from mama went perfectly and Miss Baker didn't skip a beat.  It made going back to work much easier than expected.  Me going back to work forced us into a regular routine.  It was so easy to maintain a pretty strict schedule with twins when they were small.  They ate at the same time.  They slept at the same time.  They played at the same time.  But with toddler threenagers that 'routine' goes out the window pretty quick.  C'est la vie. What was NOT FUN was experiencing what we thought was her very first cold the same week I went back to work.  It seemed never ending and I feel like she still has some congestion come and go.  We ended up taking her for her first 'sick visit' and left with healthy ears and clear lungs (thank goodness).  Allergies.  A terrible case of a stuffy head related to allergies.  Bless her heart.  The congestion and runny eyes still comes and goes, but I feel like we've been able to keep it under control.  Thank you, Frida:)
Her belly couldn't bear to be strapped into the size 1 diapers anymore- and about a week ago we switched to size 2.  She still wears 0-3 month clothes (Gap + Old Navy), but the 3 month Carter's sleepers are getting a touch too short for her. It won't be long before she's wearing the larger sizes.  So hard for me to believe because in my previous experience with the twins they wore the 0-3 month clothes well into their 6th month!  I am absolutely loving her chubby self, though.  
Keep growing, big girl!
Baker girl lost all of her hair this month.  It basically fell out in like one day.  Overnight she went bald.. and twenty four hours later she had new growth.  I cant quite decide what color it is.. not as dark as it was before, but much darker than the twins ever was (yay!) 
We haven't officially let out a giggle or a belly laugh just yet- but Baker does this raspy cough thing when she is really happy or finds something amusing.  She is SO close to laughing and her big cheesy grins are so full of life and just dying to have a belly laugh come out.
I can be patient because I know it will be that good when it finally comes.

LOVES to look at herself.  A reflection, the mirror, at the phone.  She studies herself and lets out a cough/laugh/giggle with the biggest grin on her face.  She's got one strong selfie game!
LOVES the mouse.  Yep.  Mickey Mouse.  She caws and hollers at the television any time she sees him - and again with the cough/laugh thing she does.
LOVES the bumbo seat.  She sits so confidently in that seat.  She holds her core and head up well enough to be comfortable and not completely squished like last month.  She also loves it because its the best seat in the house.
LOVES her wubby - but still cant figure it out enough to suck the pacifier part.
LOVES her sisters!  Her sisters are her most favorite people!
LOVES being outside.
LOVES looking at books.
LOVES bathtime.  She has started to kick kick kick her feet in the water.  Add in a little arm flailing and mama is soaked and she's a happy girl.
LOVES to be worn.  Whether its in the solly wrap or dad's 'manly' carrier, she's not picky.
HATES being alone.  This social baby is incredibly happy, but when she doesn't have anyone in her line of vision she gets pretty uptight and fusses a little until she is reassured someone is there.
HATES hateshateshates the carseat.  still.
I'm so thankful the LOVES outweigh the HATES:)

As you can tell from this girl's growth since birth and even since last month, she's an incredible eater. We bumped her bottles up to 6 ounces during the day and that girl sucks it bone dry every time.  She's only getting one or two bottles while I'm away and the rest of the time she's exclusively nursing.  I plan to do a post about my pumping/working/nursing routine (next week!) but I have her on a schedule to where (most days) I am able to nurse her before I leave for work in the morning and again right when I get home in the afternoon.  She eats about every 3-4 hours and waking about 5am to eat, 8am before I leave for work, 12-1pm, and then about 4pm when I get home.  Occasionally she has been known to sleep through that 8am feeding:)  Then its 7pm after we all eat dinner, and then she's down for the night by 9pm. 
 Girlfriend loves the boob.  Even though she is getting just a couple bottles during the day- my nursing sessions in the afternoon with her after I get home have become longer and more drawn out.  Normally when I nurse her before bed she will sleep at least 6 hours before waking for the first time - if she happens to get a bottle before sleep, she's up within just a couple hours looking for mama to comfort nurse.  Not once, not twice, but four times this same thing has happened.  She reminds me so much of Jolie when it comes to this part of her personality.  That sweet girl was the same way.  Started waking through the night when I went back to work - and would nurse for like 45 minutes.  Parker was literally 10 minutes, I'm done, lets move onto the next thing.  
Their personalities are still the same to this day.  The bond I've developed with Baker has been tremendously sweet.  She plays with my hair or my necklace while she nurses and I absolutely love spending that time with my sweet girl.   
P L A Y // D E V E L O P M E N T 
Baker loves to play this month!  I have really noticed a change in her observance of the hanging toys on the play mat as well as her Sophie.  We have two of those loud giraffes- one stays at home and one always remains in the diaper bag.  She has mastered the grasping of toys and once she gets ahold of the toy it goes straight into her mouth.  EVERYthing goes into her mouth these days.  She found both her feet and her hands this month and has one or the other in her mouth at all times.  No signs of teeth just yet, but we are approaching the stages, I think.
She has become very aware of her surroundings.  Responds to someone calling her name, dad's voice, and even recognizes the twins' when they are playing.  She loves to be close and loves to be touched. The moment she gets near you she's reaching and grasping to pull you in.
I sort of love it.
The drool and spit bubbles have started and I'm making use of the drooler scarves more than I thought I would.  Baker is a l m o s t blowing raspberries - she sticks her entire fist in her mouth and blows as hard as she can.  It won't be long before she figures out that game.  Baby girl holds her bottle by herself and is nearly able to sit up unassisted.. which isn't too far off because all she wants to do is pull up to the seated position.
She rolls from tummy to back and we have almost gotten her to roll from back to tummy.  She hasn't mastered moving that arm out of the way, so she ends up hanging out on her side.
Don't mind the belly.

S L E E P 
Over this last month, sleeps has been a touchy subject.  I type this out, eyes burning, while sitting on the sofa in the living room, Baker in the swing after a night of NO SLEEP for anyone and me finally giving up and resorting to swing sleeping and me curled in a ball on the couch. We had the same kinda party the night before.  Baker started having a hard time sleeping through the night the moment I went back to work.  Literally.  It was a combination of being sick and congested with allergies and because I wasn't feeding her enough in her bottles during the day (mom of the year).  We figured out the milk thing pretty quickly, and bumped her bottles from 4oz to 6oz, but while she was able to self soothe before by sucking her thumb, the congestion she was having wouldn't allow her to be comfortable enough to breathe well period, let alone suck her thumb.  Even though that has past, we are still partying about every other night (all night) over the last three weeks. I am slightly convinced that she is dealing with a couple things- 1.) four month sleep regression. and two.. she misses her mama during the day.  BUT at this age babies go through so many cognitive changes + developments its so hard to tell what in the world is going on with her.  Could it be gas? Who knows. I am hoping we see relief with the probiotic. I would be a little more in tune to doing medication if she seemed miserable all the time, but she's so happy, so I don't think that's her biggest problem. I do know that I miss the sleep we were all getting- but really I don't mind getting up with her.
Naps are pretty consistent at 3-4 times throughout the day.  She is awake much longer between feedings and its been really fun to have her interact into our regular daily routine instead of sleeping the day away.  She will usually take her first nap about 9:30-10am which will be anywhere from 45 minute to 1.5 hours.  Her next nap in around 1pm and some how the stars aligned for me and I have gotten all three girls to be on the same afternoon nap schedule (I have no secrets as to how I did that!)  This is Baker's longest nap during the day and is anywhere from 2-3 hours.  She will be awake through the rest of the afternoon and cat nap in the evening for about 45 minutes or so around 5-6pm.. perfect timing for me to get through the rush of dinner.
Now,  If we could get her to be consistent with her sleep through the night we would be in good shape:)

 What a big girl you are, sweet one!  I've absolutely loved seeing your amazing personality shine this past month!  You have a smile for everyone you see and we can't help but smile back at is 100% contagious.  You are contagious.  Everyone seems to fall in love with you the moment they lock eyes.  You are still quite the talker, whether it be to people, your toys, mama or daddy, your sisters.. and especially that spider in the sky (ceiling fan).  Occasionally you'll have me locked in a gaze, grabbing my arm as if to say "what I'm about to say is very important, mama!"  You also love to chat me up while nursing, which is adorable but makes feeding slow.  I do wish I knew what exciting stories you were sharing.  
You have discovered both your hands and your feet this month and are chewing away on your fingers and toes constantly.  When your hands aren't in your mouth they are holding your tiny feet.  Right before I went back to work we transitioned you from the swaddle to the sleep sac.  I never really loved the swaddling to begin with, so even though your big sisters were swaddled until almost 6 months, you were over it and have loved the freedom to be able to kick your legs and flail your arms freely.  You also graduated to size 2 diapers!  That belly of yours is out.of.control. and it takes everything I have not to blow raspberries all over your tummy anytime its peeking out from your shirt or during diaper changes. You are so very precious when it comes to how loving your personality has become.  So much like Jo it is unreal.  It is my absolute favorite when you pull me in as close as possible and whale your raspy voice in my face.  Hands down some of my favorite moments with you, my sweet girl.  
A few weeks ago you rolled over from your stomach to your back!  I'm not sure who was more shocked, you or your mama!  But I was sitting right there to witness it and it was the greatest feeling ever.  I was so proud and cheered you on to do it over and over again.  You've rolled several times since and are now trying to roll from back to stomach.  No luck yet.. not until we figure out that pesky arm in the way.  

Your legs are so strong!  You love to stand on our laps and can do it for quite awhile.  You would just assume hang out like that than sit still on our laps for any length of time.  You are just so cute, Baker!!

Your sisters are the absolute best and it shows how much you love them.  You immediately reach for them the second they come close to you.  They love it and squeal "she's holding my hand, mama!" and you talk talk talk their ears off.  What sweet siblings you girls are and how lucky am I to get to watch all this from above.

I'm am positive that I kiss your sweet cheeks a thousand times a day.  You put up with my silly voices, my bouncing around, and my constant snuggles well and give me the biggest grin every.single.time.  I wish you weren't in such a hurry to grow up because I sure do love this stage with you, baby girl.


HAPPY FOUR MONTHS to the sweetest and most happy baby girl on the planet.
Oh, how I love you so.

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