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Shout Out!

So I was flattered to find out that my 'famous' dietitian friend mentioned me on her nationally recognized blog. That totally made my week!!!

Thanks, Robin for the shout out!



and Now..We Wait..

Finally the deadline for Internship Packet Applications has come and gone, and now..we wait until midnight on April 20th. VERY long hours were put into our applications for internship. You see, to become a Registered Dietitian you are not only required to have your 4-year degree in an accredited didactitc program at a university, but also, after you graduate, you must be selected for an internship consisting of at least 900 hours of practice. Generally this takes about 10 months. Anyway, internship..fine, easy does it, right? Wrong. For example, my number one place of choice is Baylor Hospital. There are about 150 applicants and they accept 8. My packet consisted of a two page personal letter, an 11 page application, and 5 letters of reccomendation, Blah. That was my simplest packet. I applied to 4 places..Baylor of Dallas, Presby Hospital of Dallas, Texas Tech University, and University of Central Oklahoma. The latter two, I would get my Masters in Nutrition, but, I would have to move by myself. Jordan and I discussed this very seriously, and it would be only about a year of our whole life, and, to us, it is worth the work and effort. We are praying for one of the ones in Dallas!

So our packets were turned in on Tuesday and our sweet friend Stephanie planned a celebratory dinner for us at Cafe VeraCruz for dinner. The Mango Margaritas and Mexican food was so yummy. Thanks Steph for a relaxing dinner with some of my favorites!

MKat, Steph, Shelley, Rachel, Lindsey, and Amber at Cafe VeraCruz


Eat Better America Dot Com

So I recently found a new website that I have added to the one's that I frequent regularly. Eat Better America is an amazing site that offers nutritional information and AWESOME recipes, both original and 'Healthified'. I have made several that I will be adding to my rotation of dinners. Jordan is loving them, too! He usually allows me to try a new recipe once a week (Saves $$$ at the store..generally I pick recipes that always have some kind of special ingredient..I'm drawn to those kind!) But, this week, I did two! They are affordable and wholesome, and not to mention delicious!! I have made the Garlic Shrimp Pasta, The Tomato & Roasted Sweet Pepper Soup, The Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, and also a very interesting recipe for meatballs. I definitely recommend trying this website out. You will not be disappointed!

Here is one of my dinners this week..Jordan was satisfied, as was I..we had some full bellies!!
Spicy Parmesan Meatballs with Angel Hair Pasta!
Happy Cooking!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Jordan and I celebrated yet another year for Valentine's Day :) We celebrated our first one back in 2003..I was still in high school!! (Ok, so that wasn't that long ago, but still, seems like forEVER.) We went went to one of our many favorite restaurants, Johnny Carino's, and then went to a movie; Confessions of a Shopaholic. Jordan was sweet to see that with me! He laughed a couple times, so it must not have been complete torture for him! Hope everyone had a LOVELY Valentine's Day!

At Johnny Carino's

Being silly with the camera after our date night

Take #2
"Mom...don't do it. DO NOT do it..."

I did it!! Happy Valentine's Day from Brittany!



My Unexpected Vacation

My sweet friend Emily unexpectedly called me a couple weeks ago with a 'favor'..Her husband had a last minute work project come up and was unable to make it for their cruise that they planned with her family months ago. She offerred for me to take his place and be her hubby for a week on a cruise ship. How could I decline this fantastic offer?! So, last minute plans came through and I left for a week with one of my best friends and her family..Mom, Dad, and her sister and her sister's husband. Jordan took the week to be lazy after finishing up Paramedic School, so it worked out. Although I did REALLY miss him, oh so very much! The vacation was very interesting! The first day was rainy and so we were pretty much held up inside the ship, watching movies and hanging out. The next day was sunnny in Cozymel, where we went to a park called Xel Ha. It was absolutely beautiful there and we had a great time snorkleing, watching dolphins and eating authentic Mexican food. So delicious! The next day was Grand Cayman. It was really windy, but we made the best of it with shopping and lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. The next two days were sort of scary! The boat was tossed around the ocean like a bathtub toy! We did not get to stop in the last port, Jamaica, because of the high winds and the danger of getting into shallow waters. This boat was enormous, with about 3,000 people on it, and you could not walk up and down the ship without holding onto something, a railing, or anything in reach. That should tell you something about the strenght and speed of those winds and waves. Needless to say, the ship was passing out 'Seasick Bags' to anyone needing one, and I was one of them! 2 days of rocky and choppy waters and wind and rain. No fun! The last three days were beautiful and we made the best of it with lots of sun and bathing suits :)
Even though I had a blast with my good friends, I still missed my sweet Jordan SOOOO much. I was sad everytime I thought of him, especially when I was needing someone to hold my hair!
Here are some pictures..I put them in a slide show since there were too many to post :) ENJOY!

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