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Our Sweet Jenny

I just wanted to make a brief post about Jordan's Aunt Jenny. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (lymphoma) and on Friday underwent a double mastectomy. Jenny will find out on Thursday if she will have to follow through with chemotherapy. She is such a brave woman to have made this decision, but please hope and pray she continues with her emotional as well as physical strength. Her Husband, Bobby, has created a blog and has been posting everyday following her journey through this. Click here to read about this hero of a woman.


The End of This Chapter..

This past Thursday was the end to my final week at Baylor. It was so sad, yet exciting to know that the next step in my path is my dietetic internship..and then on to my dream job as a Registered Dietitian. I have made so many wonderful friends at Baylor and it was quite a bittersweet goodbye! Everyone made my last few days memorable-and tearful, at that!

My last DTRC meeting- Mary Katherine, Rachel, and Me
Rachel will be the new Diet Tech at Baylor Specialty, I know she will do great!

On my last day, my mentor, Judy Suneson, LD, RD, CNSD took Rachel and myself out to lunch. I will miss her!! She has been my personal text book on Clinical Nutrition. Rachel is one lucky girl!

After lunch, Rachel and I went back to meet the other girls for goodbye cake. Here is when the tears began!!

Since Judy decided to steal me away on my last day, My Baylor Specialty crew requested that I come back for 'goodbye lunch' with them on Monday..How could I refuse! We had BBQ Baked Potatoes and Dr. Lalani brought in the famous Baylor Cake and Ashley made Root Beer Floats! YUM!

Me cutting my Baylor Cake-YES, I ate the cake and my root beer float.

Some of the Therapy Team (LtoR): Dr. Lalani, Rachel, Me, Terry, Ashley, and Mary Ellen
Missing: TOO TOO many to count. :(

I had to take a picture of my personal space! I loved my office, as small as it was mine!! Complete with my Diet Coke in reach ;)
So, the end of a spectacular experience and the beginning to new excitement. I have grown and developed more this year alone, and I feel I am so ready for this next step in my, OUR, future!

Here inspired the new look to my blog. Something different to open the next chapter..

Here we go!


Something For Your Friday

This is such a viral video- I even saw it on the news this morning! It is CLASSIC, though, and had to share! Jordan and I were watching it and really made us wish we had thought of something like this!

Happy Friday!



This Girl is a Natural

While I was out of town, the hubster was all by himself with his two girls, Daphnee and Brittany. Jordan is a huge hunter, pheasant and quail mostly. So much so, that when we were planning our Wedding, he was determined to avoid the November timeframe due to season openers and such. He didn't want to face the fact that I may one day get upset when he would decide to go to the bird lease over spending our anniversary at home!

Anyway, both Daphnee and Brittany are bird dogs, and so far, Brittany has done well enough to get the job done during trips in season. This weekend Jordan decided to turn out some pheasant wings to start training Daphnee so he could take her this year. Well, this girl, although never have seen a bird, began pointing as soon as he brought it out! So, I was excited, camera in hand, when he brought the wings out when I got home on Monday night to show me. What a pretty girl she is!!!

My very scruffy husband..he has been off for over a week, and decided not to shave!!

Jordan is beaming to know he has a natural hunter like Daphnee! Only thing is..when he goes hunting..the dogs go with him.. who will stay home with me?!?!?!


A Long Weekend in Lubbock

For the past month or so, my good friend Diane has been in Lubbock, after moving there when her husband found out he was accepted into the MBA/graduate program for architecture at Texas Tech. Since Joe's (Diane's hubby!) program wont begin until the end of August, and at the end of August= no more paycheck, he decided to stay in Dallas and continue at his job while Diane began her job in Lubbock. This means that she is living there by herself :(

My friend Pepa and I decided to take a short 55 minute flight to visit. I had never really been to Lubbock before, so I was satisfied with being a 'tourist' in this flat land. Both Diane and Joe completed their undergrad at Tech, so it wasn't like she was completely out of her element, but, she was still so happy to have us visit.
Our first night: Triple J's..kind of like a Texas Roadhouse. Eat the Nachos! Delish!

Rachel (Di's old college friend/co-worker at the hospital), Diane, Pepa, and me!
After dinner, with FULL bellies!!Buddy Holly was born and raised in Lubbock..we stopped by for a photo-op outside the museum dedicated to her. (It was dark, and my camera was having troubles, sorry for the quality!)
Saturday was decided to devote our time to the SUN! The Tech campus opened an enormous rec center, complete with lazy river, water slide/diving area, lap pool, sports pool (v-ball/b-ball), and lounging 3in deep area. It was GREAT! It also helped that the weather was amazing, a cool change from the 108 degree heat. The 90s were pleasant.

Diane in I floating by in the Lazy River. Very Cool, literally!

We ate at another local eatery called Gardski's Loft- YUMMY! I had Chipotle Chicken and Di had Parmesan and Artichoke Chicken- both were delicious! After dinner we treated ourselves to Wine and Dessert at a place called Manna. They had Wine Flights and the very best Lemon-Coconut Cake I have ever eaten. True Heaven in your mouth, for sure!Sunday Di took me around the Tech campus, which was really beautiful. We saw all the 'main' points including the Stadium, and The Masked Rider.

One of the highlights of the trip: The Flagship store for United Market Street. The original! So neat! I think we went there 4 or 5 times over the course of 3 days!
Although there is really nothing to this city, I still was really able to enjoy myself!

Some pros of Lubbock:
  • Absolutely no wait times at any restaurant!
  • REALLY good food at all the local places
  • Everyone is delightfully helpful and sweet
  • Texas Tech is a beautiful campus
  • You can see the sky for miles! Watching a thunderstorm roll in while sitting on the patio of Gardski's was one sweet light show! The storm was miles away, but we didn't miss a second!
  • And, of course, Diane lives there ;)


Photoshoot: July 2009

It was such a beautiful day! Jordan and I had such a great time taking pictures (again) with the incredible Jennifer Jennings. It was a nice break from all this business called life. She does such a great job! She has continued to get better and better with each picture she takes. I love each and every pose. Jordan was being extra 'fireman-like' and caused me to crack up the entire time we were out there, making for some great candid shots! Enjoy!



A Day with Aunt Jenna

While Jordan and I spent the weekend in Austin, Daphnee and Brittany stayed behind with their Aunt Jenna ;) Jenna is such a good Aunt! She took the kids to our good friend's, The Kirkpatrick's, and let them run free with their kids! All was quiet in the backyard until Daphnee decided to do a nose dive into the pool. She LOVES the water! So, all the dogs and kids followed her lead and took a dip for relief of the hotttt summer weather.

Daphnee and Caroline, testing the water (post nose-dive)
No holding back for this girl, is there?
Taking a break: doggie-bathing
Libby and her new found friend, Daphnee
On our way home from The Massey's house after Sunday dinner. This girl was worn out beyond means. I lifted up the towl we had covering the kennel, and there she lay.

Thanks Aunt Jenna for keeping us and showing us a great time!!

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