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The Woodshed

These Massey's are SO lucky :)  Tim Love is among many of my favorite chefs..and to my heart's happiness, he has multiple restaurants in our area.  His newest, The Woodshed Smokehouse opened up a couple weeks ago right next door to our little place.

When I say right next door, I mean, literally one hundred feet from door to door.  The smell and live country music has been teasing my tummy for two weeks now, and finally I insisted we go try it out.

Sarah and Ryan came out to spend the evening with Jordan and me.. courtesy of Tim Love and his smoked meat!
 Camp Bread and Pit Master Fat.. I'm truthful when I say it tasted better than it sounds..
 Smoked Whitefish Dip with Fresh Tortilla Chips- Seriously smokey deliciousness. 
The Sausage of the evening was duck..and the animal of the evening was goat.  Sarah had goat tacos.. J enjoyed the beef tenderloin, and Ryan and I opted for the Woodshed Burger.  This was a serious burger. 

Fresh Ground Sirloin Beef , Chopped Smoked Brisket, and topped with Duck Sausage.  And then the cheese.. can't forget the cheese.

Dude.  Yum. 
Needless to say we will be going back for sure. Especially since we walked ALL the way there and back.  ;)

Next time I'll try one of the tacos..



Catching Up

Finally, a moment to catch up.  Not to say my life has been totally non-stop busy..I just haven't had the moments I am used to.  A lot has been going on with work, and my volunteer activities.. and then there is my sweet love, Chocolate Broccoli.  Big changes are in the works, and I'm so excited- but brain drained by the end of some days. 

Dating back about a week ago to Valentine's Day.  My lovie and me celebrated with a night at home, and sweet treats to exchange.  I re-used my decorative box I made for the Ricketts' party the weekend before the 14th.  I spent some solid time working in it, and can't seem to let it go :)
Jordan probably deserves a metal for BEST husband ever.  My love treats were unexpected (we don't typically do a real gift exchange on the 14th..)

I was in desperate need of a new lunchbox.. 2 years of carrying my lunch in the same bag, everyday- it was getting pretty nasty.  The week before I had put my coffee cup in it to take it home for washing, and the last bit I didn't drink leaked out onto it.. so my old box smelled like sweet coffee drink.  Not too appealing with my leftovers from the night before.  YUCK. Oh..and the mini spree at LOFT made for an extra happy wifey.  His card picking has much improved over the years, too.  Can you tell he matched the card with the gift this time?  All about the details, my friends.
 Homemade Pizza was on the menu! 
..and Cupcake wine, of course! 
Jordan helped with the muscle work of pressing out the dough..after fighting with the dough tubes for several minutes. 
Pizza is ready!!  Again with the muscle work of cutting the pies.
I cut our turkey pepperoni  into hearts in honor of the occasion.  Jordan barely noticed, I think. 
We loaded up in the living room with a huge bowl of salad greens for a 'romatic' pizza picnic.  We watched the evening away with Desperate Houswiveson Netflix and DVR'd Grey's Anatomy & Castle.  I love these kind of nights with Jordan.

I propose we do it more often.  I'll even cut my pepperoni into hearts :)


Happy Valentine's Day 2012


Party of LOVE :)

This weekend Jordan and I celebrated the LOVE holiday with some sweet friends, courtesy of the Rickett's graciously opening up their house to host all of us.  On the invitation it was requested that we bring Valentine's for everyone and as well as a decorated box for you to recieve Valentine's in.

My box was preeeeeety and spaaaakly- because that's how I roll.  It also featured a picture of my and my Valentine on the front. :)  This picture is on the Vegas Strip right after midnight (2 years ago) One of my very favorite moments.. over 2 million people out there and I was kissing him.. lucky girl that I am. 

Oh, and he has facial hair.  How I do wish he could keep it (but fireman rules forbid anything that would conflict with his O2 mask during a fire.  So, I guess his safety is more important that his sexiness (?)

Yea.. total tangent over this very first picture in the post.  I'll stop.  Please admire my Valentine's box :)

 For my Valentine's gifts I took my brain on over to pinterest for inspiration.  Such a super cute idea, if I do say so.. but sadly not an Amber original.
Sadly, I have decided that due to this (amazing, wonderful, addicting) pinterest I will never have an original idea again. 

But, who cares. :) I sent Jordan all over the metroplex looking for Starwberry Crush, and bless his heart he finally found it. 
 Dinner was delicious, and of course the hosts did the most amazing job.  You can see we were all in festive attire- most all shades of pink/red were represented.
Appetizers were yummy, but these (found on pinterest!) were addicting.  I made her put them away or else I was not going to be able to eat my dinner.
Salmon, Caesar Salad, and a pasta made of fresh tomatoes, basil, and Parm was on the menu.  YUM!
 An Italy inspiration.  That, or a pizza parlor.  But, I will stick with the most romantic city on the planet. 
Lisa and Brian had come up with a long list of questions for the husbands and wives to answer individually- made for a fun after-dinner newlywed game.  Here are are some of our hubbies discussing the 'right' answers.

One question that made for some entertaining squeals..
"What is the one piece of clothing your wife wears that you absolutely hate?"  Careful, boys. 
Sugar Cookie decorating contest- Courtesy of a Chocolate Broccoli :) 
My winner!! Yes, I added each sprinkle, one at a time.  I'm OCD. 
Another shot of the boys.. Finally getting them all to smile.

Mr. McHugh (Amy), Mr. Ricketts (Lisa), Mr. Massey (duh.), Mr. Cox (Karrie)
Last shot of the evening- the ladies!
Amy, Karrie, Lisa, Amy, and Amber 
Good times Saturday night!  Thank you, Ricketts for a SUPER fun night with our sweethearts.
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