Happy New Year From the Vegas Strip

To finish up our last week of vacation before going back to the grind of internship, Jessica and I, with our hubbies, decided to take a fun trip- to Las Vegas! None of us, except Jordan, had never been to Sin City, and to go over New Year's, well that was excitment in itself! Jessica nor I are very big 'party-ers', but top experience Las Vegas on NYE was something that was worth doing at least once in our lives! We left Wednesday morning, VERY early, and thus begins our fun trip. (NOTE: there are lots of pictures, so, stop now if you aren't interested in my loooooonnnng post!!) :)

On the plane.. Looking pretty tired!! I was, running on about 3 hours of sleep! I decided it was a good idea to start packing aroun 9:30pm for our 6:50 AM flight.

The first night in our hotel- Treasure Island. We ate at a great Mexican restaurant called Isla

Jessica and I

Blackberry Margarita to start my dinner off right ;)

Seafood Enchiladas..pretty eclectic if you ask me! And delicioso, too!
All four of us!! Jordan, Me, Jess, and John

Jessica and John in the TI Casino

The Massey's turn!
Fun at the Palazzo
After dinner we went to a place called The Foundation Room..a once private club open only to members that pay a $20,000/year membership! Very famous people frequent this hot spot, and most pay EXTRA to have their own 'liquor locker'..Like the very sexy Justin Timberlake!!

The view from the terrace atop the Mandalay Bay..What a beautiful skyline!
Jessica and I waiting patiently for the Black Eyed Peas to arrive! Prince showed up instead!


Day two started with a fun tourist-y game of CSI at the MGM Grand Hotel
Choosing what scene to investigate

At the scene of the crime..taking down pertinant information
We solved the crime!!! It was fun solving the mystery ;)
Also in the MGM was CBS filming studio
The Luxor Hotel
My husband and me

Walking the strip
The House of Blues
New Years Eve

The night started with dinner at Emeril's Table 10 inside the Palazzo
Gorgeous Jessica and Myself
My Mahi Mahi and Shrimp kicked up Creole style

The four of us! After dinner we went to see David Copperfield for an amazing magic show! He made a full sized car disappear, and enterained us with laughs and tricks!By the time the show was over, it was about 11:40pm..perfect timing for us to hit the strip to ring in the New Year......with thousands and thousands of people...like nothing I have EVER seen!!CHEESE!
The Countdown...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The New Year's Kiss
Fireworks from the top of our hotel..What a GREAT night!
Day 3
Day three was full of sight seeing, and being typical tourists
The Venetian- the gondola rides!!

New York, New York HotelLunch at Hard Rock Cafe
M&M World!!!I have NEVER seen so many M&M's in my life!
John likes the Green one? Yum.
One of the best shows I have ever seen!!
LOVE the Beatles
After the showAfter LOVE we went outside to see the volcano outside the Mirage erruptVery cool
At BB King's Restaurant with my favorite

DAY 4-- Last Day in Vegas

The Forum Shops-- SHOPPING!!
So glad we got to see this!
Good Friends
On the last night we ended the trip with a bang at the famous Blue Man Group show. It was incredible and I LOVED it!!
Jessica and I were lucky enough to get a shot with one of the Blue Men after the showThe band that rocked out during the Blue Man show-- they were awesome, too!
What an end to my Christmas break. Vegas was crazy! There was, at any given time, hundreds of people streaming down the street, lines everywhere we went, and crowds consuming every space possible. So glad we went, and so glad we had Jess and John to hang with, but I'm thankful for my home in the South. PLUS, Vegas is dry. Yep, dry of DIET COKE. WHAT is wrong with those people?!!!!??!! UGH. AND if I did find a bottled Diet Coke, it was $3.00. What a joke. I spent more on those bottled drinks than I did on the slot machines... TEHE!

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Sam said...

Wow, what great pics! I would say that is a perfect way to bring in the new year! I am so jealous! I want to go their someday too! Glad you had a great time! Love all of the pics, thanks for sharing! :)

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