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Three Years..

The Massey's (est. 2005)

The Massey's (still est. in 2008)
This past week was me and Jordan's three year anniversary! (8/13) We had a quiet evening at home, with dinner, a movie and ice cream!! Very relaxing, since it was a Wednesday. Jordan had to study, so it worked for the best. He surprised me in the morning with a card hidden in my purse, so I got it when I got to work. He always knows how to make my day! He also got me a gorgeous jewelry box from an antique place in Grapevine. My old jewelry box was a mess and every morning I was dumping it and separating all my necklaces, earring, he was smart and got me something practical. He also got me a mani/pedi a my favorite nail place! I got him an outfit, that he looks rather nice in :)
We decided to celebrate on Saturday when we had less to worry about and more time to spend :) Saturday day, Jordan had his clinicals, so I decided to go and get my mani/pedi, and just have a 'me' day. I got up made myself breakfast, showered and got all 'pretty' and went to get my mani/pedi. Oh, it was so nice, I Loved It!! Then, I went to Michael's, and Target..and just walked around. I probably spent an hour reading greeting cards, and laughing out loud to some of them! I got home in time to meet Jordan at the door with a kiss and we were off to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco for reservations at The CheeseCake Factory. We love that place! The food was so yummy and the cheesecake was even better!! (Jordan's Fav: White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle..My fav: Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple; try em' out!)
After dinner we walked the mall a little while and then went to see The Dark Knight. GREAT movie! It really is as good as everyone has made it up to be and I highly reccommend it! We got home around 11pm, and poor Brittany was wild and ready to play, so we had fun with the camera, and finally got in our PJs and layed in bed.
It was a great anniversary and I am so thankful for the past three years with my husband. He is so incredibly amazing, and my best friend. I can't wait for the many more years to come!! Here are some pictures from Our Anniversary :)
Me and My Hubby:

My New Jewelry Box

Me and Britt Britt


What a Weekend!

This past weekend was a busy one for Jordan and I. We had a lot going on, already on top of our normal routine. Jordan is now in full swing with Paramedic School and is now doing his clinicals once a week at area hospitals. He either does them on a Friday or a Saturday, and either 6:45am-3:15pm or 2:45pm-11:15pm. This past week it was on Friday until late in the evening. This left me solo for the evening, so, one of my bestest and I went and grabbed dinner and then shopped at Grapevine Mills. Saturday we had a wedding to attend for our good friends Chuck and Chasity. I was at 3pm in the afternoon, BUT, it was all the way in Dike, Texas. I know..I thought the same thing you are thinking.."Where the heck is Dike, Texas?" Well, it is about 2 hours from here..just past Sulpher Springs. Needless to say, it was a long trip, but worth it to witness their special day. We finally made it back home, made a quick change and headed to Addison for Jordan's cousin's wife, Jenny's birthday celebration. Whew, that was a mouthfull! Anyway, we missed dinner, but made it to Pete's Piano Bar. We had a FABULOUS time! If you haven't been, I strongly suggest making a trip. Such a great time..people of all ages were there. A man and his whole family was there to celebrate his 70th Birthday. Yes, I said 70th! I am already planning my birthday, and planning on celebrating it there! So, that made for a late night and Sunday morning came too quick for Sunday School! So, we went to 'big Church' and came home. While Jordan studied, I cleaned house and ran a few errands. Our weekend ended with a quite dinner at home and a movie with dessert :)

It was overall a good weekend, but I sure am worn out!! I've included some pics from Saturday night at Pete's.

Jordan, Josh (Jenny's Hubby), and Brian (Mel's Hubby)

Me, The Birthday Girl, Jenny, and Mel

There's Jenny on the far left. We made a request and she was called onstage with some other birthday girls and bachlorette's. They were playing the name game, it was hilarious!

Me and MelGood Times with Great Family!



My Beautiful Preggo Friend!!

This past weekend was my precious friend Shay's Baby Shower at her Aunt Pam's house in Arlington. Boy, was there a turn out!! There was tons a great friends and family all around, and did I mention, there was wonderful food as well! Props to the hostess' for their thought and hard work! She made out like a bandit, and that baby Shull, boy or girl, will be set for his/her first years in this world :)

She has been very blessed with how her sweet little 'Tad' came about, and through lots of patience, prayer and tears, that miracle is almost here!! I can't wait to meet this little one in just a few short weeks! We are so happy for the Shull's!! (and the Lowe's, too!)

Baby Tad's piles of gifts!!

Yaay for sweet gifts!

A Beautiful Spread!

The Guest of Honor and Myself: What a Gorgeous Pregnant Glow she has!!

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