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In Three Years..

This is the longest I have ever neglected my poor little blog.  It makes me sad to think about.  But life in general got in the way.. Even Chocolate Broccoli was left out a time or two.  Don't get me wrong.. I feel like a lifetime has passed- and I have so much to update! All of May and pretty much June, too has gone by without so much as a hello from these Massey's.  Sooo.. rather than dwell on what you've missed- I promise to keep updates regular.  Nothing better than a fresh new look for my sweet blog.  I was looking through old posts yesterday and came upon so many memories through the past three years and realized how precious my blogging hobby is.  So thankful for these memories to have been recorded somewhere other than my forgetful brain :)  Yes- at 26 I can say that my mind leaves me quite often.
Some updates I can give: The Soon-to-Be-Dunaways are no longer soon-to-be!  The wedding was beautiful, elegant, and so, so much fun.  Ashley was (with no surprise) stunning.  Here are some pictures..Ashley's multiple postings (which was totally necessary!) does better justice.

The Rehearsal Dinner
Our Supper Club Friends :)
My Speech!  It was better than the Bride's brother ;)  
The After Party

The Wedding
My beautiful best friend and her 'maids
 The wedding party.. stopping traffic.  Literally.

The Ceremony
The Avanti Fountain Place- simply fabulous!

The Reception
Dance, Dance!
 Jordan made his appearance.. and I gave him grief :)

Photobooth Fun
Silly, yet elegant
These Crazies.  This is by far the best picture of the night.  I laugh out loud every time I look at it- mainly because this shows the personality of each one of my supper club crazies.  It deserves a frame in my house.
 Quite a beautiful day overall- and I'm so thankful to have been apart of it.

**Shortly after The Dunway's returned from their honeymoon- they invited us and the new soon-to-be-Dunaway's to the Byron Nelson.  Diana and Chris were there, too :)  They came for the golfing.. We showed not for the golfing.. but for the live country music, beer, and delightful friends.
Blurry Camera Phone. They wouldn't let you bring anything more than this in.
They encouraged 'Tweeting'  HA!
They boys challenged us to 'get on stage' with the entertainment of the evening.. which happened to be Jack Ingram.  We weaseled our way to the 'pit'..well around the pit. and then Jack came off stage and grabbed my arm for us girls to come on in. True Story.
..again with the camera phone. 
Then proceeded to be invited on stage- by Jack (We are now on a first name basis.)  Jarrett took a picture of the Jumbotron.  Three girls on the left.. that's us :)
 Oh..and this is our view from the stage- that would be Jack's head. 

In the words of Kellie Raspberry That's all I got- How'd ya like that? 

What's new this week? 
**The annual Station 6 Fourth of July Party was this weekend- and I'm sad I didn't snap one single picture.  Truthfully I left my camera on the counter after cooking and taking pictures the night before.  Then failed to grab it among the million other things we were toting to the party. Blech.

**A couple of speaking enagements for work- a cooking demo/Lunch and Learn tomorrow. I've done several Lunch and Learn talks, but never have I actually prepared the lunch :)  I should be tweaking my final powerpoint intstead of blogging, but I've got my priorities in line today. 

**Our Supper Club friends- the Tapella's are graciously hosting us for a Fourth of July Party, and really looking forward to it!  Not only for the time with friends, but selfishly getting to love on their new and oh-so-pinchably-cute baby Landon.  I met him briefly this past weekend when dropping off dinner and love to the Tapella's and it was NOT enough. Brave sister girl for hosting this bash less than 2 weeks post baby boy.  But that overdue belly toted along with Jacqueline as she made her way through the stores preparing for this party.  Super Woman to say the least.  I almost failed to mention that she cooked for us 3 days before going in to be induced.  We could have had our nineth addition to the table just in time for the pasta to be done that night :) 

Although my updates are not brief, hence the long as all get out blog posting- I did my best to update.  Here's to my new(est) post, on my new blog (design), and new start to the summer :) 

Have a beautiful, Tuesday
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