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Happy Halloween!!!

Me and our lil' Punkin's wish you a Happy Halloween!!  


HF4F {10.26.12}

Happy Friday, ya'll:)  My week's 'high points' wouldn't probably classify as notable in your book, but in my chapters of bed rest, these 5 struck pretty high on my list.  I have learned to appreciate the simple things.. and miss even the simplest (i.e. driving, cooking)

Linking up with Lauren @ FMGD

1.) We ordered and received both the carseats this week! I ended up baby talking to the empty seats like Parker and Jolie were really in there.  Jordan couldn't wait to get them set up on our stroller with the carseat attachments.  It's a big stroller with those seats attached.. but not the biggest I've seen, thats for sure.

2.) Finally, FINALLY some fall weather has been laid across this great state of Texas.  I am eager to have that crisp air- even though I don't exactly get out into it on a daily basis.  Saturday I get to pull on my boots and finally get to wear a sweater (that still has the tags on it) to attend the second part of the Preparing for Multiple class held at the hospital.  Jordan went solo last weekend (greatest hubby award) and after my appointment this week, my doc is allowing me to go as long as I'm (for the most part) laying on the mats they provide.  I don't care if she says I have to be hung by my ankles, if I get to go, I get to go:)
3.)  I have a seriously fickle belly these days.  It is really annoying because I have to eat.. (duh) but I could literally go all day without a hunger pang or even thinking of food (the constant full feeling with two babies in your belly is unreal).  
This sammy has pretty much kept me going for the past week.  Eggo Nutri-grain Waffles, a single slice of Swiss cheese, and Honey Maple Turkey.  Its plain.. but so good.
4.)  This month it was our turn to host Supper Club.  Jordan did an amazing job of putting it together- the food was outstanding!  I am pretty sure he has a whole new respect for the effort that goes into hosting SC every month. We also got to celebrate Jacqueline for her 30th birthday! Diana brought a yummy cake (Nothing Bundt Cake, duh!) and we sprinkled her with pretty things, hoping to make her birthday as special as she is to us.

Make note of how sweet Diana's belly looks- I love that baby Jacob belly!!  And, I.. I look..
Well, I don't think I'll be wearing that shirt anymore:)
 5.)  And for number 5 for this week.. My husband.  He gets the 'Best Hubby' award on a daily basis.

A bonus for your Friday of this little boy.  Landon, you make our little Supper Club that much sweeter.  And I have no doubt that Jordan adores you as much as I do:) I cannot wait for you to have Parker, Jolie, and Jacob to play with- by the end of this year our group of friends will go from 8 with one baby to 8 with four babies! We are going to be busy busy!

Have a great weekend, folks!


31 Weeks

Tank / Gap Maternity * Cardigan / Banana Republic Outlet (a couple seasons ago) 
* Black Pants / Heidi Klum Loved * Necklace / Francesca's 

How far along? 31 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: Went to the doctor on Tuesday and came home with an overall good report.. I say over all.. minus fact that I've gained about 27 pounds.  Baby girls are measuring to be 3 pounds, 12 ounces (Parker) and 3 pounds, 5 ounces (Jolie).  I admit to googling the other components of weight distribution during pregnancy this morning while still laying in bed.. I know.  OCD.       
Maternity clothes? We all saw the 'real' me in this post.  Still wearing those same pants.. (although I would kills for these if I had some place to go..) but I've showered and changed shirts.. currently I'm wearing a summery Old Navy tank top that is not maternity and definitely does not cover my round belly.  It sort of hangs out the bottom of the tank for a 'I'm barefoot and pregnant in Texas' effect.             
Stretch marks? None.  
Sleep: Comes and goes.  I've been sleeping well through the night for the most part.  Been up around 5am for the past three days straight.  Not sure if it is the girls moving around that wakes me (because they usually are awake when I wake up at this time..) or the fact that I'm hungry and need a snack (hello, Greek yogi), or the fact that I'm just tired of laying down.  Combination of all three?  Possibly.  
Best moment this week:  The weekly doctor appointments seem to be getting longer these days.  This week we went to visit the perinatologist for a sonogram before heading to see Dr. Walsh for the NST and consult/check-up.  Praise?  Still no funneling:)  Woo!  Third week in a row that I've been without and so thankful!  Although.. The NST showed uterine irritability and several contractions, some of which I could definitely feel as I watched the needle shoot up on the monitor paper.  Girls were in no way affected by this, but Dr. Walsh decided that it was time to increase my dosage of Procarida to twice/day.  A common 'problem' with twin pregnancy is that because my uterus is so stretched with two babies in my belly, it is unlikely that I will feel contractions when they are in the mild stages- but these mild contractions can send me into pre-term labor - no bueno.  So, proactive doc is making the change in my meds- which is totally fine by us.   
Miss Anything?  Can't say that I do.  Too many things to be so excited about to think about what I miss about pre-pregnancy.            
Movement:  They are either up under my ribs or doing a tap dance on my pelvis.  As much of a discomfort that it is when the babies are all in my ribs, I have to say that this new movement down, around, and on top of my pelvis is almost more painful than a rib kick/punch/head bump/jab.  I think part of that is the fact that I can't ever seem to empty my bladder well enough and have to pee just about all the time.     
Food cravings:  Donuts were all I could think of last week- and after getting them ( and a couple sausage rolls) my life is complete.  Not really, but they did do justice in satisfying my craving for that sugar.  Caesar salads are on top of my list this week.. Having at least a small one almost everyday.       
Symptoms:  A serious case of just a big ol' belly.  After the doctor appointment on Tuesday we swung through for a quick stop at Lone Star Baby.  Within about ten minutes of being in the store, one of the employees walked straight up to me and said "I hope your due date is close."  After my usual explanation: due in December.. twin girls.. 7 more weeks to go.. he stuffed his foot further down his throat and made me feel so beautiful with "Well, you know a woman is getting close when her belly starts to become misshapen, so I thought for sure you were due so soon." 


Poor Jordan.. for the rest of the day I questioned the look of my belly and it's shape.  Pretty round to me, but apparently I'm getting to a point of deformity?  I swear, the things people will say.       
Anything making you queasy or sick: Twice this week I couldn't eat the bananas on my usual peanut butter toast.. so grossed out by it.  But as I sit here, I'm enjoying my toast with sliced nanners on top.  Not sure the issue.. texture, maybe.    
Labor Signs:  For the first time I felt somewhat uncomfortable contractions/Braxton Hicks.  I think I've felt them before, but didn't know thats what they were until I was hooked up to the NST and saw what my doctor considers a contraction.    
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and emotional.  Nesting continues as we come to the end of nursery preparations.  I've started to pack my hospital bag- it was confirmed that I will most likely have a c-section (98% sure) and for recovery I'll be there at least 4 days.  Having a better idea now will make it easier to pack my bag and the girls' bag.
Looking forward to:  (This didn't change from last week..) Finishing the nursery and checking off the last of the to-do's.  We did, in fact, get the completed changing table this past weekend (it looks really great) and still waiting for the bedding to come in, but we are on the schedule for shipment the middle part of next week- so excited to see it!  Other than that.. Jordan plans to build wall shelves in each corner (his idea is one for each baby).  We need to order the rug and the curtains for the nursery and then it will be complete- finally.  As far as the other check-listed items..   Found a pediatrician we absolutely adore, scheduled the newborn photo session, now have both carseats, and have ordered some more layette items for the girls.  My freak out last week due to the fact that I felt like we didn't have enough has been briefly subsided with an order place to Gymboree.  We still need a couple of key items: pack and play, second camera for the monitor, and the breast pump (sorry..)  Good thing is that we have multiple generous gift cards we still need to spend.. thank goodness.  

So many things.. so much excitement.  All I can think about is Parker and Jolie.  I have always been excited, but seriously the excitement has set in this past week- I'm pretty much giddy at the thought of being able to hold our little ones.  

No wonder I can only sleep until 5am these days.    



While picking out a birthday gift for my sweet friend last week.. I treated myself to this beauty from Francesca's.  I think Jordan could see it in my eyes- that glazed impulse look when I'm itching to buy.

Besides.. when you walk into Francesca's with a 31 week twin belly.. I'm afraid jewelry is the only thing that fits- and my sweet hubby could clearly see that.   

They always have cute things, but this necklace was super fun and right up my alley for taste.  You don't have to wear it with an outfit that accents this particular green. You can definitely mix it up.

It could pair well with almost all the popular fall colors! 

Plum Purple
Mustard Yellow

It comes in other colors, too.  I am dying to get it in the coral.  I would be the one to have two (or three) of the same necklace in different colors.  I do that with shirts and jeans, so why should my jewelry be left out? 

Now I just need somewhere to wear it...  


For the Love of Fall

It is October!  Well, duh.  It is well into October to say the least.. but the fall season has really kicked up here at the Massey house with some seasonal decor.  Normally I am the one to pull out the pumpkins and fall-ish items for this time of year.. finding a place for it all- but not this year.   I had started to get sad in thinking that I wasn't going to be able to dress up our new home for my favorite time of year (September-December), but my sweet, SWEET husband took the reigns due to my bed rest status.

My pumpkins for the dining room table.. I got the ceramic ones several years ago from Stein Mart (random..) and the wicker ones came from Crate and Barrel last season.
A gift from the MIL for our first Halloween.  Have no idea where they came from, but a tea light goes in the back for true jack-o-lantern magic.  Love these little guys.
And.. the last pumpkin (I promise..) in my house.  Again, a gift from the MIL last year.  She has this size and one thats about 3 times this size.  I'm jealous of her jumbo pumpkin.

We made a new wreath for the front door.. I say we.. Jordan made a new wreath for the front door.

Impressed, right? I was.

 It turned out SO good.  His mother will be pleased when she sees it.

Like I've mentioned before.. Jordan pretty much does everything these days.  I mean everything.  I don't know what I would do without him.  One of the major tasks he has taken on is the shopping.  I still meal plan and make the grocery list, but he makes the run every week.  This week he came home with the best pumpkins to display on our front porch.. even making a stop at the feed store up the street to pick up a hay bale for something a little extra fall-ish on our front porch.

Yes.. we now live far enough out that there are feed stores within reasonable distance.  But when you have neighbors that host donkeys and horses.. you need those kind of things local.

He also made sure to start the stock pile of Halloween candy we will need in the coming weeks for Trick-or-Treat'ers.  Seriously? You are thinking of that?  Good, gooood man.

Another plus for Team Hubby?  Check out these fall flowers he picked out.  Beautiful, huh?  They are still working on their blooms, but when they are all opened up they will be deep red and orange.  Perfect for this time of year!

Two littlest pumpkins daddy picked out for Jolie and Parker
(I kinda want to write their names on them..)
And a somewhat scary, no make-up, post-nap picture with my littlest punkin's.  But when you get up at 4am, you need a mid-morning nap that lasts into midday..and when your hubby insists that you sit with the pumpkins, you oblige.

Besides.. this is what I look like 97% of the time.  Outside of doctor visits and the occasional visitor, I don't get dressed or put on make-up.. or wash my hair.

Plus, this girl took a picture with her pumpkins, and I was dying to do it anyway!
It took a lot of effort to arrange the decor I have around my house as it is. I get jealous of the festive mantles/decor I've seen on Pinterest, Instagram, and at the Dunaway house.. but this is the best it is gonna get (said with a smiling face.)

Christmas will be different this year.. J's mom has offered to help set up our tree..and she always does my mantle.  Hoping to get that up before Thanksgiving.. unless the Massey man in my house balks otherwise.

He may not have a fight against me (or his mother) with my protruding belly blocking his view.


Makeshift Maternity Shoot

After my baby shower last Saturday, my sweet bestest had arranged for the hired photographer to hang around for a bit after the shower had wrapped up so that Jordan and I could get some posed pictures of me and this big ol' belly.  

Kelley of Kelley Strout Photography did a great job of capturing some fun moments between me and my lovie. 

About 3 seconds before this picture I made sure Jordan was sitting up straight, chest out, and arms bulged.  I felt like I was 'bigger' sitting next to him (never in my life did I ever think I would be saying that about my hubby at 6'2 and 210 pounds)

What girls wants to feel like that?!  The picture is darling, aside from the classic fake Massey cheese spread across J's face.  This was a slight improvement, but still with the cheese-y grin.

Hopefully I'll be able to teach the girls some photogenics..
These are so fun.  The babies were super active during the mini-shoot, rolling around and kicking like crazy- making us laugh out loud.  The next day at Diana's shower they did the same thing..

Both times I had just eaten a cup cake.  Looks like I have two baby girls with a serious sweet tooth.  I haven't been too much into the sweets during my pregnancy..apparently been depriving them of what they really desire:)
 LOVE this one.
 My lovie saying sweet words to his girls.

Again.. crazy babies in my belly.

This pose gives a serious look into how big my belly has grown.  My poor dress looks as if it has turned into a bed sheet!  

 Sweet Belly
Again.. silly babies on a post cuppy cake sugar high.  I admit.. That afternoon I ate a cupcake and a half.  There were two flavors: pumpkin spice and strawberry.  I couldn't pick just one! Either way, it was a great choice to eat them.. these picture turned out something precious!
I thought bed rest had me doomed for not being able to capture pictures of me carrying Parker and Jolie.  Not the end of the world, but when I called to cancel my maternity session, I shed more than a couple tears.  I think the emotion of the fact I had just been threatened to be put in the hospital on bed rest just a week before my shoot was scheduled combined with the delivery of the outfits I ordered for the said maternity shoot came the day I got the bad news from my doctor, plus raging preggo hormones that I have no control over attributed to my sob session.  All is well on bed rest now, but the thought a month ago was no so pretty.

I am so thankful to my sweet girlfriends, Ashley, Diana, and Jacqueline, for hosting the most beautiful baby shower (pictures to come!) and making sure we were able to get some pictures post-party.  Kelley did such a great job!


The Highlight of My Week

I've been talking about donuts for two weeks.

Been thinking about them for longer than that.  

When peanut butter and banana toast just isn't good enough anymore.. you need something different.  

My breakfast yesterday morning :)  

I love the white icing with big sprinkles, not the little ones.. and that buttermilk donut was just about to die for.  
I enjoyed a couple of these, too.  

How can you go to the donut shop and not get a sausage roll? 

You can't.  There is just no logic to walking out of their without one.. or two.

It was totally worth it.  Every single crumb and sprinkle was accounted for- in my belly.

That's my High Five this week:  Donuts.. 

..and a couple sausage rolls.

Only a pregnant woman.  A pregnant woman carrying twins.  

Post babies I will no longer have an excuse.



30 Weeks

Top / A Pea in the Pod / Similar 

How far along? 30 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: I honestly haven't hit the scale this week.  It isn't that I'm avoiding it.. but I didn't have to go to the doctor this week because last week's check-up went so well (woo-hoo!) My guess would be close to 24-25 pounds thus far.  
Maternity clothes? 97% of the time I'm lounging in my comfies.  You can just about always see me in one of two pairs of Gap maternity jersey pants.. and matched with some kind of Gap pure body cotton tank.  Those have become my norm.  Comfort is most important these days.  Anything under the belly is best.  The over the belly pants kill me.. I feel like I'm suffocating.           
Stretch marks? None.  I am hopeful to make it another 7-8 weeks with a clear belly:) 
Sleep: Comes and goes.  After the weekend business with showers and being social- I have slept like a baby for the past several days.  All the festivities wore me out!  But, who am I kidding, holding a normal conversation wears me out these days.  
Best moment this week:  Getting to see all the hard work and planning of my girlfriends that hosted an absolutely gorgeous shower.  They hired a photographer to take on the responsibilities of capturing the moments rather than worrying with my camera.  After the shower was over, the photographer hung out a little longer and took some super sweet pictures of me and Jordan in Ashley's momma's backyard.  Due to bed rest I am not able to have a real session for maternity photos.  Ashley asked the photographer ahead of time to make sure we were able to get some.  I was so pleased with how they turned out!  (I'll post those soon!)
Miss Anything? Last week's complaint of not being able to breathe.. well- yes, I still miss that 'luxury'.  I also miss sleeping on my stomach.  I know I would sleep so much better if I could roll over and sleep like I've slept since I was 2 years old.            
Movement:  All the time:) Shocker..  I feel like Jolie's movement is most noticeable, but, since both girls like to hang out in the middle and on my right side, I sometimes get confused who is actually moving at the moment.  Jolie has been getting the hiccups almost nightly, and how sweet it is.  It is soft, consistent movement every 5 seconds and lasts for about 10 minutes and then its over.  When I heard and read about the babies getting the hiccups, I expected it to be horribly annoying- but it really isn't at all.   
Food cravings:  I made sure to get stinky Brussels Sprouts on the grocery list this week.  As random as that craving is, it hasn't gone away. I've even given the Sprouts their own board on Pinterest.  I liked those veggies before pregnancy, but really have a desire now.  Blow Pops, yes.. daily.  I haven't gotten my donut for breakfast, yet... I'm about to start harassing.     
Symptoms:  My ever growing (huge at this point) belly continues to be oh-so-heavy.  Yesterday Jordan loaded me up and took me to Aveda so I could pick up some foot cream (the most amazing foot cream on this earth.)  I think he was halfway afraid of getting the wrong thing (it isn't cheap at $22/bottle) and really wanted to get me out of the house for a bit since we didn't make a trip to the doctor this week.  The woman helping me behind the counter was so sweet and making compliments about how cute me and my pregnant belly were, but then followed up her sweet comments with 'Are you due?' Not 'when are you due', or 'are you getting close to being due'.. just basically 'Are you about to give birth right here in my salon.'  My response to her (and the others that ask me the same question any time I'm out) No ma'am- I have until about the second week in December before I'm due.  I almost always give a short pause between my response and the explanation that I'm carrying twins- just so I can see their unintentional reaction, which is usually a gaping mouth or saucer eyes.  What gets me is that I apparently look huge and as if I'm ready for baby, but when I tell those that ask that I am carrying twins, 100% of the time their reaction quickly changes to "You are SO tiny for carrying twins!"  So, I'm either huge or tiny.. bouncing on both ends of the spectrum these days, I suppose.  Other symptoms.. my repeated congested head. Most of it has to due with simple pregnancy, but part of that I can attribute to the fight between my depleted immune system and whatever crud thats been making its way around.  I finished all my antibiotics/steroids as of yesterday.. and although my annoying cough is just about gone, I'm still with a stuffy head.  Boo.    
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.  Jordan made a big a spinach salad with grilled chicken for dinner the other night, and I ate just about all the chicken!    
Labor Signs:  Occasional Braxton Hicks.  There are some days I don't have any at all.  Others I will have them 2-3 times a day.  Still nothing painful.   
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and emotional.  I've started to get into serious nesting mode.  Two nights ago Jordan found me sitting in the nursery closet- practically in tears- counting onesies and socks.  I had a notebook and pen writing out what I have and what I still need to get.  (Like how I completely left my baby daddy out of this?!) I.. err.. we plan to have sets of clothes in both newborn and preemie sizes.  My OB says the girls will most likely be about 5 pounds, but I want to be prepared!    If we were having just one, we would be set on clothes.  But since I can't judge their sizes, and need double of just about everything, we are a little short on the layette end of things.   
Looking forward to:  Finishing the nursery and checking off the last of the to-do's (from my list I made two nights ago, lol.)  We ordered the diaper bag, car seats, and have multiple interviews scheduled with potential pediatricians in the area.  The nursery glider was delivered yesterday (it is SO cute!) and I hear that the dresser/changing table is in the final stages of completion (fingers crossed!)  The custom nursery bedding is set for delivery in the next couple of weeks (finally.. ordered back in June.. I've been waiting the longest on that!) So, everything is coming together!  I'm still in the debate stages with my husband- attempting to justify the purchase of a chandelier for the girls' room.  I think he'll cave soon.  At least this girl can hope.  


High Five for Friday {10.12.12}

My life is somewhat, would you say.. boring these days.  The high points of my week consist of silly/obnoxious text messages with my closest girlfriends, big ol' cups of Sonic ice, waiting for the mail to come, doctor appointments, and the simple joy of taking a shower.

So.. my high five?  Here we go:)

Linking up with Lauren @ FMGD

1.) Jordan is getting incredibly good at his job in the kitchen.  Although he does cook at the fire station every third day, nothing like this Potato & Chicken Sausage Gratin would come out of that house of burly men.

2.)  My mail man brought me the new Rachael Ray magazine this week.  I read it cover to cover, complete with doggie ears along the way:)  I love fall comfort food (read: I could eat a Thanksgiving meal everyday) and cannot wait to try for Jordan to try some of these recipes out.

3.)  This picture from our doctor visit on Tuesday melts my heart.  I just wanna hold and squeeze and looovveee on this baby Parker and her precious sister Jolie!  (Even if they do keep me up all.night.long.) To clarify the picture, her hand is on her forehead, her little lips are pouted out.. she was practicing her sucking skills.

4.)  My friends make me laugh.out.loud.  Between (the ever-so-addictingTaylor Swift music messages so I can jam with Jacqueline from my bed.. to Ashley's random ventures at the grocery store.. I love them all beyond words.  I cannot wait to spend the upcoming weekend with these girls!      

5.)  Jordan took me for a manicure and pedicure this morning (thank youuuuuu, Diana for the best much needed birthday gift!)  I'll have gorgeous fingers and toesies for my shower this weekend:)


29 Weeks

Top / A Pea in the Pod * Scarf / (gift) World Market
Not Pictured: Jeans / Heidi Klum 'Loved'  * Riding Boots / URBANOG

How far along? 29 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 24 pounds. I've stayed pretty steady the past couple of weeks.  I didn't gain any for about 2 weeks, and this week I put on a couple pounds.. my weight gain may or may-not have been attributed to the rather large lunch I indulged in (at Arby's) pre-doctor appointment.  The hubs was feeding my random craving for the past month! 
Maternity clothes? Yes.  I have been able to wear some of cute things I picked up before going on bed rest full-time.  I had actually made some purchases the week before I found out I was to be in the bed for the remainder of my pregnancy.  But doctor's appointments and baby showers have allowed me to actually get dressed.  Jordan doesn't question me anymore when I go to put on a super cute blouse for a doctor's appointment.         
Stretch marks? No.  I'm thankful for my smooth belly, and hoping it will continue.  The dry skin has subsided with the use of coconut oil on a daily basis.. but the itching has started again, like it did when I was early in my second trimester.  That could only mean one thing.. my belly is getting stretched! 
Sleep: Comes and goes.  When I sleep, I sleep so good.  Lately, my longest sleep is from about 10pm to 4am.  Then I'm up at 6am, and again at 7am, and then for the day before 9am.  That is a good night.  Earlier this week I started the late night bathroom runs around 11pm, and for about every hour I was awake.  Around 2:30am I turned on the TV because I couldn't sleep AND couldn't breath- I felt as though my lungs were getting smooshed.  I was awake until almost 5am and finally dozed again until around nine.  This type of night happens a couple times a week.. and always, always happens the night before a doctor appointment.  I am fearful of what they will say in regards to the mommy check-up and that this might be the time they decide I need to make my home in the hospital.   
Best moment this week:  This week's appointment went exceptionally well.  Dixie practically jumped for joy when she checked my cervical length (4) and realized that the funneling was completely gone.  Whew!  I can complain 100% of the time about not being able to do all the normal pregnancy things (being homebound on bed rest, unable to take professional maternity pictures, 20 minute showers, no cooking/grocery shopping, daily medication for contraction prevention, required weekly stress-tests) but bed rest has done amazing things to keep these girls safe and sound for continued growth.  Oh, and another great thing about this week.. I didn't pass out during the exam:) 
Miss Anything?  A lot of things. The main thing I am missing this week (and my doctor says it will not get any better) is being able to breath like a normal person.  Aside from being terribly congested, I literally feel as if I am suffocating.  I cannot get enough air in my lungs.. these babies are all up in my space.            
Movement:  I have a daily ping-pong match going.  Occasionally there will be a day or two of calm activity, random movements here and there- I can only assume this would be the norm for any regular baby in the womb.  But, this is clearly just the 'calm before the storm'.  Parker and Jolie continue to be super active and absolutely hilarious.  I confess to almost dislike those days of 'calm' activity.. I like to know they are there with me.  The bond I've developed with these two girls is pretty amazing.  
Food cravings:  Those have hit me pretty hard over the past month or so.  I've decided my daily intake of peanut butter toast, fruit, and Greek yogurt aren't cravings.. those are just what I have incorporated into my daily routine.  I decided this because real cravings hit me like a ton of bricks.  Number one: Arby's roast beef.  I don't know if it is because of all the TV I've been watching, and the new Arby's commercials that I've seen 1238593673/day, but a roast beef sandwich is just about all I can think of.  J and I stopped to feed this craving before my doctor appointment this week.. and after he asked 'Was it everything I'd hoped it would be?' and I told him I wished that we had time to make a second swing through the drive thru because I could totally eat another sandwich. Number 2: Brussels Sprouts.  I made Jordan grab some fresh at the grocery this week and he roasted them up perfectly for me.  I was also reading through some of my foodie mags and saw a recipe for creamed cabbage. I could go for some of that, too.  Very random (stinky) vegetable cravings.  Number 3: Blow Pops.  J is buying them in bulk.  Number 4: Potbelly.  I thought this was just a coincidence that I ate their 3 times last week.  Not at all.  I dream of Arby's roast beef and Potbelly Italian sammies.  Number 5DONUTS. Holy moly.  Every morning as I eat my breakfast (99% of the time it is PB toast) I wish for it to be a giant buttermilk donut.  I've halfway kid with Jordan and have asked him to make a donut run on more than one occasion..just to see if he would do it.  I haven't gotten him to go yet- but it is such a wild suggestion coming from me that I don't know if he thinks I'm serious or not.   I'm still hopeful.
Symptoms:  Feeling like I cannot breath- due to congestion and the simple fact that I have two growing infants taking up all my lung space.  On an educational note- my doctor informed me that at this point in my pregnancy my lung capacity has decreased by over 25%.  So, for those of you that question my random gasps of air between sentences, I have a real reason for it.  Other symptoms are the same as before, and I can promise that they wont change: A serious case of heavy belly syndrome, and up and down for trips to the bathroom just about a million times a day.  My toilet paper use is out of control.   
Anything making you queasy or sick:  On the food end of it..Nada.  Chicken did make me a touch grossed out earlier this week.  I picked around it, but made it through dinner alright.    
Labor Signs:  None that I can feel.  During my stress-tests the girls move around so much and I end up having super mild contractions show up on the detector.  My doctor still has me on Procardia just once a day and doesn't see a reason to increase the dose.  I'm thankful for that.  I'm already on enough as it is (30mg Procardia, Iron, Pre-natal thats the size of a horse pill, and an additional 500mg Calcium/day)    
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I have come to realize that it sometimes overwhelms me to have multiple people wait on me at any given time.  I have gotten used to Jordan doing it for me, and have no problem allowing him to take the reigns, but with others it is still taking some getting used to. For the most part I'm fine, but Overwhelmed Amber doesn't come off so well.  Other than that.. I cry when my emotional scale is lower than a 4 and higher than a 7..  too happy or too sad?  I'm all tears.  
Looking forward to:  This weekend! My last baby shower is on Saturday at Momma Deb's (Ashley's mom) house and I cannot wait!  I (we) are hoping for decent weather so it can be set up outside in the Lally's amazing backyard.  Ashley's mom hosted her Bridal Luncheon there and it turned out beautifully.  Sunday is Diana's baby shower hosted by myself, Ashley, Jacqueline, and a couple other ladies close to D.  Although I can't actually do much, I've been able to provide some help, and will be there to celebrate baby Jacob:)  It is going to be a busy weekend.. I, myself, have to make sure to stay as flat as possible.  Jordan will be with me at both showers, so I'm confident he will be able to take my place in doing anything that needs doing:)


A {Massey} Baby Shower

I love hanging out with family.  I grew up with a small extended family of just my grandparents on my Dad's side (he was adopted and the only child) and a handful of out-of-town aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Mom's side. Holidays were exclusive of our family of 6 (I have 3 brothers..) and the occasional visit from Mimi and Papa (my Dad's parents).  

This all changed when I met my husband.  He has the largest family anyone could think to count.. at any given time the 'Massey Christmas' could consist of over 100 people in his MeMe's little house in Dallas.  That's just his Dad's side.  His Mom's side (the Fort's) is just as big, and family gatherings are always so fun:) I got the pleasure of taking on all these folks when I married into it 7 1/2 years ago.

All that explained.. this weekend was the Massey Baby Shower in honor of Parker and Jolie.  It would almost be rude of me to invite everyone from both sides of Jordan's family to one shower.  Poor hostess! I've never been to a wedding or baby shower, on the Massey side in particular, that consisted of more than just the family.  Jordan's Aunt Sherrye and cousin Jennifer hosted this one for me and I didn't even have a 'guest list' :)  

The most precious invites were done by Andrea (one of my favorite girls!) over at Slightly Askew Designs.  She and I have worked together for a couple years now (multiple blog designs, birthday invites, moooooving announcements, holiday cards (here and here)  and she knows 'me' and this invite is just precious!!  I love it!

The decor was SO cute.  I did my best not to stalk the pinterest boards of Jenny and Sherrye:)  My obsession with baby giraffes was on display with the coolest diaper cakes.  

Yes.. I got TWO diaper cakes.. benefits of growing two babies instead of one. 
More decor in the living room.. camo tutu's.  Does it get any better than this?  The other day Jordan's dad (Papa) asked me if I was planning to make the girls 'prissy'.. the confused look on my face warranted further explanation, and he meant "Can we take them hunting, and stuff.."  Well, now, they have the proper camo attire.. so I guess they are all set:)
The food table.  Chocolate covered pretzels, pink and white coated popcorn, chicken salad croissants (I totally got the recipe for these), fruit (holy yum), meatballs (nothing better to come out of a crock pot), cake balls, and cuppy cakes.  Everything was delicious!
After food, the gifts came next.  I was lost in a sea of baby girl clothes!  Our little bits are going to be dressed so cute:)  BB (Bree) finally revealed all the head bows she has been hard at work on.  I LOVE them all.  I sure hope she isn't done with these babies' heads yet.  I keep telling her she needs to open a shop on etsy..

Jordan's cousin Melanie made these great looking signs for the girls.  She has quite the talent (check out her FB page Mel's Sassy Scraps!)
I love this picture!  These girls made me (and Parker and Jolie) feel so special!!!    

(L to R)
Aunt Sherrye (youngest of 3 sisters to Roy), Lauren (cousin- Sherrye's oldest), Brooke (cousin), Jennifer (cousin-in-law, married to Josh, baby boy #2 due January!), Me, Melanie (cousin, Josh's sister)

As you can see from my attempt to explain the ties, it is a tad confusing, but we are all mixed in as one big family!
Lauren caught one last picture as I was walking out the door.  Love this girl to pieces.  She is growing up so fast!!  She is in her first year of college with a serious boyfriend.. When did you grow out of elementary and middle school?
Yesterday was a lot of fun!  Jordan's parents carted me and my big ol' belly to and from the shower while Jordan was at the fire station.  He was so sad to miss this one, especially since it was a chance to see all (or most of) his family.   I can't wait for Jordan and I to go through the presents again since he wasn't able to be there to help open them.

Thank you to everyone that came and helped make that afternoon happen:)  It was perfectly precious!

3 showers down, one more to go.  Next weekend hosted by all my bestest friends:)


28 Weeks {Baby Update}

How far along? 28 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 22 pounds. (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  
Maternity clothes? Yes.  I now live for my weekly doctor visits.. I actually get to put on makeup, get dressed, and go outside the house.     
Stretch marks? Nope. I have severely dry skin on my stretched belly..and I didn't realize it until the nurse was hooking me up for my stress-test last week.  She made a comment about my poor dry belly.  I got halfway embarrassed when I looked down to see the sloughing skin (gross, yes, I know this.)  I have been using lotion and body butter religiously, but now have seen a difference since going back to using the coconut oil.  I didn't stop using it on purpose, I just had gotten a couple of varieties of heavy lotion as gifts and was enjoying the yummy smells.  The coconut oil is what I'll be using from now on (in addition to my smelly lotions, of course.)
Sleep: Meh.  It's okay.  I've taken one sleeping pill this week and I slept like a baby, and the next night I resorted to taking another after I tossed and turned for two hours attempting to get some shut eye.  The second time the sleeping pill didn't help one single bit.  I continued to toss and turn all night long.  Not fun.  When I do sleep, I sleep well.  But, when I am having bouts of insomnia a couple times a week- I'm up all night long.
Best moment this week:  Over the weekend, my bestest spent the day/night with me while Jordan was away for 24 hours at the fire station. She brought lunch, snacks, movies..and made the most delicious dinner for us to enjoy on the sofa.  She played the 'bed rest' game right along with me, and I love her dearly for it:)  She also got to feel the baby gymnastics performed inside my belly. It was a fun night.
Miss Anything?  Oh, you know, the usual;  Sunshine on my face..the wind in my hair...  In all seriousness, bed rest isn't soooo terrible.  I have found my way of staying entertained throughout the day.  Jordan is home quite often and when he isn't, visitors make my day go fast.  But, I do miss the luxury of drinking a half a glass of water and not having to pee like there is no tomorrow 4 minutes later.             
Movement: Babies are crazy.  They seem to live in my ribs and when they aren't in my ribs, they are doing the baby jig on my bladder.  They always know when I have to pee and there is no restroom available (in the car driving riding to/from the doctor.)   
Food cravings: Not really- BUT.. I've eaten Potbelly 3 times in less than a week.. Extra peppers, please.  These girls will either love a good sammy or despise the thought of a sub shop.  We shall see.  
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.  
Labor Signs: Nothing painful.  I have Braxton Hicks contractions a couple times a day- mainly when I get up too fast from the laying position.  I'm still taking Procardia once a day to prevent those pesky contractions I don't have a notice for.   
Symptoms:  These haven't changed from last week: a seriously heavy belly, and up and down for trips to the bathroom 239576129465 times a day.  My sore boobs are back (TMI? Sorry.)   They aren't as severe as during my first trimester, but I notice the pain.  I expected this, but wasn't sure I was ready for it.      
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I'm a happy girl.. although I've been told by my precious husband that he can tell when I've got a 'rage' going on.  He leaves me be and makes sure my water glass is full.  I don't know what he is talking about.   
Looking forward to: The Massey baby shower this weekend!!! Jordan's Aunt Sherrye and cousin Jennifer have been working so hard to plan it.  I really look forward to seeing everyone!  I love it when the family gets together.  It is also supposed to be in the 50s-60s this weekend.  SWEATER WEATHER!  Well, for Texas it is anyway.  My favorite time of year!    

Baby Update

My girls are getting big and strong!!  We visited the perinatologist yesterday morning (you know, with the 52 inch sonogram monitor) and walked out with a good report on both momma and baby.  They both are measuring identically at 2 pounds, 10 ounces.   Jolie is actually about 6 grams bigger than Parker, which was such a surprise since she has been much smaller than Parker from the very beginning.  Either way, I have 5 pound of baby to carry..err.. lay around!  Heart beats were 150 bpm and 153 bpm.. and both, of course, were awake and active (per their usual)

We attempted to try for a couple of 4D images..but Parker had her foot in Jolie's face (even in separate sacs they are all over each other.) and her own hand in front of her own face.  Difficult babies.  We go back in a couple weeks and will try again for another.  So, we settled for a couple of the 2D for today. 

Jolie Grace

 Parker Jane 

By this point in the appointment I was ready to be done anyway.  I have made note of my inability to lay on my back at all whatsoever, even for sonograms I end up moving over to my left side forcing the sonographer to stretch over me to finish her exam.   Typically at my perinatologist appointments I have handle the scan because I am leaning at an angle and not flat on my back.  Well, on that particular morning my body wasn't playing that game and I passed out.  By the time I realized I needed to sit up because I felt dizzy/nauseated it was too late.  Jordan tried to hand me my water and I couldn't hold it, and the only thing I remember was the doctor putting her cool hands on the back of my neck.  Jordan, at some point, had stepped in because I regained consciousness in his arms laying on my left side.  Whew.  It freaked me and everyone else in that room out beyond comfort.  Jordan, bless his heart, was so worried.  After I came to, we finished the scan and he didn't let go of my hand for the remainder of the appointment.  Sweet man.

So, all is well with me and our babies.  I've made it to 28 weeks and bed rest continues to work in my advantage.  9 more weeks to go before we reach the goal of 37 weeks!  I'm getting excited to meet my sweet girls.. it is going by so quick!
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