For the Love of Fall

It is October!  Well, duh.  It is well into October to say the least.. but the fall season has really kicked up here at the Massey house with some seasonal decor.  Normally I am the one to pull out the pumpkins and fall-ish items for this time of year.. finding a place for it all- but not this year.   I had started to get sad in thinking that I wasn't going to be able to dress up our new home for my favorite time of year (September-December), but my sweet, SWEET husband took the reigns due to my bed rest status.

My pumpkins for the dining room table.. I got the ceramic ones several years ago from Stein Mart (random..) and the wicker ones came from Crate and Barrel last season.
A gift from the MIL for our first Halloween.  Have no idea where they came from, but a tea light goes in the back for true jack-o-lantern magic.  Love these little guys.
And.. the last pumpkin (I promise..) in my house.  Again, a gift from the MIL last year.  She has this size and one thats about 3 times this size.  I'm jealous of her jumbo pumpkin.

We made a new wreath for the front door.. I say we.. Jordan made a new wreath for the front door.

Impressed, right? I was.

 It turned out SO good.  His mother will be pleased when she sees it.

Like I've mentioned before.. Jordan pretty much does everything these days.  I mean everything.  I don't know what I would do without him.  One of the major tasks he has taken on is the shopping.  I still meal plan and make the grocery list, but he makes the run every week.  This week he came home with the best pumpkins to display on our front porch.. even making a stop at the feed store up the street to pick up a hay bale for something a little extra fall-ish on our front porch.

Yes.. we now live far enough out that there are feed stores within reasonable distance.  But when you have neighbors that host donkeys and horses.. you need those kind of things local.

He also made sure to start the stock pile of Halloween candy we will need in the coming weeks for Trick-or-Treat'ers.  Seriously? You are thinking of that?  Good, gooood man.

Another plus for Team Hubby?  Check out these fall flowers he picked out.  Beautiful, huh?  They are still working on their blooms, but when they are all opened up they will be deep red and orange.  Perfect for this time of year!

Two littlest pumpkins daddy picked out for Jolie and Parker
(I kinda want to write their names on them..)
And a somewhat scary, no make-up, post-nap picture with my littlest punkin's.  But when you get up at 4am, you need a mid-morning nap that lasts into midday..and when your hubby insists that you sit with the pumpkins, you oblige.

Besides.. this is what I look like 97% of the time.  Outside of doctor visits and the occasional visitor, I don't get dressed or put on make-up.. or wash my hair.

Plus, this girl took a picture with her pumpkins, and I was dying to do it anyway!
It took a lot of effort to arrange the decor I have around my house as it is. I get jealous of the festive mantles/decor I've seen on Pinterest, Instagram, and at the Dunaway house.. but this is the best it is gonna get (said with a smiling face.)

Christmas will be different this year.. J's mom has offered to help set up our tree..and she always does my mantle.  Hoping to get that up before Thanksgiving.. unless the Massey man in my house balks otherwise.

He may not have a fight against me (or his mother) with my protruding belly blocking his view.

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