HF4F {10.26.12}

Happy Friday, ya'll:)  My week's 'high points' wouldn't probably classify as notable in your book, but in my chapters of bed rest, these 5 struck pretty high on my list.  I have learned to appreciate the simple things.. and miss even the simplest (i.e. driving, cooking)

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1.) We ordered and received both the carseats this week! I ended up baby talking to the empty seats like Parker and Jolie were really in there.  Jordan couldn't wait to get them set up on our stroller with the carseat attachments.  It's a big stroller with those seats attached.. but not the biggest I've seen, thats for sure.

2.) Finally, FINALLY some fall weather has been laid across this great state of Texas.  I am eager to have that crisp air- even though I don't exactly get out into it on a daily basis.  Saturday I get to pull on my boots and finally get to wear a sweater (that still has the tags on it) to attend the second part of the Preparing for Multiple class held at the hospital.  Jordan went solo last weekend (greatest hubby award) and after my appointment this week, my doc is allowing me to go as long as I'm (for the most part) laying on the mats they provide.  I don't care if she says I have to be hung by my ankles, if I get to go, I get to go:)
3.)  I have a seriously fickle belly these days.  It is really annoying because I have to eat.. (duh) but I could literally go all day without a hunger pang or even thinking of food (the constant full feeling with two babies in your belly is unreal).  
This sammy has pretty much kept me going for the past week.  Eggo Nutri-grain Waffles, a single slice of Swiss cheese, and Honey Maple Turkey.  Its plain.. but so good.
4.)  This month it was our turn to host Supper Club.  Jordan did an amazing job of putting it together- the food was outstanding!  I am pretty sure he has a whole new respect for the effort that goes into hosting SC every month. We also got to celebrate Jacqueline for her 30th birthday! Diana brought a yummy cake (Nothing Bundt Cake, duh!) and we sprinkled her with pretty things, hoping to make her birthday as special as she is to us.

Make note of how sweet Diana's belly looks- I love that baby Jacob belly!!  And, I.. I look..
Well, I don't think I'll be wearing that shirt anymore:)
 5.)  And for number 5 for this week.. My husband.  He gets the 'Best Hubby' award on a daily basis.

A bonus for your Friday of this little boy.  Landon, you make our little Supper Club that much sweeter.  And I have no doubt that Jordan adores you as much as I do:) I cannot wait for you to have Parker, Jolie, and Jacob to play with- by the end of this year our group of friends will go from 8 with one baby to 8 with four babies! We are going to be busy busy!

Have a great weekend, folks!


The Joiners said...

Sounds like an exciting list to me! Question for you: has anyone given you a list of the items you need to get two of? I am getting lots of registry advice, but not much specific to twins so I'm curious!

Ali said...

New follower here! Found you through Shay Shull. And just started a blog myself, love that you can look back & relive all these wornderful memories! Enjoyed reading about your story, you all are the cutest couple & I am so happy that you have been blessed with two baby girls! What a wonderful blessing! Best to you all & look forward to their arrival! By the way, your hair is just the cutest, you should do a blog tutorial sometime of how you fix it because it looks perfect all the time!

Ali G said...

Sorry I signed in my old username, here is my new one with my blog!:)

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