While picking out a birthday gift for my sweet friend last week.. I treated myself to this beauty from Francesca's.  I think Jordan could see it in my eyes- that glazed impulse look when I'm itching to buy.

Besides.. when you walk into Francesca's with a 31 week twin belly.. I'm afraid jewelry is the only thing that fits- and my sweet hubby could clearly see that.   

They always have cute things, but this necklace was super fun and right up my alley for taste.  You don't have to wear it with an outfit that accents this particular green. You can definitely mix it up.

It could pair well with almost all the popular fall colors! 

Plum Purple
Mustard Yellow

It comes in other colors, too.  I am dying to get it in the coral.  I would be the one to have two (or three) of the same necklace in different colors.  I do that with shirts and jeans, so why should my jewelry be left out? 

Now I just need somewhere to wear it...  


The Dunaways said...

Reason #9817235 we are best friends... I too, when shopping for Jacqueline bought this same necklace; however in light pink :) Happy Wednesday, friend!

Sarah Tucker said...

I have the same exact necklace, except mine is the one with coral and turquoise! I just couldn't decide which color I liked better!


Sarah Tucker said...

By the way...I just realized I have been replying to your comments by email and your email says "non-reply blogger@gmail.com" so I assume you aren't getting my replies...is that right?!?!

Incase you aren't getting my replies, they all have been something along the lines of: Michael knows what he is doing and our husbands will never. ever. understand :) And boots are absolutely justified! As is most other purchases wife's make :)

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