High Five for Friday {10.12.12}

My life is somewhat, would you say.. boring these days.  The high points of my week consist of silly/obnoxious text messages with my closest girlfriends, big ol' cups of Sonic ice, waiting for the mail to come, doctor appointments, and the simple joy of taking a shower.

So.. my high five?  Here we go:)

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1.) Jordan is getting incredibly good at his job in the kitchen.  Although he does cook at the fire station every third day, nothing like this Potato & Chicken Sausage Gratin would come out of that house of burly men.

2.)  My mail man brought me the new Rachael Ray magazine this week.  I read it cover to cover, complete with doggie ears along the way:)  I love fall comfort food (read: I could eat a Thanksgiving meal everyday) and cannot wait to try for Jordan to try some of these recipes out.

3.)  This picture from our doctor visit on Tuesday melts my heart.  I just wanna hold and squeeze and looovveee on this baby Parker and her precious sister Jolie!  (Even if they do keep me up all.night.long.) To clarify the picture, her hand is on her forehead, her little lips are pouted out.. she was practicing her sucking skills.

4.)  My friends make me laugh.out.loud.  Between (the ever-so-addictingTaylor Swift music messages so I can jam with Jacqueline from my bed.. to Ashley's random ventures at the grocery store.. I love them all beyond words.  I cannot wait to spend the upcoming weekend with these girls!      

5.)  Jordan took me for a manicure and pedicure this morning (thank youuuuuu, Diana for the best much needed birthday gift!)  I'll have gorgeous fingers and toesies for my shower this weekend:)

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The Joiners said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - I actually found yours a few week back through pinterest, randomly enough, but didn't comment for fear of looking like a stalker!

So fun to read another twin pregnancy blog- your little girls are precious and I know you must be so anxious to meet them :) Also, SO jealous that you found out the gender at 14 weeks... 17 or 18 weeks feels so far away right now!

Anyway, I'm officially going to be a follower now- looking forward to reading! Happy bed rest to you, and feel free to send any tips my way!

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