A {Massey} Baby Shower

I love hanging out with family.  I grew up with a small extended family of just my grandparents on my Dad's side (he was adopted and the only child) and a handful of out-of-town aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Mom's side. Holidays were exclusive of our family of 6 (I have 3 brothers..) and the occasional visit from Mimi and Papa (my Dad's parents).  

This all changed when I met my husband.  He has the largest family anyone could think to count.. at any given time the 'Massey Christmas' could consist of over 100 people in his MeMe's little house in Dallas.  That's just his Dad's side.  His Mom's side (the Fort's) is just as big, and family gatherings are always so fun:) I got the pleasure of taking on all these folks when I married into it 7 1/2 years ago.

All that explained.. this weekend was the Massey Baby Shower in honor of Parker and Jolie.  It would almost be rude of me to invite everyone from both sides of Jordan's family to one shower.  Poor hostess! I've never been to a wedding or baby shower, on the Massey side in particular, that consisted of more than just the family.  Jordan's Aunt Sherrye and cousin Jennifer hosted this one for me and I didn't even have a 'guest list' :)  

The most precious invites were done by Andrea (one of my favorite girls!) over at Slightly Askew Designs.  She and I have worked together for a couple years now (multiple blog designs, birthday invites, moooooving announcements, holiday cards (here and here)  and she knows 'me' and this invite is just precious!!  I love it!

The decor was SO cute.  I did my best not to stalk the pinterest boards of Jenny and Sherrye:)  My obsession with baby giraffes was on display with the coolest diaper cakes.  

Yes.. I got TWO diaper cakes.. benefits of growing two babies instead of one. 
More decor in the living room.. camo tutu's.  Does it get any better than this?  The other day Jordan's dad (Papa) asked me if I was planning to make the girls 'prissy'.. the confused look on my face warranted further explanation, and he meant "Can we take them hunting, and stuff.."  Well, now, they have the proper camo attire.. so I guess they are all set:)
The food table.  Chocolate covered pretzels, pink and white coated popcorn, chicken salad croissants (I totally got the recipe for these), fruit (holy yum), meatballs (nothing better to come out of a crock pot), cake balls, and cuppy cakes.  Everything was delicious!
After food, the gifts came next.  I was lost in a sea of baby girl clothes!  Our little bits are going to be dressed so cute:)  BB (Bree) finally revealed all the head bows she has been hard at work on.  I LOVE them all.  I sure hope she isn't done with these babies' heads yet.  I keep telling her she needs to open a shop on etsy..

Jordan's cousin Melanie made these great looking signs for the girls.  She has quite the talent (check out her FB page Mel's Sassy Scraps!)
I love this picture!  These girls made me (and Parker and Jolie) feel so special!!!    

(L to R)
Aunt Sherrye (youngest of 3 sisters to Roy), Lauren (cousin- Sherrye's oldest), Brooke (cousin), Jennifer (cousin-in-law, married to Josh, baby boy #2 due January!), Me, Melanie (cousin, Josh's sister)

As you can see from my attempt to explain the ties, it is a tad confusing, but we are all mixed in as one big family!
Lauren caught one last picture as I was walking out the door.  Love this girl to pieces.  She is growing up so fast!!  She is in her first year of college with a serious boyfriend.. When did you grow out of elementary and middle school?
Yesterday was a lot of fun!  Jordan's parents carted me and my big ol' belly to and from the shower while Jordan was at the fire station.  He was so sad to miss this one, especially since it was a chance to see all (or most of) his family.   I can't wait for Jordan and I to go through the presents again since he wasn't able to be there to help open them.

Thank you to everyone that came and helped make that afternoon happen:)  It was perfectly precious!

3 showers down, one more to go.  Next weekend hosted by all my bestest friends:)


The Dunaways said...

This is so precious!!! The decor was so cute! Looking forward to next weekend!!!


So GOOD to see you & your cute little baby bump! Go and get a belt...it will help!! (: and here is the direct link to my business page:


Grace Marie said...

Just creeping on your blog. Um. You're expecting twins?!?!??

You look incred and I'm sinfully j.

I'll be following along like a weirdo until delivery!

Love love love their names. Throw some ideas my way!! I'm dying.

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