The Highlight of My Week

I've been talking about donuts for two weeks.

Been thinking about them for longer than that.  

When peanut butter and banana toast just isn't good enough anymore.. you need something different.  

My breakfast yesterday morning :)  

I love the white icing with big sprinkles, not the little ones.. and that buttermilk donut was just about to die for.  
I enjoyed a couple of these, too.  

How can you go to the donut shop and not get a sausage roll? 

You can't.  There is just no logic to walking out of their without one.. or two.

It was totally worth it.  Every single crumb and sprinkle was accounted for- in my belly.

That's my High Five this week:  Donuts.. 

..and a couple sausage rolls.

Only a pregnant woman.  A pregnant woman carrying twins.  

Post babies I will no longer have an excuse.



The Joiners said...

Sad day for me today: the twins demanded a kolache at about 7:30 am this morning and by 8 am they were apparently not pleased that I ate one, so the rest of the morning my mouth tasted like a mixture of sausage and throw-up. Boo hiss!

Glad you got your donuts :)

Corinne said...

I have been craving donuts TOO! I told my husband that I refuse to go all weekend without one :) And yes, let's use the excuse while we can - as I am not a donut eater by norm either!! But your picture looked way to darn good to me !!

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