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Hot Poooockeeeetss

This will (hopefully) make you giggle a bit on this Wednesday.  I couldn't stop laughing..  Mainly because on any given Saturday you can find one or two boxes of Hot Pockets (the Lean version, actually) in my  basket.  Jordan demands requests them stocked in our freezer for his afternoon snack time habit.   Being in my profession- this is probably the last thing I would recommend as a snack- but he has his habits.. and who is to stop my sweet man from doing something has been doing for over 15 years now?   Not worth it.

Plus- Ashley.. you can appreciate this as well :) 


Sweet Man

7:41AM.. text to Shay after reading her post about the release of the Michael Buble Christmas album
8:00AM.. Shay texts to inform me she is on her way to Target for purchasing. 

Jealousy becomes me. 

8:17AM..text to Jordan harrassing informing him of its release. 
9:06AM.. Shay texts to tell  me she is listening..and it is 'soooooooooo good!' 


11:40AM.. Jordan stops by to say hi on his way out to work.. and such a sneaky husband he is.. he made a trip to Target.

Christmas is starting early (as usual!) in the Massey house.  We will be having Mr. Buble for dinner this evening- Christmas style :)


Massey Date Night

Last night the big Massey's made their way to Fort Worth for a Friday evening in the Stockyards with the little Massey's.  Although Jordan and I could never repay them for opening up their home to us for 5 whole weeks- we wanted to treat them to a fun night- starting with dinner..mmmhmm- and steak is on the menu!  It was a great weekend to hang out down there.  The rodeo is in town for this weekend- and there were all kinds of fun festivities going on.
 Dinner at H3Ranch- my filet was wood fire cooked perfectly!
 The Big Massey's..Bree and Roy
Massey Foursome
 The Little Massey's.. Jordan and Me!
After dinner we made our way to some shops that were still open- there are so many cute little places!  Roy and Jordan had enough after about 11 minutes- so they found a bench and got comfortable while Bree and I sifted through jewelry galore.  We also strolled down around to Jenna's wedding venue.
Our evening ended with a stop at Menchie's Fro-Yo... I ate a dessert try-fecta of yogurt- maple glazed donut, cake batter, and creamy pumpkin.  The pumpkin was the best- but I did sample the very berry- and that was really good- but I figured it would be weird with the pumpkin and donut flavored yogurt.  Anyway.. enough dissecting my dessert cup.

All in all- perfect start to our weekend.  Today Jordan was at the fire station and I ran around like a crazy person in search of serving dishes- I found one at a HomeGoods store- but was determined to find more. A trip to Mansfield, Irving, and Dallas after my stop at the one here in Fort Worth completed my set- a very Bree Massey thing to do.  But, you will see.. it was worth it. Supper Club at the (little) Massey's will be sooo super cute.

Looking forward to tomorrow- J will be home, and the Cowboys and Rangers will keep us snuggley on the sofa.


You Already Know This, But..

The Massey's have moved!  With the help of the ever-so-talented Andrea of Slightly Askew Designs- we have a most precious card to announce our moving.

Our close friends and family received one in the mail this week- I was so proud to send them out!
She is responsible for our Christmas cards last year..and the design of this blog!  Can we say.. rockstar? Plus- she is super sweet, and not to mention, cute as a button.

Thanks, Andrea for, yet again, a super great job!  I am so thankful for your talents :)


Go Rangers!

It was official Rangers' Day at Texas Health Hospital Fort Worth.. and inside EHP :)

Jenn and I had a great time planning our outfits on Tuesday night so that we coordinated well for a picture today- I'm all about the photo-op, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Game One of the World Series tonight!  Go Rangers!


Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Target, Market Street, Central Market.. and any other grocery store- because you are all involved. 

What is wrong with you?  Why have you discontinued your distrubution of the greatest coffee creamer on earth?  What am I supposed to do with my husband- the man that is set on one single flavor.. that is clearly dissapointed in the abscence of this creamer in our refrigerator door.  I drove all over the metroplex yesterday attempting to hunt just twelve one bottle down.  Don't you understand that his morning coffee is something he truly treasures.. and now he is settling for hazelnut.  Good grief. 

My suggestion is that you get it together.  International Delight's English Almond Toffee is delicious- make note of it. 

Coffee-Therapy Seeking Consumer


Fall So Far.. Loving It.

This weekend was full of fun with friends for these Massey's.  We kicked off the end of the week with Supper Club at the Tapella House.  Jacqueline truly out did herself with a beautifully fall decorated house.  The smell of a yummy dinner hit me square in the face when I arrived.. nothing better than that when your belly is about to out-yell you.  Pot roast was on the menu, slow-cooker is music to Jarrett's ears.  I must admit- I do a little happy dance in my head when I know there is a slow cooker involved.

Travis shared his duty in SC prep by making these precious little Jack-O-Lantern's out of hollowed out grapefruit.  Each one was different in the face- he was so proud. I must give him the credit he deserves- these were too cute for words.
Jacqueline's fall decor- and those cute little salad bowls again.
Landon may be just 4 months- but he is ready for some table food.  He and his daddy were fighting' over the pot roast.
Diana and Chris                                                              Jordan had to work last minute at the fire station- so    
                                                                                        I was solo, but fit in well as a 3rd wheel Dunaway 
Enjoying my pot roast- can you tell?  
The Tapella's took sweet baby Landon to the Coppell Pumpkin Patch for pictures this past week and were so sweet to pick out a pumpkin for each couple.  This pumpkin has a serious stalk.  The generous giver of pumpkins (Travis) claimed this one for himself.
Our loft living has holiday spirit.  Clearly, the Massey's have gone all out for Halloween this year.
Last night, Jordan and I met the Shull's at one of my favorite restaurants, Brio in Southlake for dinner and catching up.  It has been too, too long since we have spent time with them!  Jordan and Shay are bath-tub babies- a mere 4 months between them, and I have been lucky enough to know Shay for ten years.  She and I hold a bond together that I haven't been about to maintain with anyone else. She is a special girl to me, and her hilarious hubby isn't so bad, either!

Our waiter finally had to run us out with his stone-cold glare after 3+ hours of chatting, laughing, story-telling, and well, duh- dessert!  We heart the Shull's.  It was a wonderful time!

I love weekends like these.  Beautiful weather, beautiful times, and even more beautiful friends to share it all with.  Love ya'll!! can I forget.. Our Texas Rangers beat the Tigers last night (a whooping, really..) World Series, here we come!  Showing my support today with the help of my Mac computer camera.  

Shay- Don't be bitter.. Rangers love is only natural- especially when your Red Sox aren't as good.  But this won't change my love for you :)


Lip Gravy

Last night at church the marriage ministry leader made a comment about his marriage and how wonderful is was to recieve lip gravy from his wife.. it made me laugh and squeeze Jordan's hand.. I like his lip gravy, too :)

I'm reading the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  In his book be makes note of one of the best recipes in the Bible to help us become a better spouse- found in 1 Timothy 1:16.
    "But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus
     might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and recieve
     eternal life." (NIV)

On this Thursday, I am thankful for his lip gravy.. and my continue growth in becoming an excellent spouse to deserve it.


Till Death Do Us Part..Rain or Shine

This weekend Jordan and I were out of town, yet again- but this time for a family wedding!  Jordan's cousin BreAnn and her beau Drew were set to tie the knot- and we were all there to see.  

**There are lots of pictures.. BUT- Veeca has an amazing camera, so we all took advantage of it :)

The weekend started on Friday night with the rehearsal dinner.  After dinner Jordan and I, along with big Massey's and the Vineyard's made a stop at BJ's before making our way back to the hotel.  

The kids- 29 years in the making

Bree and Roy- I heart my in-laws!  They are just precious to me.

My husband and me- what a handsome man he is :)

Saturday morning got off to a great start with hot coffee, a light breakfast, and patio time with the family.

Jordan and Rayn- a pretzel full of giggles!

The question of the day 'Do we move the wedding indoors.. or risk the rain and keep it on the bluff?'
Roy and BreAnn checking the weather.. 60% won't stop us! :)

Ashley and Granny Jane soaking in all of KeeSee Blaine's sweetness

Au Naturale candid with my sweet

Wedding time!  Drew walks in his grandmother as the ceremony begins- the rains holding out just long enough.

Aldon and quite the stunning Granny

 Veeca and Aldon- a sweet exchange between mother and son.

 Drew and BreAnn

 Precious innocence of sweet Rayn.  Bless her for making my heart happy :)

 The Fort Family picture

 My beautiful in-law ladies

And now for the close ups! :)  Bobby was a great camera man indeed!
Jenna first..

Jenny, second..

And lastly.. ME!

I LOVE this picture.  It is a complete representation of Mrs. Jenny Fort- a bag of giggles on a constant basis- for example- she leaped and bounded down the rock path into Jordan's arms when we arrived the day before.  She is cr-A-zy.  Love her.
 Jenna and myself
 Sister Bree, Sister Jenny, and mother of the bride, Veeca
 Ashley and sweet flower girl, Blaine
 We so handsome.

Little Jordan and Habeeb (At the rehearsal dinner my Jordan was explaining to Rayn that his name was Jordan and her name was Jordan- and she proceeded to say "No- she is Jordan, you are Habeeb.'  So- it stuck.)

Habeeb clearly has enjoyed the strawberry margaritas.

Time for family portraits!

Take one... fail.. except Jenna.. she is looking set and ready.
 Take Two.. ugh.  Almost,  but still fail.  Focus, Habee..err.. Jordan
 There we go- My beautiful family :)
 Aldon dancing with his girl- I took a liking to these kids this weekend!
What's a wedding without some pool time?  With the intermittent pouring down rain, these crazy Wickliffe's made their way to the pool at the end of a ceremony- what's a little more water going to hurt anything?  Way to end with a bang :)

Jordan and I were sad to go home on Sunday after it was all said and done- but we were sure worn out- second weekend in a row of non-stop friends, family, and loads of fun.  

How lucky am I?  
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