On the Move. Sort Of..

Thats right- The Massey's are on the move.  Well- sort of.  Earlier this year I was blessed with an awesome job opportunity in Fort Worth.  I actually don't think I qualified for the position, but had a great reference vouching for me, and along with my incredible personality and whitty charm- I landed the job (insert SARCASM here, por favor..)  The only problem is that I live in Coppell.. exactly 27.1 miles from my desk in Fort Worth..do the math- that's almost 60 miles every day.  Traffic usually doesn't follow instruction very well- when I tell it to move on- it seems to remain at a stand-still (how stubborn!)  Long story short- with much prayer and contemplation- we decided to put our first home up for sale and make our way closer to my job.  Jordan only drives to the fire station every third day, so that trek wont be so bad for him a couple times each week.

House is sold..and we began to seek to find our new place- and we did!  A beautiful new loft right in the middle of downtown- 1.8 miles from work.  A loft will be a perfect place for the next year or so- we aren't too sure where we want to plant our roots yet- buying land..building a house.. so many ideas continue to run through our brains- but our new place is as big (bigger, actually!) as our little house here- so eventually growing into it wont be a problem- if you can read between the lines :) We thought we had the place within our closing needs- but came to find out shortly before actually moving in that the loft we chose isn't ready until the end of August.  UGH. After searching the city -high and low- we came up empty handed.  Thankfully I have gracious in-laws that opened up their home to us for the next month or so. Our stuff went to storage while we arrived 'home' at the Massey's.

Packing is so boring.. and if I never have to use a roll of tape again...
 But it's more fun with this.. Jordan is so good to me..and picked up my favorite.
 Our last 'date night' in our first house- a packing party of two!
 Daphnee helped Jordan grill the beef fajitas
 The Sous Chef expected to come inside when we ate!
Friday we packed and packed into the early morning hours..and then started over on Saturday morning at 5am.  17 hours later we decided to eat pizza for dinner on our fold out chairs and the top of a box as our table. 

My tired and sweaty Lou.  This look was either because he was ready to be done..or his reaction to my answer to his question "What do you want on the pizza?" "Anchovies."
Brittany was ready to be done, too.  She had worn herself out worrying all day- confused as to what in the world was going on.
One house, 2 dogs, 3 days, 4 raw hands, at least 5 stubbed toes, and over 50 boxes..we finally finished.  My husband gave me the greatest compliment of all last night..

"You are a rockstar.  Thank you for all you're hard work.  I love you."

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Mindy Rives said...

Sad y'all are leaving the neighborhood, but excited for your new job and new place! Can't wait to see pictures of your loft...so fun! Is there a little Massey brewing?!?!

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