Thankful Thursday (s)

Last weekend at Watermark, JP finished his series of four sermons titled LED: Dicerning God's will for Our Life.  This entire series is awesome and would recommend downloading it for your listening pleasure :)  JP is a powerful speaker-through tough concepts straight from the Word, matched with a little humor- It is often hard to believe that the hour and a half is gone so quickly.  This particular sermon he talked about Being Led Through God's Will.  Even if I tried- I couldn't do the sermon justice, so, again- go listen :)  I will pick out a particular part where he talked about his two little girls ages 2 and 4 years old.  He often seeks them out to lead prayer before dinner and he finds it so refreshing and rewarding to hear the innocence of their prayer. They are so thankful for just about anything and everything.."thank you for the trees..and green beans..and thank you for my sister..and my mommy and daddy..and thank you for the napkins.." JP can see her looking around the room trying to decide what she will be thankful for next..and the prayer finally ends when she runs out of 'stuff' to be thankful for.  I laughed out loud- but then was reminded that when I pray- what do I thank God for?  To be honest- most of what I pray for are requests and desires.  Aside from prayer before dinner in the evening-  I don't thank God for much else but the food I'm about to eat... and even still- I ask God to "bless this food for the nourishment of our bodies..(and yet again, another request) and forgive us for what we fail you.." So- I've decided to be thankful.. not just on Thursdays- but maybe this will help me to be more aware of my surroundings and everything that God has so graciously provided me.

Today- for my first Thankful Thursday post- I am thankful for my husband. My soul mate.  My bestie.  MY ROCKSTAR. :)  Why? You ask..Well..

He drives this really big truck for a living..
..and without a second thought about it- he runs head first into this..
...and also drives this- saving a life almost every shift.
At home- he does this..
and we have the beautiful yard to prove it.. the greenest grass on the block!
As well as this.. especially when I get home later than usual.  I must say- He is quite the cook! 
 Annnnddddd- this... I cannot tell you the last time I did laundry..Well- I take that back.  I tried to wash the sheets last week.  I couldn't get those hook thingy's back on the corners when I tried to put the sheets back on.  I got frustrated and quit.  "Thats why I do the laundry, Amber."  Okay.  You twisted my arm.

Along with these wonderful characteristics of this wonderful man, I'm also thankful for his incredible heart of gold.. his love and desire for me, as most of all- his love and desire for the Lord.  Although, of course, he is a sinner- as we all are- he is an awesome representation of a Christian leader of our family. 

I lobe you, Lou : (yes..I said 'lobe'.)

Thank you for all you do, you are amazing to me. 

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The Dunaways said...

Love it! & the 2 of you!

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