This weekend was loaded down with Massey GrOuPiEs!

Start with Friday night- Our Supper Club friends came for dinner at the Massey's
We've been seeing quite a bit of these peeps lately- and I LIKE it :) 
"We don't have to see each other JUST once a month" 
Over the past year or so since I met them (well..the Cabrera's and Tapella's) I can call these girls my greatest friends..and their hubbies are in a close second.
SIDE NOTE: Jacqueline walked in looking like a Super Model.  Oh my crap lady- you are one gorgeous new momma!  Look at her:)
While I was finishing the last of dinner prep- we decided to solidify the trip we were brainstorming about last weekend.. a 'camping' trip..well- if you call camping A/C cabins- and to be sure not to offend Jarrett- flat screen tv's (Love you, Dway)

Broken Bow cabins are on the brain..browsing through and connecting eight calendars to find the perfect date.  It wasn't so much a challenge to much of our surprise! 
After SC at the Cabrera's in May, and a slow cooked brisket was on the menu, Jarrett has made requests for the Croc*Pot every month.  I decided after the last meal I served him- which apparently had TOO many vegetables..hehe- I would pull out my good ol'Croc and show that boy some meat!  I will say that Ashley's new hobby is quite impressive.  Although I didn't chop the sweet potatoes and asparagus into mush- he still cleaned his plate- veg and all! It's working, girl!

This was a first- but as she gets older she cant hear or see very well.  She ends up whining and pacing a lot when there is a house full of people.. so out came the baby gate.  Baby girl was pouty for the remainder of the night. 
STRRRAAAAAWberry cake for dessert(take it back to the 90's and say it like the Charms Blow Pop commercial that played on Nickelodeon every 10 minutes.)
Oh my goodness.  My favorite dessert.  Jordan's favorite dessert. and Roy Massey Jr.'s favorite dessert.  So, in other words.. its good :)
Recipe is up on Chocolate Broccoli for my July Supper Club post (if you're interested is pleasing your sweet tooth)

Saturday J was at work- so I ran errands and cleaned house- oh and suffered the misery of a migraine. I get them fairly infrequently- but lately they have hit me out of no where- about 3 in the past 3 months.  YUCK.  So- sleeping the afternoon away- dosing in and out while Clueless played on repeat on my DVR was pretty much the gist of it.

This morning, J came home after work and enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading out for church.  This past week we made plans with our community group for a lunch date on Sunday afternoon- and Pei Wei was the place of choice- right around the corner from the church. 

Lisa's (teething) sweet baby girl- Evi (spelling..sorry Lisa!)  She enjoyed putting anything and everything in her mouth.  By the end of lunch she was a pro at using the chopsticks!
 Lettuce Wraps for Lunch- my belly was pleased :)
Say cheese!  Well..sort of.  Thank you, Dallas, for your glowing smile :)
We missed our other groupies.. Brian (Lisa's hubby), Kevin and Shelley and Sarah and Ryan

Outside of my SPLITTING headache Saturday afternoon- it was a great weekend :)  I love weekends like these- complete with some of our closest friends and fellowship- gets me ready for the start of a great week..even though I'm still a little puffy from my migraine recovery. Blehhhh :)  Happy Monday!

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