Happy Friday, Folks!  and I must say.. TGIF times two! :) 

This morning I went to the dreaded dentist for my 6 month cleaning/check-up.   I really do adore my dentist office- ALL of them.  Those girls at CornerStone Dental are just precious, and my dentist, Dr. Kuhre, is so AWESOME!  After a multitued of absolute horrible experiences with the dental chair and the dentist standing over them- I am proud to say I do not feel like vomiting anymore when I know I have a dentist appointment coming up with Dr. Kuhre. A few months back I wrote about my grinding issue- and yes, I am still bringing sexy back with my mouth guards- every night.  In the same visit of getting fitted for my guards- Dr. Kuhre told me to be careful with my brushing- as I brush WAY too hard.  When asked how many times each day I brush, I replied "two or three.. depending on what I eat for lunch"  and he simply stated, "stop."  I looked at him like he just kicked my dog.  He said that I am brushing way too hard and should invest in a Sonicare Toothbrush if I wanted to keep my gums past the age of 30. 

Ok, sir.. you freaked me out enough.  I'm buying.  I walked out with my new brush in tow..and have used it everyday since.  This morning was the first time I'd been back since and my sweet dental hygenist kept praising me for my plaqueless and tarterless teeth.  She was down right impressed with my 'good looking teeth'.  I walked out VERY proud to say I have a clean bill of heal..err.. mouth! No cavities and no (further) recession of the gums. 

I heart you Sonicare.

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