The Fourth with Our Favorites

I believe I mentioned before that the (crazy) Tapella's- now a party of THREE with Baby Landon's arrival two weeks ago- were going to host us and about 15 other couples at their house for a Fourth of July Celebration.  We got the invite in the mail about 3 weeks before Landon came- and all I could think of was how very brave that girl is.  Of course, everything was just perfect- She never fails to surprise me- even with the birth of her first baby boy just a short time before. 

Yummy table full of SUGAR-y treats.  Cuppy Cakes to die for- the almond in the icing tipped the iceberg of deliciousness!                     

Goodie bags for our treats :) awesome. Sangria and fresh lemonade for the ladies and coolers of beer for the boys.. and we all (now) know how Jordan LOVES beer.

This would be the hostess with the mostest- and isn't she stunning?  LOVE her more than Jordan LOVES beer ;)
My sweet Diana- we were twinkies in festive red
My Supper Club Sweets
My gorg bestie- looking nothing less than beautiful :)
Jordan- enjoying his 1st cuppy cake and Chris (Diana's hubby)
My lovie bug ( a little blurry- but works well enough)
Make note of the jar of white gumballs in the background..
Baby Landon (gorgeous blue eyes!)
The Boys enjoying (more) cuppy cakes- Jordan.. thats your third.  STOP.
Pool time!

The gumballs. 
Jarrett: "See how many can you fit in your mouth, Amber?"
Me: "More than you."
Chris: "I'll beat all of you."
Me: "Whatever. Bring it."
The stand off.. Jarrett vs. Chris vs. Amber.
SIGH.. Chris won with 14.. or 15. I thought my jaw was going to fall off after 10.

Ashley didn't know she was invited to play :) 
Mommy and Daddy Tapella love.. Landon is quite a lucky kiddo.
Burger (and dog) time!  The Fourth of July wouldn't be complete without these staple foods.
Hanging out by the pool- soaking in the sun!

What a fun way to celebrate with friends!  We love the Tapella's (and the rest of the crew loaded up in the T house over the weekend) Thank you sweet friends for your kind hospitality, delicious food, and for my baby Landon fix..until this weekend- Supper Club at the Massey's.

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