Sweet Baby

Today I got a chance to meet our sweet friend's- Chuck and Chasity- new baby girl, Carlee.  Isn't she just precious?  Jordan and Chuck were at the station and I got wind that Chas was bringing her up so I decided to meet them there and have lunch with Lou, since I hadn't seen him going on Day Number 2. 
She is as sweet as she looks, people.  True Story.

      ^^^ These boys clearly work too darn hard for their own good.. especially Gary in the corner. J..you weren't supposed to look at me while I'm taking an 'action' shot..

<<< Chuck beaming over his brand new (and oh-so-precious) baby girl.  Who doesn't love ruffles on a baby's bottom? 

Chasity looking gorgeous!  I love this girl and I'm so glad I got to come up to the station to meet Carlee.  Too bad we live so far away.. Massey-Collins Reunion is in our future- I was sad to miss our summer Mexico trip with them this year because of preggo belly over here :) 
Good Saturday :)  C'mon Sunday!  J gets to come home.. Sunday morning worship and then on for a lazzzzyyy day- we have movies and Mike'n'Ike's on the schedule.  Hurry.

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Erin said...

Oh my gosh! Carlee is precious! And aren't lazy Sundays the best?? :)

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