Getting Comfortable

Last night was our first real night to actually relax after this weeklong moving extravaganzaaaa.  (It really hasn't been so extravagant.  At. All.)  I actually came home from work and got right into my normal 'routine' (hair in a ponytail, jewelry off, comfy clothes on..and Chef's knife in hand.)  Jordan arrived home shortly following me- and after a quick shower- he was ready for dinner..beginning his usual dance around the kitchen- looking for anything he can stick his hand in to sample until it was time to build his plate.  This past week or so has been filled with moving the last few things out of the house and then arranging them at the Massey's- which was strategic since they haven't had a kiddo (or a dog) in their house in almost 2 years.  Finally, we got a taste of normalcy.  It was wonderful.  After dinner Jordan and I decided we 'needed' dessert.  Really- Jordan finds any reason to get some form of frozen decadence. 

Recently Jordan and I got new sunglasses.  We decided to show off the Jordan Shades & the Amber Shades
Tutti Frutti yogi bar.  Delishhhhhh :)  J and I vote the Mango and Raspberry to be the best tasting, with the 'Death by Chocolate' in a close second.
Enjoying (and annoying) my hubby with (more) pictures.
Just a side note for your pleasure.. this is my pantry/kitchen drawer/cabinets/spice rack.  I will never take advantage of my storage (no matter how large or small) again.  I am very grateful for this space in Bree's utility room.  Previously this stuff was crammed in the corner of her kitchen just 15 minutes before this. I think she is grateful, too.
Finally we are settled..or getting there, at least :)  Weekend?  Yes, please... even though I miss my Lou.  He is working a 48 hour stint this weekend.  I got a text today with this picture included.. sub-text was
"My morning.."
Two words.. Rock. Star.  (FYI, these boys are in training.. not a real car at the scene of an accident..)

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