Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday again.. thank goodness.  One more day and that means it's Friday.  Aside from the fact that Jordan has to work a 48 this weekend (sad face..tear..) I have nothing to do- an opportune time to relax.  A major change from last weekend when I didn't even get to sit down.  Boo.  But enough complaining about that.. this is Thankful Thursday, folks. 

This week I'm thankful for gobs of 'stuff', but I think I am most thankful for my A/C.  A/C in the house.  A/C in my car.  A/C at work (although I am constantly complaining about how fridged it is in this place..I am thankful for my fuzzy blanket that is always within arms reach.  My boss now calls me G'ma with my 'shawl'. Whatevs.)    I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and they made the statement that this is the hottest summer in 31 years.. going on day 25 (or 26..) 100+ degree weather.  Wow.  It read 117 degrees on my car dash on Monday.  Good gracious-that is hot.   I am thankful for the blessing of cool air to keep me comfortable while I work.  I know that not all people get the ease of working inside (i.e. roofers, construction workers, A/C repairmen..lol, and not to make light of our soldiers, mind you, working in full gear, in the actual 117 degree heat in the deserts Afghanistan)  I'm sucking it up to say thank goodness for my frosty workplace. 

This weekend while moving- Jordan did laundry.  If you refer to my first TT, he manages this duty in our house.  This is my folded laundry- oozing perfection.  Why take that away from him?

What are you thankful for?

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The Dunaways said...

i HEART these posts! i am inspired my friend - loves!

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